Monday, March 30, 2009

Claudia Metallic Crackle Pumps in Metallic Guava

I'm sitting here at my desk, having my lunch, thinking that I really need to finish this post since I promised that I would do it today. I had originally thought about doing it tonight and then I realized that I need to help my daughter study for her Social Studies Test on Friday.

For those who don't know, my baby (she's my one and only... and will always be my baby regardless how old she is) is in Grade 3. For her test on Friday, she has to identify on a Blank Map all of the Canadian Provinces plus all of their Capitals. AND... she needs to get the spelling of them correct.

Oh Boy! This is going to be hordes of fun. I can tell already.

Firstly, I don't know the placements of all of the Provinces. It's sad but true. For all the Canadian teachers who read my Blog, I'm sorry for not knowing all this information like the back of my hand... but in all honesty, I haven't had the need to use this information since Elementary School - when I was tested on it... and based on my current knowledge, I am confident that I failed miserably.

Secondly, I don't think I know all of the Capitals either. I know the Capital of BC - Victoria, and I know the Capital of Ontario - Ottawa. But other than that, I honestly couldn't tell you. Yes, I know! Shame on me!!! When meeting with my VP, it's not like I say, "With the economic downturn and the need to minimize expenses, I recommend that we mobilize the staff in Procurement to pull up the slack in Customer Service as a result of the buyout, as they've done in Ottawa, the capital of Ontario". There just hasn't been a need for me to know the Capitals. I'm sorry.

BUT... after tonight, I'm going to be the expert on the placement of the Provinces plus all of it's Capitals! PLUS, I'll bet that I will know how to spell them correctly as well! You can even test me after. AND... I'm going to start using them in my business meetings to show just how much I know.

So since I'm going to be busy tonight studying with my daughter, I figured that I had better post about my shoes now. So here goes.

I received the Claudia metallic Crackle Pumps last week. I should mention that I've loved these shoes from the first time I saw them in the Fall. I love the style, the metallic color plus the finish.... but could not justiy paying full price for it. Anyway, I waited and waited and then all of a sudden, they were down to $69.99.

WELL! At $69.99, I had to have them. So ordered, I did.

What surprised me most, when they arrived, was that the pair I received was BRAND STINKINGLY NEW. You see, whenever I order sale shoes in particular, I've found that I always received a "Returned" pair, meaning, someone else has tried it on and returned it. Not this time!!! My shoes were as New as New could get. They were in a box with a Zip-Tie around it - indicating that no one had ever tried them on. EVER!

I found this most interesting considering that these shoes had been around for a Looooooong time and I was certain that someone MUST have, at some time or other, previously purchased these shoes and returned them. But NOOOOOO. They were BRAND NEW!

Once I snipped open the Zip Tie, I found the shoes beautifully packaged in the box. Once I lifted the lid, I found a cotton dust bag folded on top of the prettily folded tissue (that hid the shoes). With the dust bag was a note explaining how the Metallic Fold is adhered to the Suede on the shoe and that I needed to be gentle with them for the Fold could easily flake off - which was good knowing. Setting those 2 bits aside, I folded back the tissue to find these beautiful shoes, still wrapped in plastic with the Toe Stuffing and the"stick" (that sits between the stuffing and the heel) still intact. Which further confirmed that these were Virgin Shoes!

I love getting Virgin Shoes. There's nothing better than trying on a pair of shoes that no one has ever tried on before!

I slipped them on and felt like Cinderella. They fit like a glove! It was true perfection! I love how these shoes fit! The Vamp is cut perfectly. While it's low enough to show toe cleavage, it's wasn't so low that my broken toe was jamming itself into the vamp. I love the stacked heel because it felt sturdy and solid. Although I love the look of Kitten or Stilletto heels, in all honestly, I can't wear those for it feels like I'm constantly tittering over on them. The stacked heel is perfect!

AND... I love the color! Absolutely adore the color! (BTW, the 1st picture shows the true color of the Metallic Guava.) While I love the look of Metallic Gold, I love the look of Metallic Guava soooooooo much more. It's a cross between a Gold and a Bronze. It has a tinge of Pink in it which adds a nice depth of warmth to the look.

My only regret is ... that I didn't order these shoes in more colors. But then again, I wouldn't have paid full price for them anyway.

So, do you own the Claudia Metallic Crackle Pumps? Do you like them? I hope you'll share your thoughts.


robinmce said...

Did you get your usual size? Another review said they ran half size large. I've been tempted but ,as another Canadian ( I'm a bit scared of final sale shoes!
Thanks for the info on the color. I like the idea of bronzy/gold with pink.
Was scared they'd be metallic pink pink pink!

A Bigger Closet said...

Now I'm SO glad I ordered these too. Thanks for posting your pictures of them. :) These shoes look fabulous on you! The metallic guava color is like a neutral this season and goes with so many pieces.

Kate said...

I take either a 7 (sandal/open toe) or 7.5 in J Crew. I got these in 7.5 and I definitely could not have taken a 7. So, I would say that they do NOT run a half size large.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Robinmce, I agree with Kate, they run TTS. I normally wear a size 8 and I purchased them in a size 8 and they are perfect. I certainly could not go smaller and wouldn't want to do a Cinderella and lose them by going larger. I hope this helps. They are fabulous shoes. I hope you'll get them. :)

ABC, I agree, the Metallic Guava is so much like a Neutral isn't it. It goes with sooooo much. I love it!

Anonymous said...

The colour is a lot better than I thought they would be, I too thought they might be real pink. I loved your outfit today!

And just a heads up! Toronto is the Capital of Ontario(my old hometown). Ottawa is the capital of Canada. ;)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

ck, I have decided that I must go back to grade 3. How embarassing! While studying with my daughter tonight, I found out that she knows way more about Canadian Geography that I do. Sad isn't it?! Embarrassing is more like it but I'm learning. I found out from her that the Capital of Canada is Ottawa and the Capital of Ontario is Toronto. Can I get at least 1/2 a point for getting the city in the same Province? LOL!

Thanks for the compliment. I think I must have been the only person to have expected this Metallic Guava to be less pink. I had originally expected it to look just like the color of the Thompson Tote as shown in my previous post ... you know that pale pinkish Metallic color. I was actually surprised to see it more of a pinky bronzey copper color. Nonetheless, I love it.

Back to Geography for a moment, Corporately isn't Toronto the center of the Universe? ;)

Have a nice evening ck! By the way, where do you live now?

gigiofca said...

These are so *you*. they look great.