Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today's Outfit - Sparkly Monochromatics

Today's outfit consisted of the Whisper Lame Tank, Tartine Cardigan in Mushroom, Charcoal Grey Trousers, Grey Snakeskin Heels, Crystal Ball necklace, Crystal Eternity Bangle and the Double Crystal Enamel Bangle and coordinating Coach Bag.

Although the Whisper Lame Tank is a Dark Pewter shade, it has a gold undertone to its shine which lends itself nicely to the Mushroom Tartine. I was originally going to wear this outfit with Chocolate trousers but decided against it for the Charcoal really picks up the grey in the Tank.

Seeing that the day ended up being rather dreary, this outfit just added a little sparkle to an otherwise Grey Vancouver day.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hose or No Hose? That is the Question

Despite the fact that it's still winter out and that I still feel somewhat chilly, I've made a decision that as of tomorrow, I will no longer wear tights for the rest of the Winter season. Now, I may regret making this decision later on (for instance tomorrow) as it's expected to snow in the upper levels (meaning close to the mountains) and since I am half way up the mountain, chances are, I'll likely get snow.

Okay, if it snows tomorrow, I'll still wear tights if I wear a skirt to work, that is. But if it doesn't snow tomorrow nor the day after and so on, then I don't think that I'm going to be wearing tights anymore. I know it's still Winter and the temperature is hovering around 5 degress celsius when I leave the house in the morning, tbut he look of the dark tights is simply just too depressing for me.

So, no more tights! That's it.

In the summer months when it's warm out, I normally go without panty-hose. Although I am a sticker about what's appropriate for the office and all, I believe that it's acceptable to go without hose to the office. But in the Spring, when the weather is still somewhat iffy, I tend to wear very sheer panty-hose but in all honesty, I don't like that look anymore.

So, as long as it's not super cold, and provided that my legs are somewhat tanned, I will go hose-less. I personally think that it's approriate to go bare-leg as soon as the temperature hits double digits. What do you think?

If you live in colder climes, what do you do in the Winter? Do you wear tights, panty-hose or go bare-leg? When do you think it's appropriate to go bare-leg? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Anyway, back to what I was wearing today. Quinn Cami in Bright Fuschia, Boucle Berry Astrid Jacket with my not-so-floppy Flower. Since fluffing it in my earlier post here, I simply fluffed it up with my fingers today and pinned it directly onto my jacket. It's held its shape since my original fluffing operation. Black skirt and shoes from Suzy Shier, Tights, Gold and Black Bauble necklace from BR, Double Crystal Enamel Bangle from J Crew and of course, my new Giraffe Bag.

Monday, February 23, 2009

What were they thinking, REALLY??!!!

The Elvis Belt and the giant Lace Doillies just isn't a good combination.

I just don't get this!

This must be what the Walking Dead look like.

This must be is what Cave-Women wore to the Oscars back in the days when women forraged for food and men hunted for meat.

Why is Queen wrapped up like a giant gift?

Today's Outfit

Today's outfit consists of the Lea Merino Cardigan in Heather Grey, Black Trousers from Ann Taylor and a sleeveless fitted blouse with pleated collar and neck tie from Club Monaco. I intend on wearing the blouse without a cardigan when it gets warmer but for now, I had to don a sweater in order to keep warm. For accessories, I wore a long pearl necklace with my swarovski flower pin, pinned in such a way that it created a look of a knot (without the knot that is) and my new cheapy pearl bracelets from Suzy Shier.

As you can see from the pictures, I am, for the first time, not in my washroom. Yay!!!! My dad was kind enough to give me his Remote Shutter Release. So, now for the first time ever, I will be able to take full length pictures of me in my living room where there's better lighting.

Here's a close up of the Club Monaco blouse with the pleated collar and neck-ties. I left the ties undone for a more relaxed look. This picture also shows a close-up of the flower pin on my pearl necklace.

Here are 2 pictures of my Gramercy winter coat in Alpine Green. This is by far my favorite coat and my favorite color. I love the green.

So, that's what I wore today. I'm liking these pictures way better than the ones taken in my washroom. What do you think? Do you like these pictures better?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I was Bad on Saturday!

Here's me going out to celebrate our daughter's birthday, all decked out in J Crew and my brand new Giraffe-print bag.

It's soooo hard to be on a self-imposed Shopping Ban. I tried. I really did! And after being really, really, really good for 4 weeks, I actually went out and bought a bunch of stuff this weekend. (For those who've been following my blog), last weekend didn't really count (in my mind, that is) since I was essentially returning a bunch of stuff and simply exchanged them for stuff that I liked more.

This weekend was completely different. I actually went out and spent money. It really wasn't my fault. I was out shopping for my daughter's 9th birthday presents. Her birthday is on Tuesday - Feb 24. And I was at the mall looking for Webkinz clothes plus a couple of games for her DS Lite.

So after walking around in the mall for a bit, I felt this incredible pull (or maybe it was a push).... actually, now thinking about it, there was this imaginary person literally pushing me into Suzy Shier. Okay, there wasn't but I had to look around. For those who are unfamiliar with Suzy Shier, it's kinda like a Forever 21 - fun fashion at an inexpensive price.

So, here's what I purchased. Giraffe Print Bag. I'm a real sucker for anything Giraffe print. I had originally gone in to check out a pair of Giraffe print stilletto heels but for some reason, the shoes only came in size 6 and 7, nothing else! I was truly disappointed but out of the corner of my eye, I spied this bag. It was the only one in the entire store and for $18, yes $18! Can you believe it? I had to have it.

I also needed a couple of pairs of simple heels for work. I've been needing a pair of black shoes as well as grey for a while now. I was able to pick a pair of each up. I don't normally wear polyeurathane shoes but for $15 each, I said, what the hell! Moreover, they look so very similar to these Nine West ones that I've been eyeing but those were $80.

Then I saw this bracelet. It is essentially 3 bracelets in one. There's the big pearl bracelet, the medium size one and then finally a really skinny, micro-pearl bracelet. The price was $2.95 for all 3 bracelets. It's costume jewelry, but personally, I don't think they look $2.95, so I picked up 2 sets. And with the 2 sets, I am then able to mix and match and wear them as follows. 1.) Wear them as sold. 2.) Wear 2 sets of the large pearl bracelets together. I really love the matted look of the bracelets. The color reminds me so much of the cornsilk beads from J Crew. 3.) Wear 2 sets of the medium and micro size bracelets together.

Note: I normally wear my bracelets on my right hand but since I was using that hand to take the pictures, I had to put the bracelets on my left hand - my watch hand. I would never wear my bracelets on my left hand normally. I only did this for the pictures.

So, that's what I did on Saturday. I went out and bought a bunch of stuff. Although I was bad, the good thing is, I didn't spend much for all the stuff that I got. I guess that was my saving-grace.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Today's Outfit

Shopping my closet once again, I ended up finding this Cotton Cashmere Primrose Cardigan in Tangerine. I hadn't worn this cardigan since around last Halloween after a co-worker asked if I was dressing for the occassion. AS IF!!!!! Really people! I am hardly the sort who would wear a blinking christmas tree on my Christmas Theme Sweater. SO WHY THE HELL WOULD I DRESS UP IN A HALLOWEEN THEME OUTFIT??? ARGH!!!!

Sorry, I digress. I absolutely LOVE this sweater and have it in both the yellow as well as the tangerine. However, if I had the opportunity to do it all again, I would certainly have gotten a smaller size. But hey, I can live with the current fit.

I wore the Cotton Cashmere Primrose Cardigan over the Candy Tee, wrapped the Crystal Ball necklace twice around my neck, donned the double crystal enamel bangle and finally, chocolate brown trousers to pull the entire outfit together. For a coat, I wore my Gramercy Coat in Bright Flame. I think that the little petals on the Primrose cardigan adds that certain je ne se qua to the candy tee, don't you think?

Thursday's Outfit

This is what I had intended on wearing.....

And, this is what I ended up wearing.

After I threw on the skirt on top of my tights and walked around the house a bit, I found that the Belle Cotton Tafetta skirt kept sticking to my tights. This drove me absolutely insane so I ripped the skirt and tights off and realizing that I was going to be late, I threw on my grey trousers with the flared cuff leg.

The skirt was certainly a much cuter outfit but had I had to wear that all day long, I am certain that I would have "lost it" sometime during the day just out of sheer frustration of having to fight with my tights and the darn skirt.

Thursday's outfit ended up being: Victoria Cami in Bright Fuschia, Lea Merino Cardigan in Bright Fuschia, Trousers from Reitmans, Silk Flower pin from H & M, necklace and coordinating bracelet from BR.

Words that ought to be in the dictionary

crew (usu. prec. by “J”) verb 1. to dress in a classic style with an innovative fashion twist 2. a study in unexpected contrasts that gives new meaning to the word elegance.

I came across a Macleans article the other day that I found absolutely hilarious that got me thinking about words that ought to be in the dictionary.

Here are a few that I particularly enjoyed from the article:

aniston verb the inability to just let it go already: Twelve years after the championship game, Roger still anistoned that untimely fumble.

bush verb to long achingly for someone’s departure: After finding half a pizza in the crack of our sofa, my wife began bushing about my couch-crashing best friend.

jackman noun a genre of screenwriting wherein the plot is meticulously constructed to maximize shirt removal. syn. mcconaughey.

lehman (usu. foll. by "brothers") verb to disappear abruptly: Dave was sitting right here but then the waiter brought the bill and he lehmaned.

mccain verb 1. to behave in a manner that betrays a sense of increasing desperation: Her acting career stalled, the buxom starlet mccained by contacting Hugh Hefner.

obama verb 1. to achieve victory despite at first appearing to have no shot at winning: I couldn’t believe it when Marisa Tomei obamaed that Oscar. 2. to display grace by hiring a former rival, even though the husband of that former rival is probably hitting on your wife right now. noun 1. the uncomfortable feeling of being deeply indebted to Oprah.

palin noun 1. a doctrine of global diplomacy based on geographic proximity. 2. a huge gamble that fails to pan out: In retrospect, trusting that habitual drug user with my PIN and house key proved to be quite the palin. verb 1. to speak words generally accepted to be part of the English language, but to make no sense while doing so. 2. to prompt an entire country to shake its head in disbelief.

Click here to read the entire article.

So here are 4 that I came up with:

simpson verb to have gained a few pounds: having had 3 appetizers, 2 entrees and 4 desserts every day on the Mexican Riviera Cruise, I returned home to find out that I had simpsoned.

brown (usu. prec. by “chris”) verb to get into an alleged altercation before an important event: the guests in the church were shocked when the best man announced that the wedding was off as a result of a browning between the bride and groom to be.

anonymous (usu. foll by “bloggers”) verb 1. to throw insults and give unsolicited advice; 2. to hide behind one’s true identity; 3. to be mean and nasty for no apparent reason. noun the experience of being lambasted by an unknown being. syn. troll.

crew (usu. prec. by “J”) verb 1. to dress in a classic style with an innovative fashion twist 2. a study in unexpected contrasts that gives new meaning to the word elegance: Ms. Lyons’ outfit consisting of purposefully frayed jeans, a delicate silk blouse, refined velvet jacket and miles of pearls around her neck was a crewing vision.

Note: I have FFM to thank for the anonymous definition. :)

Should you have any words that you feel ought to be in the dictionary, please do share!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do her legs ...

make that horrible squelchy noise when she walks? Eeeeewwww!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things that Piss Me Off!

I'm in one of those moods today. You know the kind, ... where every little thing would piss you off? I'm sure that you have your list of things that irk you, and I would love to hear what they are. But I thought I would share some of my favorite pet peeves.

  • Stupid Drivers. I particularly hate the ones who drive slow in the fast lane. I also hate the ones who are completely oblivious to everyone else who's driving beside or behind them. These people should never be allowed to drive. What's wrong with these people? Do they not check their rear-view mirror? Do not not realize that they're holding up traffic? Do they not realize how stupid they are driving so darn slow in the fast lane, only to see vehicle after vehicle pass them in the slow lane?

  • Snotty Retail Clerks. I really have a hate-on for some retail folks who feel that they are far superior than their customers. Don't these people realize that if not for customers like us, they wouldn't have a job? There's no need for that "Holier than thou" attitude! I worked retail all through high-school and university, so it's not like I have an attitude towards working retail. Please drop the "I'm better than you attitude, please!".

  • People who lack Integrity (part 1). This is my philosophy. Do what you say and say what you do. In other words, your word should be gold. If you say you're going to do something, do it. Do not come back and give me some lame-ass excuse as to why something hasn't been done. Be fair and consistent. Treat everyone equally. Do not play favorites. I'm sure you can tell, this "hate-on" is profession oriented.

  • People who lack Integrity (part 2). This sounds totally crazy, but I can't stand people who carry knock-offs and claim that they are the real thing. This really shouldn't bother me ... but it totally does. I would expect a teenager to engage in such behavior. However, I do not expect a grown woman to do this. Really, who are you trying to impress? Those who are familiar with a particular brand will know that what you're carrying is fake. So, you can't impress those people. And for those who aren't familiar with the brand, what's the point of impressing those people anyway? If you can't afford to carry the real thing, don't carry it. If I can't afford something, that's reality telling me that I shouldn't be carrying it anyway. Really, what is the point?

I have many more but I think I'm done for today. Are there things that piss you off? Irk you to the nth degree? Oh, I hope you'll share!

Today's Outift

I wasn't feeling particularly creative this morning. It was one of those days, you know.... the ones where you wake up and feel particularly fat and bloated? Well, that was me this morning. And since I had an 8:30am meeting and was running somewhat late, I just kinda threw on the first thing I saw in my closet.
Today's outfit consisted of the Crested Graphic Tee, Grey Houndstooth Trousers from Suzy Shier, Black Lea Merino Cardigan, Black Ankle Boots, and 2 different necklaces. The knotted beaded black necklace is from Le Chateau of which I intertwined a pearl necklace. On my other hand (the one holding the camera) was 2 Austrian Crystal Bracelets.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today's Outfit - A Few Older J Crew Pieces

Shopping my closet yet again, I completely forgot that I had this J Crew Argyle Sweater. I remember when it came out last Spring, I simply had to have it and when I got around to ordering it, it was completely sold out in my size. Anyway, after stalking the site for a several weeks, (and this was all during J Crew's website fiasco), I finally found one in a Medium (yes, this sweater fits on the small side) and crossed my fingers that it would get shipped out to me. I was lucky to have gotten it.

Similar with the J Crew Chambray Skirt. FFM was the first to discuss how much she loved this skirt on the J Crew Aficionada site late Spring last year. Up to that point, I hadn't given this skirt much thought. Anyway, after her post, I checked it out and fell in-love with it. I had originally ordered it in a size 4. While the Size 4 fit in the waist, it was too short. I really wanted a skirt that skimmed my knee. So, after more scary stalker like behavior on J Crew, I finally found one in a size 6. The 6 is truly large in the waist. But to get the length I want, I had to size up. I wore the skirt for the first time today and I had it sitting right on my hip-bone. I like the look of it this way.

I paired both pieces with a Perfect Fit Flower Tank in Camel, left a couple of the top buttons on the sweater open to showcase the flower underneath plus donned the Wood-Bead Fireball Necklace to pull all of the browns and caramel shades together. I also had on Chocolate Brown opaque tights and knee-hi Franco Sarto Boots.

To keep warm, I wore the Lucinda Stadium Coat in Navy and a Camel Pashmina Scarf looped around my neck.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Today's Outfit

February 16, 2009

So, I kinda, sorta, broke my promise to myself that I wouldn't buy anything until I've worn everything 2 times over. So, over the weekend, I decided that I would return the 3 items I had previously purchase from Club Monaco.

You see, I've been in-love with this Club Monaco skirt for several months now. The crazy thing is, I've actually purchased this skirt a total of 5 times. That's right! Five times. The first time I got it, I paid $119. The original price is $139. Since I couldn't justify paying $119 for a skirt, I returned it. The 2nd time I purchased it was when it got marked down to $99. Again, I took it home and after trying it on several times, I decided that I didn't need a $99 skirt so back it went again. A month later, when I was at Club Monaco for a look-see, there was the skirt yet again. This time the skirt was $79. Seeing that I've been obsessing over this skirt for months now, I purchased it. Again, I took it home and yet again, talked myself out of keeping, so back it went. Then almost 4 weeks ago, after returning from my cruise, I decided that I would buy the skirt since I've been obsessing over it as far back as late November. This time, the skirt was $69. So, I bought it (along with 2 tops). The skirt plus the 2 tops have been sitting in a bag in the corner of my bedroom for the last 3 weeks and on Friday, I decided that I won't be keeping it. I was trying to be frugal. And while I love the skirt, I really didn't need it at $69. So, on Saturday, I decided to bring it back to the store.

In the process of doing my return, the CSR advised me that the skirt had been marked down to $39 and if I decided to keep it, she would do a price adjustment for me. $39! I couldn't believe that the skirt was now $39! Naturally, I took the price adjustment over the return. The other 2 tops went back but since I had now saved $120, I decided to look around and see if I could pick up a couple of cute and inexpensive items.

So after looking around for a bit, I finally purchased 2 skinny belts - one in orange and another in a bright fuschia. I also purchased the necklace you see in the picture. The original price of the necklace was $99 but I managed to pick it up for $29. I thought it was a steal!

So, I kinda, sorta broke my promise to myself. But in a way, I didn't really. Because, after doing my return, getting my price adjustment and buying myself 3 new items, I ended up getting $64 back. So, all in all, it was kinda like saving money, wasn't it? lol!

Anyway, here's what I wore today: Merino Scoop Neck Sweater from J Crew, my new Club Monaco necklace and skinny orange belt and black Tristan America wide leg trousers. As you can see from the pictures above, I had the belt on my hip but when I got to the office, I realized that the outfit looked much better with the belt tightened right at the waist, so I wore the belt on my waist for the rest of the day. I liked the latter look much better.

Friday's Outfit

February 13, 2009

Sorry, I was terribly lazy over the last several days and didn't get around to posting what I wore to work on Friday. Anyway, sorry for the delay, but here it is.

I ended up wearing the Candy Tee in Tulip, the Lea Merino Cardigan in Orange, both from J Crew, black dress pants from the Gap, Silk Flower Corsage from H & M and an Ann Taylor necklace (sans pendant - which I removed because I thought that it would be just too much with all that going on).
I've never paired the Tulip with the Orange before. I was originally going to wear it with the Bright Fuschia but at the last minute decided on the orange. I think it coordinates well - although the finished look is quite bright. I think I would have liked this more with jeans but since I can't really wear jeans to work (except on occassion), I paired it with black trousers.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I want to be a Protaganist in a Sophie Kinsella Novel

Starting from A to Z, I am a sickeniningly Business-Like, Efficient, Driven, Factual, Functional, Implicit, Orderly, Overly-Analytical (as in drill down to the Root Cause of the problem - Analytical), Practical, Pragmatic, Rational, Realistic, Systematic, Unidealistic, Un-Romantic person.

I am also Compulsive and Obsessive but those often get overriden by my overly practical and pragmatic nature.

I would love, if for only a brief moment, that I could be a Lead Character in one of Sophie Kinsella's novels.

I want to shop with wild abandonment.

I want to own a closet full of shoes.

I want to find a long-lost sister.

I want to have a flat-mate.

I want to leave half way through a seminar and buy something I saw in a Store window.

I want to unload all of my secrets to a handsome stranger on a plane.

I want him to show up at my place of work to only find out that he owns the business.

I want him to pick me up for a date in a long silver limosine.

I want him to pay a Bus Driver 500 Quid to drive me directly to my door.

I want to taste that delicious Pink Drink in that swanky restaurant.

I want to go over some numbers with a collegue who's heart is broken.

I want to have a Leopold File.

Unfortunately, I can't have or do any of thoses because I am so darn practical, so much so that it sometimes drives me insane!

Although I spend quite a bit, in reality, I save more than what I spend. Wild and crazy, shop with abandonment is not part of my vocabulary.
My parents are so straight-laced there's no way that I would ever have a long-lost sister, or brother or pet, for that matter.
I have never had a flat-mate because it wouldn't have been finanically practical to move out if I could save money and live at home while going to University or while I was starting off in my career.
I could never leave through a seminar because it would be a career-ending move. If I saw something that I loved in a store window, despite the fact that I would obsess over it for days and weeks, I would only buy it if I could justify its use.
I could never unload my secrets to a total strange on a plane. In fact, I don't really enjoy talking to people in planes, or in trains, buses, and the like.
I could never "Fish off the Corporate Dock", "Get my Meat from the same place I get my Bread" (you get the drift).
I don't know anyone who gets driven around in a long, big silver car with a Chauffer and if I did, I would think that he was a Show-Off and would be completely turned off anyway.
I would never take the Bus, especially in an evening outfit, regardless how angry I was. I would likely discuss it as opposed to storming off.
The most expensive drink I had was at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. It was a delicious Martini for $18!!! $18!!!! It was pink - just like the one in Sophie Kinsella's novel, Can you Keep a Secret? I enjoyed it but felt absolutely guilty for having spent that kind of money.
I've never ever "gone over some numbers" with a heartbroken collegue. I've always waited until Lunch when it was MY time. I have difficulty shirking off.
And finally, I've never ever had a Leopole File and I would love to have one but who am I to share a Leopold file with? Surely not someone at work!!!

As you can see, I way too practical for my own good but just once, for just a briefest moment in time, I would so like to be Emma Corrigan or Becky Bloomwood. I could only dream!

Today's Outfit

February 12, 2009

  • Sequin Crest Graphic Tee
  • Grey Wool Trousers from the Gap
  • Lea Merino Cardigan in Navy
  • Statement Necklace, consisting of 2 different necklaces. One necklace is a combination of 4 strands of gold chain plus pearl necklace. The 2nd is a long pearl necklace knotted 3/4 of the way down.

I quite like the look but kept thinking that I looked somewhat like Madonna during her Material Girl days. Interestingly, I was alone in that thought. I received quite a few nice compliments today - which was welcomed seeing that I was still feeling kinda crappy when I returned to work.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walking Pneumonia

Doesn't that sound a name of a song, kinda like Waltzing Matilda, the "unofficial national anthem of Australia"?

After suffering through 5 consecutive days of a mid-grade fever, I finally got around to seeing a doctor about my symptoms.

You're probably wondering why the hell didn't I go sooner, right? Well, you see, I grew up in a home with a Hypochondriac mother who would drag my poor brother and I to the doctor when we sneezed. Okay, I'm being overly dramatic, but it's true, my mom is a Hypochondriac. At her worse, she was seeing her family doctor daily! Her family doctor has said that much but she feels that she's being cautious and one can never be too careful. Right! Not!

So having grown up around my mom, I've learnt to over-compensate in the opposite direction - so much so that I would prefer not going to the doctor and hoping that my symptoms and ailments would run its' natural course and I would be well again.

Like I said, after having had a 102 degree temperature for 5 days (hey, I was controlling it with Tylenol afterall) and realizing this afternoon that there's something wrong with me, I finally decided to go to the doctor... and that's when she told me that I have Walking Pneumonia.

I have never heard of Walking Pneumonia before. Pneumonia, yes. Walking Pneumonia, no.

Well, I did some investigation about Walking Pneumonia and found out that, 1.) At least I'm not going to be hospitalized for it's not as serious as traditional Pneumonia; 2.) I won't be dying any time soon hence, I don't have to worry about having to give my clothes away; 3.) My new Antibiotics will make me feel much better after a few days and life will be back to the way I know it; 4.) And, it's really no different than say, the flu. I can live with something similar to the flu as long as I don't have to throw-up and run to the washroom everytime I eat or drink something.

So, I'm going to be staying home tomorrow, yes, I'll be lying in bed but... at least now I have a real reason to be lying in bed. I originally thought that I was feeling poorly because I had caught a cold or something but at least now, I know that I'm supposed to rest, so rest I will do.

Today's Outfit

February 10, 2009
  • Teagan Ruffle Blouse in Ivory
  • Tartine Cardigan in Mushroom
  • Cuffed, Flared Leg Trousers from Reitmans
  • Intertwined 2 necklaces. Duo-Tone Woodbead Necklace from Le Chateau with Gold Link Necklace from Holt Renfrew

Quick Review on the Teagan Blouse.

I purchased it in a size 4. I like the concept of the Teagan Blouse and the triple Bow-like Ruffles down the front. However, I found that the ruffles didn't fluff up as much as I would like them to despite the fact that I had steamed them backwards so that they would fluff up. I wore the blouse with the top button undone to give it a more relaxed look. I didn't mind the blouse being worn under the Tartine Cardigan. But the Tartine, as you can see from the pictures fit looser on me. I wouldn't feel very comfortable had I worn this blouse with say the Lea because the Lea is a more fitted cardigan and the blouse while somewhat soft, is not a flowy fabric so it doesn't lie flat. I didn't wear a cami under this blouse today only because I knew that I would have the cardigan on all day. However, if I were to ever wear this blouse without a cardi, I would certainly wear a camisole under it. All in all, I like this blouse and it's a keeper (obviously since I wore it today, lol) but what I wanted to say is that, I don't love it as I do some of my other blouses. It's pretty and unusual but I would have loved it so much more if the ruffles were more pronounced. Does that make any sense?

For those who own the Teagan, what do you think of it? How do you wear it? I'd love to hear some of your ideas!