Friday, March 13, 2009

J Crew Reviews - Part Deux

Okay, back to more important things; that is, all the stuff I tried on at J Crew yesterday. I used to buy solely online - with the hope that it would fit. But I found that I was spending hordes of money shipping stuff back to J Crew. Unlike in the US, here in Canada, we can't use that "Smart Label" to have unwanted items shipped back to J Crew. Similarly, the shipping isn't $7.50 for 2 or more items. Whenever I ship anything back to J Crew, the minimum I have had to pay is $21.50 and depending on the weight, I have paid up to $50 to ship a couple of coats back.

Seeing that shipping is so ridiculously expensive, for the last several returns, I have essentially driven to Bellevue and returned the stuff myself. This trip not only saves me money in shipping, it also allows me to try stuff on - which I have found to be invaluable - particularly with the online Final Sale merchandise.

This last trip was awesome because I had an opportunity to try on many different things - things that I had been in-love with only to find out that it was a passing-fancy. Let me explain.


The first time I saw this tee online, I was certain that we were going to be forming a lasting relationship. Since I was one of many who had missed getting the Chiffon Rose Ringspun Tee, I was hell-bent on getting this one. I told myself... I wasn't going to let another Chiffon Rose slip from my grasp! So, the night before we left on our road trip, I contacted the store to find out if they had one in stock. They did and I had them save it for me. In my mind, I was certain that I this was a DEFINITE buy. I tried on the Small in the Natural and instantaneously, that love affair fizzled. Like the Bejeweled Crawfish Tee, the "Natural" colorway did absolutely nothing for me. It washed me out completely and made me look like the walking dead. Furthermore, I wasn't crazy about the flowers. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE flowers. I am a sucker for flowers of any kind but for some reason, these just didn't do anything for me. The tone on tone flower and tee combination was just meh! Because of my coloring, I need OOMPH! I need contrast! I needed that WOW factor but unfortunately, this tee wasn't it for me. Now, had they designed this in a Slate with White flowers or even black flowers, I would certainly have pounced on it.


Yes, I am stubborn! I am absolutely stubborn! I've read the reviews made by others stating that the zebra is neon orange yet, I was certain that all those people must be wrong! They must be because the picture shows that the zebra is a very mellow coral shade. It's soooo pretty.... there is no way that this zebra is neon orange. All those people who reviewed it must have made a mistake. I was certain about that!

Well, guess what? All those people weren't wrong. ALL THOSE PEOPLE WERE 100%, WITHOUT A DOUBT, RIGHT!!! This freaking Zebra is Neon Orange. Not Neon Orange like in a highlighter Neon Orange. It's more like Neon Orange mixed with White paint - so the finished product is like a Creamsicle Ice-Cream. It's certainly very bright!

I tried on the Small and it was too big. I was hoping that it would be a little more fitted but nooooooo, it wasn't fitted at all. It was loose and somewhat baggy and the Creamsicle Zebra was a little too bright and too big for my liking and on an ill-fitting tee, it was a complete turn-off. So, this ended up being a pass for me as well.


I couldn't understand why this sweater when on sale so quickly. It's a cute sweater afterall, isn't it? I absolutely adore it in the Pewter but for the life of me, I could not find one freaking sweater where the darn flowers weren't unravelling like a cat who's gotten hold of a loose piece of yarn on a sweater and unravelling the darn thing while running circles in the living room. Every single sweater in every single size in every single color had flowers that were unravelling like crazy. Had I found one that was at least somewhat perfect, I would have tried it on. But since they were flawed - indicating that had I purchased one, it would only be a matter of time before my flower became unravelled, I decided against doing a WWFIFY. So, yes, this was a pass for me as well.


The J Crew picturs do no justice for the Key-Lime Shade. This color is amazing in person! SIMPLYL AMAZING! It is a cross between pale green pistaschio and the insides of an Avocado. A deliciously creamy green. I was certain that I was going to be buying this Cardigan as soon as I saw the color.

I had read a number of reviews on this sweater. The general concensus was that if one were busty, then they should stay away from this sweater. Being a small chested gal myself who could use some help in the chest department, I figured that this sweater would be perfect. Afterall, here's a sweater in a color I love that would make my chest look bigger. Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

Unfortunately, when I tried it on, I didn't love it as much as I had expected to. It was hard to put my finger on what it was that I didn't like. The chiffon clusters were unusual and I like unusual - but for some reason, I just wasn't crazy about it... when it suddenly dawned on it. The chiffon clusters reminded me of these weird applique flowers my grandmother would make when I was a child. She would sit and hand-sew these flowers that looked like little origami flowers - hundreds of them and make them into a quilt. The sweater reminded me of my grandmother. It looked matronly on me. It looked horribly matronly when hooked all the way up and even when I undid a bunch of hooks and only left the top 2 hooked-up, I still looked "old". Maybe it was the length of the sweater as well. This season's sweaters are a lot longer than past and because I stand only 5-3.5 inchees tall, the longer sweaters just don't look as good on me as the ones that come say, to the top of my hip. So despite my love for the color, this sweater was a no at the current price. But hey, if it did go down to $29.99 for instance, I may just get it for I really love the color.

So, you're probably wondering, what the hell did I like afterall? Oh, there's stuff I liked ... and I liked them a lot. But there's also stuff that I didn't like. So, check back again. I have to run right now but I still have lots more to post. See you soon!


gigiofca said...

Loved reading them all. Yeah, the flower tassel things on the last one are a miss.

HeidiG said...

Great info on all those pieces! It's amazing how much we can build it up in our minds and then IRL it just fizzles. But good for you for being smart and not trying to *make* it work!

Alison said...

Thanks for posting these honest reviews --- I have been eyeing these same items, and I was very interested to hear how they are fitting people in person!

Petunia said...

Love your reviews! Too funny! Thanks for being honest, though.