Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today's Outfit - Embroidered Oilily Zippered Cardi

I should start by saying that I'm not crazy about today's outfit. Like most nights, as I prepare to go to sleep, I sorta run through in my head what I'm going to wear the next day.

Unlike my husband who KNOWS exactly what he's going to wear by ironing and laying out his clothes for the next day, I'm less of a planner when it comes to dressing for work. My planning is done entirely in my head as I lay on my pillow. Thinking about what I'm going to wear helps me fall asleep. Sometimes I fall asleep before I finalize in my head my next day's wardrobe. Other times, I'm able to put an entire outfit together - including hosiery, jewelry, shoes and bag.

I wasn't overly inspired last night as you can tell from my outfit today. As I was lying in bed, I remembered that I hadn't worn my Oilily Embroidered Zippered Cardigan for quite a while. Realizing that I had recently purchased a plum colored tee that matched the embroidery on the cardigan perfectly, I decided that I would wear those 2 pieces to work the next day. Also in my head, I decided that the crystal ball necklace and another simple gold necklace would be the accessories for my outfit. Unfortunately, I fell asleep before I could decide on my pants.

Feeling particularly "fat" this morning, I decided against my black pants in favor of a looser fitting charcoal pair. After taking my regular morning pictures, I left the house, only to arrive at work to realize that I wasn't crazy about my outfit.

Firstly, I think the cardi is looking somewhat sloppy. The Cardi is a Euro size 38 - and I personally think I should have sized down to a 36 or possibly even a 34. I had purchased this sweater last year when I was about 10 lbs heavier. I absolutely love this sweater and paid a pretty penny for it. I'm disapointed that it too big on me now.

I'm also not crazy about the color of my pants. Due to the color of the sweater, I think that a starker pair of black pants would have been more polished and sharper looking.

Live and Learn, right? Anyway, what do you think of this outfit? Would you have gone with black pants? Would you have downsized the sweater? How would you improve on this look? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please share! :)


Charlee said...

I would have chosen a different/contrasting color to wear under the sweater--choosing two pieces from the same color family and then wearing it with black pants is a little boring for me! But everyone is different! :)

purplesweettarts said...

I think the sweater is beautiful! I love it with the pants - I think you look terrific. I do see the sleeves are a bit long but you can probably just fold them up. I like it. Love you blog by the way, you always dress so pretty.