Friday, February 20, 2009

Words that ought to be in the dictionary

crew (usu. prec. by “J”) verb 1. to dress in a classic style with an innovative fashion twist 2. a study in unexpected contrasts that gives new meaning to the word elegance.

I came across a Macleans article the other day that I found absolutely hilarious that got me thinking about words that ought to be in the dictionary.

Here are a few that I particularly enjoyed from the article:

aniston verb the inability to just let it go already: Twelve years after the championship game, Roger still anistoned that untimely fumble.

bush verb to long achingly for someone’s departure: After finding half a pizza in the crack of our sofa, my wife began bushing about my couch-crashing best friend.

jackman noun a genre of screenwriting wherein the plot is meticulously constructed to maximize shirt removal. syn. mcconaughey.

lehman (usu. foll. by "brothers") verb to disappear abruptly: Dave was sitting right here but then the waiter brought the bill and he lehmaned.

mccain verb 1. to behave in a manner that betrays a sense of increasing desperation: Her acting career stalled, the buxom starlet mccained by contacting Hugh Hefner.

obama verb 1. to achieve victory despite at first appearing to have no shot at winning: I couldn’t believe it when Marisa Tomei obamaed that Oscar. 2. to display grace by hiring a former rival, even though the husband of that former rival is probably hitting on your wife right now. noun 1. the uncomfortable feeling of being deeply indebted to Oprah.

palin noun 1. a doctrine of global diplomacy based on geographic proximity. 2. a huge gamble that fails to pan out: In retrospect, trusting that habitual drug user with my PIN and house key proved to be quite the palin. verb 1. to speak words generally accepted to be part of the English language, but to make no sense while doing so. 2. to prompt an entire country to shake its head in disbelief.

Click here to read the entire article.

So here are 4 that I came up with:

simpson verb to have gained a few pounds: having had 3 appetizers, 2 entrees and 4 desserts every day on the Mexican Riviera Cruise, I returned home to find out that I had simpsoned.

brown (usu. prec. by “chris”) verb to get into an alleged altercation before an important event: the guests in the church were shocked when the best man announced that the wedding was off as a result of a browning between the bride and groom to be.

anonymous (usu. foll by “bloggers”) verb 1. to throw insults and give unsolicited advice; 2. to hide behind one’s true identity; 3. to be mean and nasty for no apparent reason. noun the experience of being lambasted by an unknown being. syn. troll.

crew (usu. prec. by “J”) verb 1. to dress in a classic style with an innovative fashion twist 2. a study in unexpected contrasts that gives new meaning to the word elegance: Ms. Lyons’ outfit consisting of purposefully frayed jeans, a delicate silk blouse, refined velvet jacket and miles of pearls around her neck was a crewing vision.

Note: I have FFM to thank for the anonymous definition. :)

Should you have any words that you feel ought to be in the dictionary, please do share!


Megan said...

Those were hilarious! And I love your definition for simpson:)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Megan, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had a blast trying to come up with my own version of words that ought to be in the dictionary. :)

♥ Chloe said...

Hahaha, those are awesome. Thanks for the laugh! :D

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Too funny! ITA on *anonymous*!!!

Btw, I looked for a Pearl bracelet for you at Target (the one like I was wearing on Friday that you said you want)but they were sold out. I'll keep checking for you, though. :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

FFM, if you find the bracelet, pleeeeeze let me know. I will gladly purchase it from you. I wish we had a Target here. Thanks in Advance. :)