Saturday, March 14, 2009

J Crew Reviews - Part 3

While at Bellevue, I also had the opportunity to try on items that I was certain that I would only purchase when they went on sale... only to find out that I absolutely had to have them at full-price. One prime example was...


I had previous posted that I was considering buying this with my J Crew Rewards card in this post. But shortly after posting it, I had decided that I would purchase this when it went on sale. Judging from the pictures alone, this tee really didn't appear to be anything special. It was basically a scoop neck tee with ruffles around the collar, right? WRONG! In all honesty, I almost didn't try this tee on. I was actually lining up to pay for my purchases when I eyed this tee. I thought that it would go nicely with my new skirt and so I decided to try it on. One of the Managers suggested that I size down. I wanted the tee in the Slate but since they didn't have an XS in the Slate, I tried it on in the Navy and WOW! did this top every look good on me! It was AMAZING! I love the look of the scoop neck. It was the perfect scoop - neither too low nor too high ... And the neckline was framed with the prettiest ruffles dotted with bead detaling along the center seam. Unlike many of the other tees I had tried on during this trip, this tee fitted beautifully. It hugged all the right places and didn't bag out one bit. AND, it made me look somewhat bustier - something that I could always use!!!

And although I am not normally a "full-price" shopper, I ended up getting this in the Navy and also ordered it in the Slate. As per the Manager, I would highly recommend sizing down as well. I never wear an XS but had I stuck with the S, it would certainly been too baggy and I wouldn't have purchased it. Good call on the Manager's part! Thank you!


Having seen this tank on Kelly Ripa and a few other Aficionadas, I was certain that this tank was going to look just as cute on me. Errr.... NOT! In fact, it was just the opposite. This tank looked absolutely hedious on me. I had previously read that I should size down in this top so I tried on an XS in the Shell. I originally wanted the Slate but unfortunately, it was completely sold out in this shade. First off, the Shell is a horrible color on my complexion. It's really no different than the Natural but with pink in it so needless to say, it washed me out completely. And those ruffles... oh my gosh, those ruffles added about 20 lbs to my figure. I looked downright awful. I really wanted to like it because it had looked soooo awesome on Kelly but on me, I looked like Belly ... from about the hip to my boobs.... I was one big Belly. In my humble opinion, I think this tank looks amazing on the naturally skinny . If I were 20 lbs thinner, I would certainly have gotten this because I love the ruffles on it but seeing that it added an additional 20lbs to my current frame, I passed on it.

I've never owned a pair of J Crew Chinos and have always wanted to try a pair. I guess I could have ordered a pair online just for the sake of trying them on but for some reason, I never did - so I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to try them on at the store.

I should mention that I have a difficult time buying pants. While I am quite trim on the top half, I certainly cart junk in my trunk. I am thicker on my bottom half than I am on my top half and the part that I have the most trouble with is my upper thighs, hip and waist. And as such, it's somewhat challenging to buy flattering looking pants.

Expecting to not like these when I tried them on, I was most pleasantly surprised to find that I LOVE them! I like how these pants look on me - they actually make me look slimmer on the bottom. Firstly, I like the fact that it sits below the waist - none of that muffin-top thing going on. Secondly, since it's relaxed through the thigh, I don't have that "sausage meat" look happening in the thigh area. Thirdly, I can certainly wear these to work. I purchased a pair of size 4s in the Golden Cypress. I love the Golden Cypress - it's essentially a khaki shade with a touch of Mustard Yellow and Green. Had they had more colors in the store, I would have certainly gotten those as well. I'm loving these Chinos!


I almost didn't try on the Cotton Taffeta Nicky Skirt but I'm glad I did at the last moment because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this skirt! It's soooooooo cute and a great bargain at $19.99! I love the school-girl pleating in the front and the clean back. Often skirts are made with the pleating that goes all the way around which is pretty in theory, but in reality, it adds about 20 lbs to the lower half of my body which is something that I so NOT want! I love this skirt. It's so cute, girly and preppy and would look fabulous in the Spring and Summer with a Graphic Tee and Cardigan. Since sizing was very limited, I purchased a size 4 in the Bright Fuschia (this skirt sits an inch below my belly-button) and a size 2 in the Navy (which sits at my belly button). I would have also purchased this in the Chartreuse and the Grey had it been available - unfortunately, they only had large sizes in these colors.

I'm not done with the reviews yet. I still have more to post. I was afterall in the store for over 2 hours so as you can imagine, I had an opportunity to try on lots! So be sure to come back soon and check out the rest of my reviews! Have a nice evening! See you soon!


♥ Chloe said...

Oh no! I was eyeballing that ruffle scoopneck tee and decided not to order it. Now it's on backorder in my size for awhile. Phooey.

Hopefully I can find it in a store somewhere. I'm glad you liked it!

Christina said...

I have been eyeing that ruffle shirt. I got a look for less look at the GAP but I am hoping that one goes on sale.

KBear said...

Thanks for the reviews. I just ordered the Nicky skirt and am glad I did. I also have the same problem as you with finding pants. I may have to give those chinos a try. Thanks!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Chloe, my slate is also back-ordered. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will get it shortly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you too!

Christina, I know exactly the ruffle tee you're talking about. It came in a Bright Rhubarb, Purple and Slate, did it not? Had ruffles around the scoop plus the sleeves? I tried it on yesterday while at Park Royal and it did not look good on me at all. My arms looked like large mutton legs. I'm sure it looks better on you than it did on me. Enjoy your tee! :)

KBear, what color did you order your Nicky skirt in? I'm looking for the Chartreause in either a 2 or a 4. I'm hoping one will pop up on the site soon. I realize you're in Canada, but are you within driving distance to a J Crew store?

fiyah said...

My store did not have any Nicky's left in my size in that great price. I was very upset. I love that skirt. I am sure you look great in yours.

Anonymous said...

I have a pair of those exact chinos I'm trying to sell! they're P4 but don't fit me. I so wish they did!!!!