Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today's Outfit - Black, Orange and Giraffe

I love my new Giraffe Print shoes! I got these cheapie heels several weeks back from Suzy Shier.

When I first got them, all I could think to pair them with was ... Black but like my Pumpkin Juliets, I have had time to search my closet and have come to the realization that they'll match lots.... the obvious is, Black and White.... but also Bright Fuschia, Navy, Blues, Creams and one of my favorite colors, Orange.

I didn't have time to quite think about what I was going to wear today to work so it was a bit of a mad rush in the morning as I was throwing stuff together at the last minute. I was originally going to wear my Pumpkin Juliets again today when I remembered my Giraffe Print Heels. And you know what??? I quite like the look of the Giraffe with the Orange. It's unexpected yet, in my opinion, very complimentary.

Although they look fantastic, these shoes aren't very comfortable. Firstly, they are a lot higher than I am used to. I can wear the 2-3/4" heels very comfortably and while these are a mere 1/4" higher thant he Juliets, I found them almost ... TOO high. I love the look of high-heels and wish that I could be like one of them leggy modelly executive types who strut their stuff in their stilletos and pencil skirts, I unfortuantely, can't do that.

In fact, I'm such a lame tart when it comes to heels. On most days, I will either wear ugly "walking shoes" or boots to work and change into my heels at the office. I purposely walk a good distance from my parking spot to the office each morning (to get in some extra exercise) and wearing heels just doesn't work for me for that 7 minute hike. So, I change my shoes at the office. Aren't I lame????

Anyway, I really like the print and style of these shoes. I don't know how often I'd actually wear these ... for to me, they're what I call "Sitting Shoes". And although they are uncomfortable, I have to say... Man! do they ever look great on!!!

Today's Outfit:

Merino Tissue Scoop Neck Sweater
Club Monaco Skinny Belt
BR Skirt
Cheapie Giraffe Shoes from Suzy Shier
Twisted Crystal Necklace


Cristina said...

Those are a great pair of heels. LOVE them!

♥ Chloe said...

I think the shoes look great with the orange! Good job!

gigiofca said...

Sassy, sassy heels. I love them! they look great on you.

starla729 said...

lol sitting shoes... i think we all have a pair of those. however these shoes are awesome! you had to get them... and you are right, i think you will find these are more versitatile than you think. i love them!

Slastena said...

Just fabulous! Orange is perfect with dark bottoms and animal print heels are a right tpuch!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thank you Cristina, Chloe, gigiofca.

Starla729, too bad that we can't all just wear Sitting Shoes and have someone push us around in chairs all day... and only stand up when movement is not required - for the sole purpose of showing off the shoes that is. Won't that be great???!!! lol!

Thanks Slastena! BTW, you look like you're having a fabulous time on your trip! I'm envious! :)