Monday, February 16, 2009

Friday's Outfit

February 13, 2009

Sorry, I was terribly lazy over the last several days and didn't get around to posting what I wore to work on Friday. Anyway, sorry for the delay, but here it is.

I ended up wearing the Candy Tee in Tulip, the Lea Merino Cardigan in Orange, both from J Crew, black dress pants from the Gap, Silk Flower Corsage from H & M and an Ann Taylor necklace (sans pendant - which I removed because I thought that it would be just too much with all that going on).
I've never paired the Tulip with the Orange before. I was originally going to wear it with the Bright Fuschia but at the last minute decided on the orange. I think it coordinates well - although the finished look is quite bright. I think I would have liked this more with jeans but since I can't really wear jeans to work (except on occassion), I paired it with black trousers.

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gigiofca said...

Cute combo. I agree that it would look smashing w/jeans. :-)