Thursday, February 12, 2009

I want to be a Protaganist in a Sophie Kinsella Novel

Starting from A to Z, I am a sickeniningly Business-Like, Efficient, Driven, Factual, Functional, Implicit, Orderly, Overly-Analytical (as in drill down to the Root Cause of the problem - Analytical), Practical, Pragmatic, Rational, Realistic, Systematic, Unidealistic, Un-Romantic person.

I am also Compulsive and Obsessive but those often get overriden by my overly practical and pragmatic nature.

I would love, if for only a brief moment, that I could be a Lead Character in one of Sophie Kinsella's novels.

I want to shop with wild abandonment.

I want to own a closet full of shoes.

I want to find a long-lost sister.

I want to have a flat-mate.

I want to leave half way through a seminar and buy something I saw in a Store window.

I want to unload all of my secrets to a handsome stranger on a plane.

I want him to show up at my place of work to only find out that he owns the business.

I want him to pick me up for a date in a long silver limosine.

I want him to pay a Bus Driver 500 Quid to drive me directly to my door.

I want to taste that delicious Pink Drink in that swanky restaurant.

I want to go over some numbers with a collegue who's heart is broken.

I want to have a Leopold File.

Unfortunately, I can't have or do any of thoses because I am so darn practical, so much so that it sometimes drives me insane!

Although I spend quite a bit, in reality, I save more than what I spend. Wild and crazy, shop with abandonment is not part of my vocabulary.
My parents are so straight-laced there's no way that I would ever have a long-lost sister, or brother or pet, for that matter.
I have never had a flat-mate because it wouldn't have been finanically practical to move out if I could save money and live at home while going to University or while I was starting off in my career.
I could never leave through a seminar because it would be a career-ending move. If I saw something that I loved in a store window, despite the fact that I would obsess over it for days and weeks, I would only buy it if I could justify its use.
I could never unload my secrets to a total strange on a plane. In fact, I don't really enjoy talking to people in planes, or in trains, buses, and the like.
I could never "Fish off the Corporate Dock", "Get my Meat from the same place I get my Bread" (you get the drift).
I don't know anyone who gets driven around in a long, big silver car with a Chauffer and if I did, I would think that he was a Show-Off and would be completely turned off anyway.
I would never take the Bus, especially in an evening outfit, regardless how angry I was. I would likely discuss it as opposed to storming off.
The most expensive drink I had was at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. It was a delicious Martini for $18!!! $18!!!! It was pink - just like the one in Sophie Kinsella's novel, Can you Keep a Secret? I enjoyed it but felt absolutely guilty for having spent that kind of money.
I've never ever "gone over some numbers" with a heartbroken collegue. I've always waited until Lunch when it was MY time. I have difficulty shirking off.
And finally, I've never ever had a Leopole File and I would love to have one but who am I to share a Leopold file with? Surely not someone at work!!!

As you can see, I way too practical for my own good but just once, for just a briefest moment in time, I would so like to be Emma Corrigan or Becky Bloomwood. I could only dream!

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Leslie said...

Oh Crew Girl! I love Sophie Kinsella books! I've read every single one and they are all great. I can't wait to see the movie, especially since Isla Fisher is one of my fav actresses (Wedding Crashers, anyone??)

Glad to see you are back on your feet! Stay healthy!