Wednesday, March 18, 2009

J Crew Reviews - Part 4

I still have a few more pieces that I need to complete my review on... so let me get started. During my Bellevue trip, I also had the opportunity to try on...


Having seen these I online and really liked them, I was determined to purchase them on my visit to the store. These Tissue Spring Flower Tee come in the Light Blade, Dark Charcoal and Sweet Orange. I particularly like the Dark Charcoal and the Sweet Orange so I grabbed them for a quick try-on. It's a good thing that I did for I was ready to buy them without first trying them on.

In my mind, I had expected them to look like it does on the model, ie. hits the high-hip and somewhat fitted. I tried on the Small and in all honesty, on me, it looked like a sleep shirt. It was far too long on my short stature. It came to where my hip meets my thigh. Any shirt that ends around this area always looks sooooo very wrong on me. Not only that, since the flowers were around the lower part of the tee and since the tee ended at my lower hip/ thigh, those pretty flowers made my hip look even wider than they actually are - not a look I was after. I tried it on in both the Dark Charcoal and the Sweet Orange and both made me look particularly hippy.

I still really like the print on the tee. Unfortuately, I've come to the conclusion that this design is simply not for the short and stocky. It's certainly designed for the tall and willowy. I wish I were tall and willowy. You should check A Bigger Closet's blog on this tee. It looks amazing on her. It's definitely too bad that it does not look like that on me. Sigh!

The first time I laid eyes on this cami online, I knew that I had to have it. And I'm glad to report that it is as pretty in real-life as it does online. This is one beautiful piece. I just love the intricately cut flowers that lay along the neckline. I think that this cami would look amazing on its own as well as worn under a jacket or sweater.

The Manager advised that this cami ran large. Since I normally wear a size 4, he handed me a 2 and the 2 fits beautifully - particularly in the chest area. Unlike most camis, this one wasn't particularly billowy which I really like. What drives me nuts about camis is the excess fabric that ends up looking like I'm wearing a tent. Not this cami. It's flowy without being excessively flowy. And while it fit me nicely in the chest with plenty of room to spare, I don't think that I could have gone down a size in this. You see, had I gone down a size, the armhole opening would have gotten too small and would be somewhat uncomfortable. Already, on the size 2, I was starting to feel the sizing on the armhole. I tried on the size 4 and found the 4 to have too much room. So, as far as sizing was concerned, the 2 was certainly a better fit.

Unfortunately, after much deliberation, I decided not to get this cami. While I adore it in the key lime, I didn't love it enough to purchase it at full-price. However, as soon as it goes on sale, I'm going to be picking one up.


I had seen this tote online numerous times and came pretty close many a times to pulling the trigger and buying it. However, I never did - even when J Crew was offering a 20% off discount off Final Sale.

In hindsight, I wish I did because I ended up paying the price without the extra discount on this tote. That's how much I liked it. The totes were available in the Metallic Gold as well as the Metallic Guava. While I like the Metallic Gold, without seeing it in person, I was leaning towards the Metallic Guava. When I saw both totes in person, I knew that the Metallic Guava was the one for me - which makes me want to beat myself over and over again in the head for not getting the tote when it was available online with the additional 20% off. Stoopid! Stoopid! Stoopid!!! URGH!

But I'm glad to have gotten it nonetheless. It's a deep bag - deep enough to hold a laptop (although I would never actually put a laptop in it for I would fear that the leather would tear away from the handles). There is one teeny little compartment near the top of the bag by the handles, that would be used to hold keys or a cellphone. There's also a little coin purse that is looped onto the handles (which may be removed - if one so chooses to do so) for miscellaneous items. I would likely put my keys in there and my cell phone in the other compartment. Other than these 2 compartments, the bag is basically one large bucket.

Since I'm not one to carry hordes of stuff in my bag, this tote will work nicely for me for I will normally just throw in a couple of things - ie, wallet, sunglasses in case, phone, keys, make-up bag and mints. So it's not like it's going to be difficult to find my stuff in a "black hole" of a purse. However, for someone who carries tons of stuff with them, then they'll likely want a bag with more compartments - in which case, this bag wouldn't be good for them. I can also use this bag to transport my Nikon SLR should I choose to do so. Currently, my Nikon only fits into my Burberry and as I have mentioned previously, my Burberry isn't the most comfortable shopping bag. I could see the Thompson Tote to be a more Shopping friendly piece and carting my camera around to take pictures for this blog may be somewhat easier.

Long story short, I love this bag and I'm glad to have purchased it.... even without the 20% discount. But darn! I wish I had purchased it with the discount instead. I would be $18.00 richer today. lol!

I've got just one more set of reviews to do which I will complete in the next couple of days ... so be sure to check back in order to read them. One of the items that I will be reviewing will be my biggest score of the trip - The Gladiola Print Pencil Skirt. See you soon!

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