Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today's Outfit - The Martyr in Pumpkin (color that is!)

That's me! That's right! .... The Martyr, and today, I'm dressed in Navy with a pop of Pumpkin color. I almost didn't buy this tee (it's another one of my Graphic Tees that I had purchased from ON) and I'm glad I did because it goes really nicely with my new Pumpkin Juliet MidHeels.

I really like my Juliets. It's the very first pair of J Crew shoes that I've owned. Since I have gawd-awful feet, I've always refrained from buying shoes online for fear that they wouldn't fit. Not only did I buy these Juliets online, I purchased them from another JCA off the JCA blog - which meant that they weren't just final sale but were as final to the nth degree as they came. Luckily for me, they fit but more importantly, I LOVE the color.

When I first got them, I wondered what in the world would I wear with this color but since having had them for a few weeks, I've found loads. These shoes go with about any color - Navy, Black, Browns, Greys, Blues, Greens, Pinks, Oranges, ... the list goes on. I love the stable wood heel and the fact that they're cut low so that the toe-cleavage shows - which I find quite sexy despite the fact that other JCAs aren't crazy about them.

I also sorta in a weird kind of way find them comfortable.... but only on one (1) foot, that is. The shoes are extremely comfortable on my left foot. Seeing that it was my first time wearing them, I was able to wear them all day with no pain on my left foot. Now, my right foot, that's a different story.... but that's no fault of the shoe. The fault lies solely with me. As I had mentioned previously, I had broken my 3rd toe on my right foot when I was in high-school. Due to how low the vamp is cut on these shoes, my 3rd toe is essentially being choked to death. Let me paint you a picture. You see, when I broke my 3rd toe, the upper portion of the toe afixed itself to the bottom of the bottom half of the toe - in such a way that the bottom half sticks out and the top half sinks down. It's quite strange looking really. So, when I wear the Juliets, the top half pushes up against the edge of the shoe which is rather painful ... but since I'm particularly vain and am determined to wear these shoes, I spent a good part of the day tucking my toe under the vamp. (I cannot help but chuckle as I write this). Although it is rather uncomfortable, I cannot help but find it funny, nonetheless.

But back to the shoes itself, I happened to be speaking with one of my staff when all of a sudden, I had about 4 people (of which 2 were men) standing around me complimenting me on my shoes. BTW, we tend to be somewhat conservative when it comes to fashion in Canada and I guess they had never seen Orange shoes before. There was quite a commotion really ... with everyone agreeing that these shoes were BEAUTIFUL!

In short, these shoes are absolutely stunning and very comfortable (provided that you don't have a broken toe). But I'm hoping that they'll break in and the toe issue wouldn't be an issue anymore.

Anyway, here's my outfit today:

ON Graphic Tee in a light pumpkin shade

Lea Merino Cardigan in Navy
Hilfiger Skirt in Navy
Juliet MidHeels in Pumpkin
Crystal Ball Necklace


The Outfit of the day said...

This is my favorite outfit on you. You should wear more skirts, looks great!

dinagideon said...

You look AWESOME today. You show the world who is boss!!!

I love that you say in Canada people are more conservative with clothing. I watch that show The Shopping Bags and I always think that the ladies who present it would look so cute in brighter colors and little pretty and printed flats. I wonder if they read this blog...maybe they will be inspired!

I have the same shoes as you in peacock and I love them. Those pumpkin ones are so nice.

Can I also tell you I want your shirt? So cool with the multi-colored florals.

A Bigger Closet said...

You look fabulous in this outfit. LOVE the tee and the shoes. You have a very good eye for putting together such stylish outfits for work. :)

starla729 said...

love the juliets and this tee... awesome match!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thank you Outfit of the Day. I love wearing skirts but I hate being cold so I don't wear many skirts in the Fall or the Winter. But in the late Spring and Summer, that's all I wear. Thank you for your compliment. That's really nice of you. :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Dinagideon: Thank you (as I flex my boss muscles! LOL!!!) I don't know if you've been to Canada but if you were to come shopping here, you will notice that Blacks, Greys, Creams, Navys, Browns are the predominant colors sold in stores. While there are stores that carry color, most stores don't... and that's why I shop J Crew! I love the fact that there's soooo much color available. Up until 18 months ago, I was primarily a Black dresser. Everything I owed was Black or shades of Black..but today I'm known as the person who primarily wears color. It's a nice change. Color makes me happy... and happy is good!

Since we're on the topic of wanting... Can I tell you that I want your Peacock Juliets? I want those soooo badly but refuse to pay $100+ on ebay for them!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thank you ABC! You're so kind. I was just thinking that you've got a great eye yourself for putting colors and outfits together! :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks Starla729. I really lucked out with the color on this tee. You know... I almost didn't buy it. I had tried it on, gave it back to the lady in the fitting room and left and while I was in the line-up waiting to pay, I changed my mind, ran back to the fitting room to retrieve this tee. I'm soooo glad I did now.

dinagideon said...

Hi!!! I did get my peacocks off of ebay but only for 99...that said, I just bought the juliets in dusty rose for 139, so I don't mind the cost if I know I will wear them. Considering the peacocks get a lot of wear, I know the more neutral dusty rose will definitely get a lot of use from me.

I have been to Canada, but only Vancouver. This city is so pretty and lovely. Do you live there? I can't remember. I have a lot of Canadian friends, but most of them are from Ontario (which makes sense...that is a lot more eastern than British Columbia).

Can I tell you what I think of when I think of Canada and ice/snow? That show "Ice Truckers" on TLC. Your Canadian grizzly men who drive ON ICE during the winter with their 18-wheelers are crazy, yet awe-inspiring. Hearing that you don't care for the ice and snow makes me feel a bit better, like I am not the biggest wimp on the planet!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Dinagideon: I'm in Vancouver! Next time you're here, we'll have to make sure that we get together!

The West Coast is supposed to be warmer than the rest of the country but for some crazy reason, this year's been weird. We've gotten a ton of snow and it's been unusually cold. Georgia Crew Girl, another blogger, is scheduled to visit Vancouver next week and I hope that we'll be able to meet. For her sake, I honestly hope that it warms up!!!

I've never watched the "Ice Truckers" on TLC before. I love TLC but have never seen that one. I hate the snow and ice and I don't care if I have the best tires in the world, I still wouldn't want to drive in it ... only because there are a lot of Kamakazi Idiots who drive way too fast for my liking in the snow and ice. (JMHO though!)

I am soooo considering getting a pair of Juliets in the Peacock shade. I LOVE that color! I also like the Dusty Rose that you got recently but I know that I'll get more wear from the Peacock than I would the Dusty Rose - not that I don't like that color. In fact, I do! But because of my coloring, Dusty Rose doesn't do much for me. But the Peacock, that'll look amazing! Hmmmm... I may cave afterall.