Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today's Outfit - Jacob Sequin Graphic Tee

I really like my new Graphic Tee that I had picked up from Jacob last week. It's a dark Heather Grey with an abstract Lily drawing in a brush stroke design. The center of each Lily is finished with sequins. Note: The lilies are drawn on both the front as well as on the back of the tee. The Tee is an 80's style with a wide scoop neck, slight gathers at the shoulders and short capped sleeves. It's a longer style tee and when pulled down completely actually come to the top of my thighs. Since I don't like it quite that long (for it draws just WAY too much attention to thundering thighs), I have the top pulled up slightly to give it that ruching look around the waist as well as to raise the hem. I absolutely LOVE this tee and it was a steal for $19 from the original price of $38.

I have been asked by a few bloggers if we have stores in Canada that are comparable to J Crew. Based solely on my humble opinon, there are 2 chain-stores in the Lower Mainland (Vancouver) whose style is similar to J Crew. The first is Club Monaco. Club Monaco's style is similar to the dressier J Crew style. They showcase a lot more color, finer fabrics and classic styling with an edge. The other store is Jacob. I like Jacob's line of Khakis, Chinos, Cords, and Graphic Tees. Although both stores are about as close as they come to J Crew style, no store in Vancouver comes close to being J Crew and that's why I continue to shop at J Crew. Anyway, if you're ever by a Jacob, do be sure to check out their Graphic Tees. The last time I was there, they did have a fabulous selection at awesome prices!!! Anyway....

This is what I wore today:

Lily Graphic Sequin Tee from Jacob, size Small
Cheapy Suzy Shier Trousers
Lea Merino Cardigan in Black
Long Pearl Necklace
Amore Charm Bracelet (A "My Delightful Obsession" creation).
Grey Patent PeepToes from Payless

Back to Jacob. Are you familiar with Jacob? Do you like their Graphic Tees? What about their Chinos and Cords? Do you like them?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Claudia Metallic Crackle Pumps in Metallic Guava

I'm sitting here at my desk, having my lunch, thinking that I really need to finish this post since I promised that I would do it today. I had originally thought about doing it tonight and then I realized that I need to help my daughter study for her Social Studies Test on Friday.

For those who don't know, my baby (she's my one and only... and will always be my baby regardless how old she is) is in Grade 3. For her test on Friday, she has to identify on a Blank Map all of the Canadian Provinces plus all of their Capitals. AND... she needs to get the spelling of them correct.

Oh Boy! This is going to be hordes of fun. I can tell already.

Firstly, I don't know the placements of all of the Provinces. It's sad but true. For all the Canadian teachers who read my Blog, I'm sorry for not knowing all this information like the back of my hand... but in all honesty, I haven't had the need to use this information since Elementary School - when I was tested on it... and based on my current knowledge, I am confident that I failed miserably.

Secondly, I don't think I know all of the Capitals either. I know the Capital of BC - Victoria, and I know the Capital of Ontario - Ottawa. But other than that, I honestly couldn't tell you. Yes, I know! Shame on me!!! When meeting with my VP, it's not like I say, "With the economic downturn and the need to minimize expenses, I recommend that we mobilize the staff in Procurement to pull up the slack in Customer Service as a result of the buyout, as they've done in Ottawa, the capital of Ontario". There just hasn't been a need for me to know the Capitals. I'm sorry.

BUT... after tonight, I'm going to be the expert on the placement of the Provinces plus all of it's Capitals! PLUS, I'll bet that I will know how to spell them correctly as well! You can even test me after. AND... I'm going to start using them in my business meetings to show just how much I know.

So since I'm going to be busy tonight studying with my daughter, I figured that I had better post about my shoes now. So here goes.

I received the Claudia metallic Crackle Pumps last week. I should mention that I've loved these shoes from the first time I saw them in the Fall. I love the style, the metallic color plus the finish.... but could not justiy paying full price for it. Anyway, I waited and waited and then all of a sudden, they were down to $69.99.

WELL! At $69.99, I had to have them. So ordered, I did.

What surprised me most, when they arrived, was that the pair I received was BRAND STINKINGLY NEW. You see, whenever I order sale shoes in particular, I've found that I always received a "Returned" pair, meaning, someone else has tried it on and returned it. Not this time!!! My shoes were as New as New could get. They were in a box with a Zip-Tie around it - indicating that no one had ever tried them on. EVER!

I found this most interesting considering that these shoes had been around for a Looooooong time and I was certain that someone MUST have, at some time or other, previously purchased these shoes and returned them. But NOOOOOO. They were BRAND NEW!

Once I snipped open the Zip Tie, I found the shoes beautifully packaged in the box. Once I lifted the lid, I found a cotton dust bag folded on top of the prettily folded tissue (that hid the shoes). With the dust bag was a note explaining how the Metallic Fold is adhered to the Suede on the shoe and that I needed to be gentle with them for the Fold could easily flake off - which was good knowing. Setting those 2 bits aside, I folded back the tissue to find these beautiful shoes, still wrapped in plastic with the Toe Stuffing and the"stick" (that sits between the stuffing and the heel) still intact. Which further confirmed that these were Virgin Shoes!

I love getting Virgin Shoes. There's nothing better than trying on a pair of shoes that no one has ever tried on before!

I slipped them on and felt like Cinderella. They fit like a glove! It was true perfection! I love how these shoes fit! The Vamp is cut perfectly. While it's low enough to show toe cleavage, it's wasn't so low that my broken toe was jamming itself into the vamp. I love the stacked heel because it felt sturdy and solid. Although I love the look of Kitten or Stilletto heels, in all honestly, I can't wear those for it feels like I'm constantly tittering over on them. The stacked heel is perfect!

AND... I love the color! Absolutely adore the color! (BTW, the 1st picture shows the true color of the Metallic Guava.) While I love the look of Metallic Gold, I love the look of Metallic Guava soooooooo much more. It's a cross between a Gold and a Bronze. It has a tinge of Pink in it which adds a nice depth of warmth to the look.

My only regret is ... that I didn't order these shoes in more colors. But then again, I wouldn't have paid full price for them anyway.

So, do you own the Claudia Metallic Crackle Pumps? Do you like them? I hope you'll share your thoughts.

J Crew Review - Thompson Metallic Tote

I know that I've done a short review on the Thompson Metallic Tote when I first bought it but I wanted to take this opportunity to do another review now that I've actually used it.

As you can see from Today's Outfit, I carried the Thompson Tote for the first time. I should start by saying... WOW! It is ever one BRIGHT piece! Don't get me wrong. I love Bright. I love Shiny.... no different than a Crow loves anything that glitters in the sun. But this bag is S-H-I-N-Y!!! And does attract quite a bit of attention. So, if you're comfortable with the attention, then this is the Bag for you!

The size is great. I was able to stick a few business folders into it for my meeting today. The lack of pockets really doesn't bother me much. But the Thompson Tote is exactly that.... A Tote. Meaning it's best carried on your arm (by the crook of your elbow) or in your hand. Due to how short the straps are, it really doesn't fit over your shoulders and under your arms. I'm fine with carrying my bags on my arm and in hands, so this doesn't bother me. But if you're one of those who only like your bags over your shoulders, then this is NOT the bag for you!

So far, we've established that I like the size, the style and the color. However, there are a couple of things that I'm not crazy about but I can live with.
Firstly, this bag does not stand up on it's own. It's kinda like a jelly-fish. It's got no back-bones or structure to it so it kinda flops over. It does not stand on it's own. Although I kind of suspected this, it didn't dawn on me how flimsy it was until I took all of the stuffing out of it - the stuffing was the stuff that made it stand up straight. Anyway, at the client meeting, I had to essentially stick this bag behind me on the chair (so that it was between me and the back of the chair). I tried standing it up against the table, but it kinda flopped all over like a big jello-mess. Since it looked really strange lying there in a metallic pool, stuck it behind me. It still flopped over - but since it was behind me, no one could really see how floppy it was.

Secondly, J Crew should really have lined this bag. You see, everywhere I go, I carry a Purse-Hook with me. The purse hook is used to hang my purse so that I do not need to put it on the floor. Anyway, the purse hook sits in a velvet pouch. When I got the office and realize that I needed to hang my tote, I pulled out my purse hook pouch to only find it covered with white leather rubbings. Yes, the inside of the bag had rubbed off onto my velvet pouch. I hadn't expected that and found it rather strange and was slightly irritated by it.

Other than these 2 items, I really love my bag. So did my mom - for she came to visit me after work today. So, if you're asking, would I buy my bag again had I known some of its flaws, the answer would be a resounding YES! Definitely! I love the color, the size and the style.

Do you own the Thompson Tote? What color do you have it in? Do you love it? What don't you love about it? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this bag. :)

Be sure to return tomorrow when I review the Claudia Crackle Metallic Pumps.


Valid through April 2, 2009. AWESOME!!! I'm excited only because it's been a loooooong time since I've seen extra 30% off. I think the last time was before Christmas 2008, wasn't it?
There's nothing I really want except for a shirt that I've had my eye on for a while. Other than that, it meh for me. But the discount is exciting nonetheless.
Will you be partaking?

Today's Outfit - Pretty Metallic Guava

As you know, I normally prefer to wear a Graphic Tee plus Cardi to work - you know, for that casual yet business appropriate attire. But today was different. I had to attend a client meeting with one of our Sales Rep hence, I had to look entirely professional.

Seeing that it's still cold out (I promise, as soon as it warms up, I will honestly quit complaining about how freaking cold it is!), I wore a long sleeve tee under my 3/4 sleeve length jacket. I really like the look of a long sleeve under a shorter sleeve garment. To add punch to my stolid outfit, I added Metallic Guava - in a bag plus coordinating shoes.

I think that the overall effect is professional yet somewhat unexpected .... which I really like. I love the unexpected when it comes to fashion. Don't you?

Here's today's outfit:

Long Sleeve Perfect Fit Tee in Black
Coppelle Paisley Jacket
Black Trousers from BR
2 strand Giant Matte Pearl Braclets
Thompson Tote in Metallic Guava
Claudia Crackle Metallic Pumps in Metallic Guava

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Charmed Life - AMORE Charm Bracelet

I've been itching to make a Charm Bracelet for a while now and I knew in my head that I wanted a Silver Tone bracelet with Pearls. So after much searching, I was finally inspired to make this darling little bracelet.

It's made with Silver Tone Charms consisting of a cut-out heart and and letters that spell A-M-O-R-E, finished with Faceted Glass Beads, Pearls and Swarovski Crystals. I'm thrilled with my latest creation.

What do you think of it? Do you like it?

Today's Outfit - Off to the Salon

Actually, this is yesterday's outfit - a Casual Look for my regular visit to the Hair Salon. I had originally planned on wearing this outfit with the Boucle Penny Jacket but it ended up being a litte too wet out for the Wool Penny, so I threw on my Black and White Polka Dot Trench instead. I love this trench. I purchased it last summer in Niagara Falls. I almost didn't buy it and I'm sooooo glad I did. I just LOVE polka-dots!

Here's yesterday's outfit:

F21 Distressed Boyfriend Jeans
Loose-fit Black V Neck Long Sleeve Tee
Skinny Bright Fuschia Belt
Glass and Firestone Necklace
Joan and David Jewelled Ballet Flats

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Latest Creation - Glass and Fireball Necklace

I've become somewhat obsessed with making my own jewelry of late. In the last month, I have designed and completed 4 necklaces. The first is the Twisted Pearl Neckace seen here, and my most recent is the Crystal-Ice Necklace shown above.

This necklace consists of individually knotted Bevelled Czech Glass Beads with 4 Firestones, 2 on each side of the necklace. The color of the Glass Beads is a pinkier Dusty Rose shade but because the beads are clear, they go beautifully with any pink shade.

I'm quite proud of my new creation for I received a number of compliments on this necklace today. Many were very surprised when they found out that I had made it. What do you think of my new necklace? Do you like it? Do you not? Would you change anything?

Today's Outfit - Pretty Pink Flamingo

I love my new Pink Flamingo Tee. It makes me happy whenever I look at it. I've never been a Flamingo fan but for some reason, this little pink Critter plus the Grey Tee makes for a super cute combination.

I picked up this Tee from the J Crew outlet store in Tulalip, WA on my last trip to Bellevue. While I'm not normally fond of the outlet stuff - for I've found that the quality is somewhat sub-par to the Retail Stores, I really like this tee though.

It is a heavier Ring-Spun Tee - and when I say it's heavier, I'm comparing it to the Ring-Spun Rose Tees from the Fall where the fabric itself was quite thin and somewhat sheer. This tee however, has a good weight to it and is certainly not sheer. I purchased it in a size small and it fits very well without being snug (again, unlike the Ring-Spun tees from the Fall where I had to size up for a better fit). The small fits nicely through the chest as well as through the hips with a little room in the waist area. If I was looking for a more fitted look, I guess I could have gone into the XS but I'm very pleased with the Small and have no need to go smaller.

The grey is similar to the Grey of the Belle Skirt from last Summer. I love the medium grey shade because it goes with so much. I could easily pair this tee with Blacks, Navys, and Greys, but I particularly love the look of it with the Bright Fuschia.

Here I am wearing it with Black Tristan Trousers, the Lea Merino Cardigan in Bright Fuschia and my newly designed Glass and Fireball Necklace in Dusty Pink.

Have you seen this Flamingo Tee in person? Do you like it? Will you be getting one?


Update! Update! Update! So, here's the scoop on the Cami.

First off, it's not a Cami but a Tank. Here's some more info on it....

It's called the Cotton Silk Ruffle Tank. It is a combination of Cotton and Silk. It comes in the Light Shell (as seen in the above pictures), Light Pewter and White. It is available in size 0 through 14. It has a Classic Fit; Side Zipper; is Fully-Lined; and is Dry Clean only.

The price is $79.50 and is will become available online sometime either April or May. However... J Crew is starting to take Pre-Orders for them now.

If you are interested in Pre-Ordering this item, the item number is: 15820.

Will you be pre-ordering?

Oh Pretty Cami ... Come out from wherever you are!!!

Where is this Cami under the sweater? I want it!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

What the %$#&???!!!

I think she's crying for a can-opener. What do you think?

Today's Outfit - Black, Orange and Giraffe

I love my new Giraffe Print shoes! I got these cheapie heels several weeks back from Suzy Shier.

When I first got them, all I could think to pair them with was ... Black but like my Pumpkin Juliets, I have had time to search my closet and have come to the realization that they'll match lots.... the obvious is, Black and White.... but also Bright Fuschia, Navy, Blues, Creams and one of my favorite colors, Orange.

I didn't have time to quite think about what I was going to wear today to work so it was a bit of a mad rush in the morning as I was throwing stuff together at the last minute. I was originally going to wear my Pumpkin Juliets again today when I remembered my Giraffe Print Heels. And you know what??? I quite like the look of the Giraffe with the Orange. It's unexpected yet, in my opinion, very complimentary.

Although they look fantastic, these shoes aren't very comfortable. Firstly, they are a lot higher than I am used to. I can wear the 2-3/4" heels very comfortably and while these are a mere 1/4" higher thant he Juliets, I found them almost ... TOO high. I love the look of high-heels and wish that I could be like one of them leggy modelly executive types who strut their stuff in their stilletos and pencil skirts, I unfortuantely, can't do that.

In fact, I'm such a lame tart when it comes to heels. On most days, I will either wear ugly "walking shoes" or boots to work and change into my heels at the office. I purposely walk a good distance from my parking spot to the office each morning (to get in some extra exercise) and wearing heels just doesn't work for me for that 7 minute hike. So, I change my shoes at the office. Aren't I lame????

Anyway, I really like the print and style of these shoes. I don't know how often I'd actually wear these ... for to me, they're what I call "Sitting Shoes". And although they are uncomfortable, I have to say... Man! do they ever look great on!!!

Today's Outfit:

Merino Tissue Scoop Neck Sweater
Club Monaco Skinny Belt
BR Skirt
Cheapie Giraffe Shoes from Suzy Shier
Twisted Crystal Necklace

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Today's Outfit - The Martyr in Pumpkin (color that is!)

That's me! That's right! .... The Martyr, and today, I'm dressed in Navy with a pop of Pumpkin color. I almost didn't buy this tee (it's another one of my Graphic Tees that I had purchased from ON) and I'm glad I did because it goes really nicely with my new Pumpkin Juliet MidHeels.

I really like my Juliets. It's the very first pair of J Crew shoes that I've owned. Since I have gawd-awful feet, I've always refrained from buying shoes online for fear that they wouldn't fit. Not only did I buy these Juliets online, I purchased them from another JCA off the JCA blog - which meant that they weren't just final sale but were as final to the nth degree as they came. Luckily for me, they fit but more importantly, I LOVE the color.

When I first got them, I wondered what in the world would I wear with this color but since having had them for a few weeks, I've found loads. These shoes go with about any color - Navy, Black, Browns, Greys, Blues, Greens, Pinks, Oranges, ... the list goes on. I love the stable wood heel and the fact that they're cut low so that the toe-cleavage shows - which I find quite sexy despite the fact that other JCAs aren't crazy about them.

I also sorta in a weird kind of way find them comfortable.... but only on one (1) foot, that is. The shoes are extremely comfortable on my left foot. Seeing that it was my first time wearing them, I was able to wear them all day with no pain on my left foot. Now, my right foot, that's a different story.... but that's no fault of the shoe. The fault lies solely with me. As I had mentioned previously, I had broken my 3rd toe on my right foot when I was in high-school. Due to how low the vamp is cut on these shoes, my 3rd toe is essentially being choked to death. Let me paint you a picture. You see, when I broke my 3rd toe, the upper portion of the toe afixed itself to the bottom of the bottom half of the toe - in such a way that the bottom half sticks out and the top half sinks down. It's quite strange looking really. So, when I wear the Juliets, the top half pushes up against the edge of the shoe which is rather painful ... but since I'm particularly vain and am determined to wear these shoes, I spent a good part of the day tucking my toe under the vamp. (I cannot help but chuckle as I write this). Although it is rather uncomfortable, I cannot help but find it funny, nonetheless.

But back to the shoes itself, I happened to be speaking with one of my staff when all of a sudden, I had about 4 people (of which 2 were men) standing around me complimenting me on my shoes. BTW, we tend to be somewhat conservative when it comes to fashion in Canada and I guess they had never seen Orange shoes before. There was quite a commotion really ... with everyone agreeing that these shoes were BEAUTIFUL!

In short, these shoes are absolutely stunning and very comfortable (provided that you don't have a broken toe). But I'm hoping that they'll break in and the toe issue wouldn't be an issue anymore.

Anyway, here's my outfit today:

ON Graphic Tee in a light pumpkin shade

Lea Merino Cardigan in Navy
Hilfiger Skirt in Navy
Juliet MidHeels in Pumpkin
Crystal Ball Necklace

How do you tell someone to quit calling in sick????!!!

There are 2 types of people in this world. The Martyrs and the Victims.

The Martyrs are those crazy ones who .... who make a 3 hour drive to work on a snowy day, .... who come to work when they have the sniffles, .... who won't complaint and stay when there's a blizzard outside. They are the work-horses, the people you can count on, the ones I appreciate the most at work.

Then there are the Victims. These are the ones who will call in sick when it's dusting outside, .... when they have a heavy period, .... when they have a slight cold. They request to go home when they feel like they've got a cold coming one. They are the first ones out the door each evening and the last to arrive. They get by doing as little as possible in hopes that no one catches them.

I had a Victim who once worked for me. She once asked me if she could work a 4 hour day (and still be paid for a full 7 hour day) in the Winter time? She wanted to wait for the ice to thaw before she came to work for fear of slipping and falling. When I told her that I expected her to start when everyone did, she accused me of wanting her to break her neck! No where in the conversation did I once say, "Hmmm... I would like you to break your neck." Trust me, I would have liked to, but I refrained.

All of our work places have people like that. In fact, we have Martyrs and Victims in all aspects of our lives... yes, even in our own families.

My mom, although I love her to death, is a Victim. Every little sniffle is a life-threatening disease and every pain means that she needs to get surgery. She drives me nuts because I, on the other hand, am a Martyr. I am a sickening Martyr. I can't help it. Some days, it drive me nuts. Hell! It drives my husband nuts for every so often, I will hear him say...."Just give up the Cross already please! for someone else needs the Wood".

But deep down inside, I'm really no different than the Victim. Trust me! I want to stay home on those snowy days. I don't want to drive on the highway to go to work. I want to curl up in bed when I have a cold. I want to be the first to go home when it starts to snow. I want to go home when I've got a headache. I don't want to go to work when I have my period. I don't want! I don't want! I don't want!




In short, I feel all the things that the Victims feel. So, why is it that the Victims are okay with calling in sick when it's snowing out? When they've got a very slight cold? When they've got their period? When it's icy outside? When... When... When....?????

Why do they feel like they're entitled to more?

It's not like the Martyrs are healthier than the Victims but why is it that Victims take WAY MORE sick days than Martyrs?


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Today's Outfit - Lana Polka Dot Monochromatics

It's almost starting to feel like Spring here on the Wet Coast. I woke up this morning to a chilly 2 Degrees Celsius. To add a little more Spring to my outfit, I decided to pair my monochromatic look with a pretty pink Silk Flower from H & M and Lulus in Tulip. The two pieces, in my opinion, added that little punch of color to a tone on tone look.

Here's my outfit today:
Lana Polka Dot Top in Light Pewter
Lea Merino Cardigan in Heather Grey
Wide Leg Trousers in a medium Grey from BR
Pink Silk Flower from H & M
Lulu Peep Toes in Bright Tulip
Triple Strand Crystal Bracelet from Holt Renfrew

I hear it's going to be sunny tomorrow. I can't wait! I hope it'll warm up!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Today's Outfit - Spring Bloom Berry Astrid

I've been looking for a Spring Graphic Tee to wear under my Berry Astrid Jacket and I think I've found the perfect one. I purchased this Graphic Tee from Old Navy last weekend. It's a pewter grey shade with the perfect shade of blue graphic on it which ties in the Berry Astrid nicely. At first I thought that it might be a little too much with the numbers and lettering and watercolor prints on the tee but having had it on all day today at work, I think that it actually works well. In fact, I particularly like the watercolor print near the bottom of the tee (the part that shows under the jacket) - because it adds interest to the outfit but does not detract from the jacket itself.

Today's outfit consists of:
Berry Astrid Jacket in Bright Blue
ON Graphic Tee
Charcoal Grey Pants from Reitmans
Pearl Accessores - Necklace and Bracelet
Grey Patent cheapy heels from Payless

What do you think? In your opinion, does this ON tee work with the Berry Astrid?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today's Outfit - Astrid Boucle Jacket with Jeans

I don't normally wear Jeans to work - unless it's before a long weekend but my staff and I had plans to go out for drinks Friday evening after work so Jeans was simply apropos. Although I was wearing jeans, I still think that the final look could still be considered Friday Business Casual. What do you think?
Boucle Astrid Jacket in Bright Fuschia
Crested Tee
J Crew Bootcut Jeans in a Dark Wash
Lulu Peep Tue Heels
Crystal Ball Necklace

Today's Outift - Candace Jacket with Navy and Black

Actually, this is Thursday's outfit. Sorry, I'm a couple of days behind in my posts. This is what I wore to work:

Candace Jacket in Blue
Perfect Fit Tee in Navy and White Stripes
Cheapy Black Skinny Leg Pants from Suzy Shier
Triple Strand Gold and Pearl Necklace
Grey Peep Toe Heels from Payless

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Club Monaco - 20% off Discount

For the longest time, I wasn't a Club Monaco fan at all but their design has changed substantially in the last year... to the point where I actually, really like a lot of their stuff now. Their design concept reminds me of the dressier J Crew stuff. In my opinion, their colors and designs are the closest thing we've got to J Crew here in Canada. Even their Marketing strategy is reminicent of J Crew's.

Sigh! I wish I werer a student so that I could qualify for the discount.

Are you familiar with Club Monaco? Do you like their style? Will you be using this discount?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

J Crew Reviews - Part 4

I still have a few more pieces that I need to complete my review on... so let me get started. During my Bellevue trip, I also had the opportunity to try on...


Having seen these I online and really liked them, I was determined to purchase them on my visit to the store. These Tissue Spring Flower Tee come in the Light Blade, Dark Charcoal and Sweet Orange. I particularly like the Dark Charcoal and the Sweet Orange so I grabbed them for a quick try-on. It's a good thing that I did for I was ready to buy them without first trying them on.

In my mind, I had expected them to look like it does on the model, ie. hits the high-hip and somewhat fitted. I tried on the Small and in all honesty, on me, it looked like a sleep shirt. It was far too long on my short stature. It came to where my hip meets my thigh. Any shirt that ends around this area always looks sooooo very wrong on me. Not only that, since the flowers were around the lower part of the tee and since the tee ended at my lower hip/ thigh, those pretty flowers made my hip look even wider than they actually are - not a look I was after. I tried it on in both the Dark Charcoal and the Sweet Orange and both made me look particularly hippy.

I still really like the print on the tee. Unfortuately, I've come to the conclusion that this design is simply not for the short and stocky. It's certainly designed for the tall and willowy. I wish I were tall and willowy. You should check A Bigger Closet's blog on this tee. It looks amazing on her. It's definitely too bad that it does not look like that on me. Sigh!

The first time I laid eyes on this cami online, I knew that I had to have it. And I'm glad to report that it is as pretty in real-life as it does online. This is one beautiful piece. I just love the intricately cut flowers that lay along the neckline. I think that this cami would look amazing on its own as well as worn under a jacket or sweater.

The Manager advised that this cami ran large. Since I normally wear a size 4, he handed me a 2 and the 2 fits beautifully - particularly in the chest area. Unlike most camis, this one wasn't particularly billowy which I really like. What drives me nuts about camis is the excess fabric that ends up looking like I'm wearing a tent. Not this cami. It's flowy without being excessively flowy. And while it fit me nicely in the chest with plenty of room to spare, I don't think that I could have gone down a size in this. You see, had I gone down a size, the armhole opening would have gotten too small and would be somewhat uncomfortable. Already, on the size 2, I was starting to feel the sizing on the armhole. I tried on the size 4 and found the 4 to have too much room. So, as far as sizing was concerned, the 2 was certainly a better fit.

Unfortunately, after much deliberation, I decided not to get this cami. While I adore it in the key lime, I didn't love it enough to purchase it at full-price. However, as soon as it goes on sale, I'm going to be picking one up.


I had seen this tote online numerous times and came pretty close many a times to pulling the trigger and buying it. However, I never did - even when J Crew was offering a 20% off discount off Final Sale.

In hindsight, I wish I did because I ended up paying the price without the extra discount on this tote. That's how much I liked it. The totes were available in the Metallic Gold as well as the Metallic Guava. While I like the Metallic Gold, without seeing it in person, I was leaning towards the Metallic Guava. When I saw both totes in person, I knew that the Metallic Guava was the one for me - which makes me want to beat myself over and over again in the head for not getting the tote when it was available online with the additional 20% off. Stoopid! Stoopid! Stoopid!!! URGH!

But I'm glad to have gotten it nonetheless. It's a deep bag - deep enough to hold a laptop (although I would never actually put a laptop in it for I would fear that the leather would tear away from the handles). There is one teeny little compartment near the top of the bag by the handles, that would be used to hold keys or a cellphone. There's also a little coin purse that is looped onto the handles (which may be removed - if one so chooses to do so) for miscellaneous items. I would likely put my keys in there and my cell phone in the other compartment. Other than these 2 compartments, the bag is basically one large bucket.

Since I'm not one to carry hordes of stuff in my bag, this tote will work nicely for me for I will normally just throw in a couple of things - ie, wallet, sunglasses in case, phone, keys, make-up bag and mints. So it's not like it's going to be difficult to find my stuff in a "black hole" of a purse. However, for someone who carries tons of stuff with them, then they'll likely want a bag with more compartments - in which case, this bag wouldn't be good for them. I can also use this bag to transport my Nikon SLR should I choose to do so. Currently, my Nikon only fits into my Burberry and as I have mentioned previously, my Burberry isn't the most comfortable shopping bag. I could see the Thompson Tote to be a more Shopping friendly piece and carting my camera around to take pictures for this blog may be somewhat easier.

Long story short, I love this bag and I'm glad to have purchased it.... even without the 20% discount. But darn! I wish I had purchased it with the discount instead. I would be $18.00 richer today. lol!

I've got just one more set of reviews to do which I will complete in the next couple of days ... so be sure to check back in order to read them. One of the items that I will be reviewing will be my biggest score of the trip - The Gladiola Print Pencil Skirt. See you soon!