Monday, February 23, 2009

Today's Outfit

Today's outfit consists of the Lea Merino Cardigan in Heather Grey, Black Trousers from Ann Taylor and a sleeveless fitted blouse with pleated collar and neck tie from Club Monaco. I intend on wearing the blouse without a cardigan when it gets warmer but for now, I had to don a sweater in order to keep warm. For accessories, I wore a long pearl necklace with my swarovski flower pin, pinned in such a way that it created a look of a knot (without the knot that is) and my new cheapy pearl bracelets from Suzy Shier.

As you can see from the pictures, I am, for the first time, not in my washroom. Yay!!!! My dad was kind enough to give me his Remote Shutter Release. So, now for the first time ever, I will be able to take full length pictures of me in my living room where there's better lighting.

Here's a close up of the Club Monaco blouse with the pleated collar and neck-ties. I left the ties undone for a more relaxed look. This picture also shows a close-up of the flower pin on my pearl necklace.

Here are 2 pictures of my Gramercy winter coat in Alpine Green. This is by far my favorite coat and my favorite color. I love the green.

So, that's what I wore today. I'm liking these pictures way better than the ones taken in my washroom. What do you think? Do you like these pictures better?


Anonymous said...

ooh, i love the gramercy coat! i remember debating whether or not to get it in that color that season, but i ended up refraining...regret it now, especially seeing how stunning it looks on you!

fiyah said...

That coat is fab! I adore my Lea cardigans and wear them often.

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

You look beautiful! I need a remote for my camera, too! The lighting in my washroom is also horrible, and my pics don't turn out like I want them to.

Lake Nokomis said...

Great look and the photos are much better too!

purplesweettarts said...

Love the outfit! Coat looks fab on you!

starla729 said...

very cute. i love black and gray together. the green coat is a beautiful pop of color.

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Goldenmeans, like yourself, I debated whether I should get the Alpine Green or not. It sold out before I could get my hands on one. But then early last Spring, it popped up one day on the website and the rest is history. I love the Green. I just hope it does not go out of style too quickly.

Thanks Fiyah. The Leas are great, aren't they?

Thanks FFM. I wasn't very happy with my pictures and when I the mirror got somewhat yucky, my pictures got spotty. It was pretty bad. I'm happy with my new remote. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get one too!

Thanks Lake Nokomis!

Thank you purplesweettarts!

Thank you Starla729. The black and grey was pretty monochromatic and the green just added that something. I'm glad you like it. :)