Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Today's Outfit - Mariposa Lily Print Cardigan

I love the print on the Mariposa Lily Cardigan. It's so sunny and pretty and it certainly puts me in a Summer frame of mind... particularly on a wet, dreary, West Coast day.

My only complaint about this sweater is that I should have gotten a smaller size. Thinking that it ran small, I ordered this in a Medium and as you can tell from the pictures, there's certainly extra room and fabric in the torso as well as the sleeves. I honestly wish that I had gotten the small. If anyone has this in a small or extra-small and would like to do a trade, please let me know; I would certainly be interested. If I am unable to get a smaller size, then my next option is to try to shrink it myself but it's so tricky that I'm a little hesitant. Anyway....

Wearing with the Mariposa Lily Cardigan is the Perfect Fit Flower Tee in Camel, Chocolate skirt from Hilfiger, Chocolate Franco Sarto Boots and one of my favorite J Crew Necklaces - the Wood Bead Firestone Necklace.


shopaholicdiva1027 said...

I love it!!

gigiofca said...

I love the rosette tank w/that cardi. There is a shrink-to-fit trick that I read about on JCA. It's regarding the tees, but I think it might work for your cardi. Wash on gentle. Dry it until it's still damp. Put it on. Yes, while it's damp. Apparently it's supposed to conform to your body. I don't know if you're to wear it until it's dry.

Jordan said... look really pretty!!! Love the spring look:)