Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today's Outfit - Black Tartine Peacock Tee

I picked up this cute Graphic Tee from Jacob yesterday. It's a Graphite Grey with a large peacock embroidered in different shades of grey and metallic silver in the front. I really like the look of it. Unfortunately, you can't really see the peacock because I had the sweater buttoned up when I took this picture but wore it unbuttoned at the office. I received a number of compliments on the tee today. I'm sure that many of you will like it as well. I will have to post another picture soon so that you can see the intricate details of this stunning graphic tee.
Anyway, here's today's outfit: Peacock Tee from Jacob, Black Tartine Cardigan, Black Hilfiger skirt, Franco Sarto Boots and pearl accessories.

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