Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today's Outfit

February 10, 2009
  • Teagan Ruffle Blouse in Ivory
  • Tartine Cardigan in Mushroom
  • Cuffed, Flared Leg Trousers from Reitmans
  • Intertwined 2 necklaces. Duo-Tone Woodbead Necklace from Le Chateau with Gold Link Necklace from Holt Renfrew

Quick Review on the Teagan Blouse.

I purchased it in a size 4. I like the concept of the Teagan Blouse and the triple Bow-like Ruffles down the front. However, I found that the ruffles didn't fluff up as much as I would like them to despite the fact that I had steamed them backwards so that they would fluff up. I wore the blouse with the top button undone to give it a more relaxed look. I didn't mind the blouse being worn under the Tartine Cardigan. But the Tartine, as you can see from the pictures fit looser on me. I wouldn't feel very comfortable had I worn this blouse with say the Lea because the Lea is a more fitted cardigan and the blouse while somewhat soft, is not a flowy fabric so it doesn't lie flat. I didn't wear a cami under this blouse today only because I knew that I would have the cardigan on all day. However, if I were to ever wear this blouse without a cardi, I would certainly wear a camisole under it. All in all, I like this blouse and it's a keeper (obviously since I wore it today, lol) but what I wanted to say is that, I don't love it as I do some of my other blouses. It's pretty and unusual but I would have loved it so much more if the ruffles were more pronounced. Does that make any sense?

For those who own the Teagan, what do you think of it? How do you wear it? I'd love to hear some of your ideas!

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The Outfit of the day said...

Love the cardigan, I have the same one in my closet!