Friday, March 13, 2009

Day at Bellevue - J Crew Reviews - Part 1

Late Wednesday night, my daughter (who's currently off on Spring Break) and I decided to go to Bellevue for the day. She loves going to Bellevue - primarily because she gets to go to Libby-Lu's. But as you know, her favorite store is now defunct. Lego and Build-A-Bear being her second and third favorite store, she was thrilled for us to spend the day in Bellevue.

I was going because my favorite store, J Crew, is there. So off we went!

I won't go into what my daughter did for the day, but I will tell you what I tried on and bought, etc. I will likely have to do this review in several parts because I'm supposed to leave the house in about an hour and a bit to take my daughter and one of her best friends to Science World today. So, let's see what I can do here in the limited time I have.

I should first apologize for not having IRL pictures. I use a large SLR which really isn't very convenient to transport around. The only fashion bag that my camera will fit in is my Burberry Satchel but it's cumbersome to carry particularly when I have to spend the day "Serious Shopping". Furthermore, I always have to end up carrying my daughter's DS Lite purse (when she gets tired carrying it or if she's holding a drink or an ice-cream cone in her hand). That plus the bags of stuff that I end up buying, my Burberry isn't a good shopping day bag. I could have used my professional camera bag. But seriously, I would look so geeky carrying that big ugly bag to a mall. So, sorry, I don't have IRL pictures. But please feel free to ask further questions if I haven't been clear enough in my reviews.


I normally wear a size Small and tried this on in the small. It fits true to size but because of the color of the tee plus the "thinness" of the fabric, if you like this color, I would recommend sizing up. Let me explain further. I had on a nude bra and while you could not see my bra per se, you could sorta see the color difference between my skin tone and the bra. As for the critter on the tee, I was not crazy about it. My daughter kept asking me why I had a prawn on my chest. It truly looked like a prawn. I should also mention that I have very light olive skin with very dark brown hair. Most asians with my complexion don't do well in this "natural" tee color. The lack of color plus the prawn, did nothing for me, so this was a pass for me.

Now, I should mention that I tried on the BEJEWELED BEETLE TEE. Now, that was stunning on! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the color of the tee plus the beadwork of the Beetle. For those familiar with the Candy Tee in that peachy pinky orangey color, this tee was exactly THAT color. And while I love it, I also have about 2 dozen tops in that color. Being financially savvy, I chose to not buy it - even though I LOVED it to death! I may call and do a WWFIFY at a later time if I change my mind. BTW, the Bejeweled Beetle Tee is not available online.


As you know from my earlier post here, I LOVED this cardigan. I loved everything about it. The color, the style, the flowers on the shoulders, everything. But unfortunately, when I tried it on, I wasn't crazy about it. The color is still very pretty but it reminded me of something I had already - and then it dawned on me. The style is exactly that of my Merino Rose Cardigan - seen here. The Spring Bouquet Cardigan has 3/4 length sleeves, is a shorter style - meaning that it comes to slightly below my belly button. And the flowers while pretty, didn't quite stand out. It was certainly not a "pay full-price" sort of item for me. I will certainly consider buying it when it goes on sale but not a full-price. I tried this on in a Small and it fits like a glove. I wouldn't size up although it's form fitting in the size small only because I know that my J Crew sweaters tend to stretch somewhat from wearing and although I didn't try the Medium on, I know that the Medium would be too baggy.


This dress is so very pretty. I love the tea-rose shade. It looks stunning on my skin-tone. The style too is very complimentary. I like the gathers around the bodice for it give my chest area a little more "oomph" - which I could always use. lol. I also like the way that skirt falls from the fitted waist giving a nice hour-glass shape. Although I love the style and color of the dress, it screamed, LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! I'M GOING TO A WEDDING! I'M PART OF A WEDDING PARTY! And since I have no wedding to attend nor do I have a garden party to attend, this dress is simply not a style I could wear with any frequency. So, it's a pass for me as well. However, if someone were attending a wedding or a pretty garden party - say, if you were going to meet your snotty future Mother-In-Law at some fancy Country Club, I would suggest you get this dress, done on a wide-brim sun hat, a dainty handbag and pretty shoes, and she'd love you to death. Very pretty dress. Just not for me at this stage in my life.

Anyway, I have to run now. I will write more later tonight and over the weekend. I have tons and I mean TONS to review on and there's all that stuff I bought too (okay, I'm off by 2 days - go ahead and shoot me!)... so come on back soon!


gigiofca said...

I know what you mean about skin tone showing through. That's a major issue I have w/the lighter color J Crew tees. It's not good at all.

Yes, the crawfish looks like a big ole prawn.

A Bigger Closet said...

Looking forward to your reviews of pieces that didn't work AND more about the goodies you did buy. :)