Monday, March 30, 2009

J Crew Review - Thompson Metallic Tote

I know that I've done a short review on the Thompson Metallic Tote when I first bought it but I wanted to take this opportunity to do another review now that I've actually used it.

As you can see from Today's Outfit, I carried the Thompson Tote for the first time. I should start by saying... WOW! It is ever one BRIGHT piece! Don't get me wrong. I love Bright. I love Shiny.... no different than a Crow loves anything that glitters in the sun. But this bag is S-H-I-N-Y!!! And does attract quite a bit of attention. So, if you're comfortable with the attention, then this is the Bag for you!

The size is great. I was able to stick a few business folders into it for my meeting today. The lack of pockets really doesn't bother me much. But the Thompson Tote is exactly that.... A Tote. Meaning it's best carried on your arm (by the crook of your elbow) or in your hand. Due to how short the straps are, it really doesn't fit over your shoulders and under your arms. I'm fine with carrying my bags on my arm and in hands, so this doesn't bother me. But if you're one of those who only like your bags over your shoulders, then this is NOT the bag for you!

So far, we've established that I like the size, the style and the color. However, there are a couple of things that I'm not crazy about but I can live with.
Firstly, this bag does not stand up on it's own. It's kinda like a jelly-fish. It's got no back-bones or structure to it so it kinda flops over. It does not stand on it's own. Although I kind of suspected this, it didn't dawn on me how flimsy it was until I took all of the stuffing out of it - the stuffing was the stuff that made it stand up straight. Anyway, at the client meeting, I had to essentially stick this bag behind me on the chair (so that it was between me and the back of the chair). I tried standing it up against the table, but it kinda flopped all over like a big jello-mess. Since it looked really strange lying there in a metallic pool, stuck it behind me. It still flopped over - but since it was behind me, no one could really see how floppy it was.

Secondly, J Crew should really have lined this bag. You see, everywhere I go, I carry a Purse-Hook with me. The purse hook is used to hang my purse so that I do not need to put it on the floor. Anyway, the purse hook sits in a velvet pouch. When I got the office and realize that I needed to hang my tote, I pulled out my purse hook pouch to only find it covered with white leather rubbings. Yes, the inside of the bag had rubbed off onto my velvet pouch. I hadn't expected that and found it rather strange and was slightly irritated by it.

Other than these 2 items, I really love my bag. So did my mom - for she came to visit me after work today. So, if you're asking, would I buy my bag again had I known some of its flaws, the answer would be a resounding YES! Definitely! I love the color, the size and the style.

Do you own the Thompson Tote? What color do you have it in? Do you love it? What don't you love about it? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this bag. :)

Be sure to return tomorrow when I review the Claudia Crackle Metallic Pumps.


gigiofca said...

Great review! You've described it perfectly. I own it in white and the buttercup yellow in the size you have. I wish I had the white one in the small size, but I think they made an ivory, not the white I have. I've only carried it once because I am paranoid about getting something on it, i.e. blue dye from jeans, etc... I haven't carried the yellow one because of the floppiness you describe. I like to carry lots of stuff with me and it's a bag that's more for a few mags or light files or keys, wallet & sunglasses.

I really wish I had gotten the Candace tote in the gold metallic. I carry the black patent one everyday and I adore the bag.

A Bigger Closet said...

I have this tote also and smiled at your description. It's true, it is kind of like a big, metallic jellyfish isn't it? :)) I do love mine too though. I wouldn't have paid full price for it but couldn't resist the sale price. I really like how the metallic guava color is so versatile.

fiyah said...

I really like this bag but I would not purchase because it was too thin and I did not think it would hold up well. The bag is so thin that it would show every lump and bump. I still think its pretty just not workable for my lifestyle.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks gigiofca. I agree, this definitely isn't one of those bags that lug around everything plus the kitchen sink. I can see that anything more than a couple of folders would certain put a strain on the leather of the bag and the leather on the straps. I could honestly see the leather of the bag rip if I put anything overly heavy in it. Regardless, I like it. Afterall, it's not like I'm going to be lugging bricks around with me. LOL! A wallet, makeup bag and whatnots normally found in my purse is really what I'd be carrying anyway.

BTW, I want the Candace Tote as well. :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

ABC, LOVE LOVE LOVE the Metallic Guava. I'm soooo glad that I got it. Knowing the color now, I would honestly have kicked myself if I hadn't gotten it. I can see this bag being my go-to bag for the summer. I can't wait to pair it with a pretty skirt or cropped chinos. The metallic will be soooo pretty with a tan as well. :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Fiyah, I agree, this bag is very thin. There is no lining and definitely no support. Yes, it does show bulges but I'm not one to carry lots in my purse anyway. I'm a bit of a minimialist so my bag doesn't bulge out too much... but I can certainly see your concern. Thanks for sharing. :)

Slastena said...

I have mine in metallic gold and found it to be a truly versatlie tote. I carreid it through my trip to Vegas and it served me well. It transitioned beautifully from day to night, I could fold it in half for clutch effect or stuff it with extra sweater, depending on the needs. Highly recommend!