Thursday, January 29, 2009


The first time I heard the term RECESSIONISTA was on the Tyra Banks Show. It was a show on how to look like a Fashionista in these unprecedented Recessionary times.

I thought the show was interesting but didn't give it much thought thereafter.

Then Fabulous Florida Mommy's blog on Shopping Your Closet got me thinking about my spending habits. Let's face it, I have an Impulsive, Compulsive and Obsessive personality, when combined with my passion for fashion, is as combustible as gasoline and fire!

When someone says that I can't have something, I want it even more.
When someone else has something I like, I must have the exact thing and nothing will stand in my way to get it.

I can't ever have just one of a certain item; I must have multiples - prime example, the Lea Merino Cardigan. No doubt that wear them lots - this week alone, I've worn them twice in 2 separate colors. But that's not the point! The point is, I spend! spend! spend! when I should Save! Save! Save!

I doubt many would believe that I am in fact frugal. I think I'm frugal. But my husband begs to differ. I guess the term Frugal is subjective. Regardless, I think that I'm frugal ... only because I am a Sale Shopper.

Yes, I am a sale shopper. A die-hard sale shopper. I almost never buy anything at regular price. I don't remember the last time I paid full-price for anything, for that matter. It would be fine if I were to only buy 1 item, ie. a sweater for $24.99, but since I have a problem with buying in multiples, I would normally end up buying ... say, 5 sweaters at $24.99 each, thus spending a total of $125.94. So, frugal? Definitely. Able to control myself? Definitely NOT!

Which certainly explains why I have 7 Merino Lea Cardigans, 6 Perfect Fit Flower Tees and 8 Winter Coats.

So, after reading FFM's blog, I started thinking, what am I going to do to try to save some money in these tough economic times? So, here are 3 things I am going to engage in, effective immediately. I am going to transform myself from an Spendanista to a Recessionista!

I've decided to put myself on a self-imposed shopping ban. I have decided to take a break from shopping for the next 30 days. 30 days does not seem like a long time for most, but for me, it is. Baby-Steps here people!

Next, I've decided to Shop My Closet. I am going to wear the things I've purchased. Afterall, I purchased them for a reason, didn't I? Well, it's now time to wear what I've purchased. Come to think about it, I probably only wear about 20% of my entire wardrobe. Sad isn't it? So, until such time I've worn everything at least twice if not more (and I don't mean wearing the same thing 2 days in a row), I decided that I won't buy anything else. This "wearing everything at least 2 times" rule really ought to take me into mid-Spring, at least if not longer but like I said, baby-steps!

Thirdly, since I know how to sew, I'm going to alter at least 2 if not 3 of the skirts that I love but have gotten too small for (I lost 50 lbs). While I know that I won't be able to alter everything I can't wear anymore since I don't really enjoy doing alterations anyway (I have to be realistic here!), and since sending them out to be altered truly defeats the purpose of saving money, I'm going to only focus on altering the things I truly love so that I may wear them again. If I do what I've planned to do, I ought to be able to put 3 skirts back into my closet. That's a savings of $149.97 (3 sale skirts at $49.99 each!)

Let's face it, I shop because, in my mind, shopping is a sport. It's not about what I need, it's about the thrill of the hunt and the victory of a phenomenal score. Unfortunately, times have changed and I must change with it.

The truly sad part is, my J Crew Rewards Card arrived today with a whopping $175 reward on it, further confirming that I must start spending less and saving more. I am committed to my "Contract to Myself". Let's hope that I can wear everything twice before the Reward Card expires!

Are you a Spendanista like myself? Have you considered becoming a Recessionista? What do you have planned to look Fabule$$?


♥ Chloe said...

Wa-ho! Congrats on losing 50 lbs. That's great! And very impressive!

Unfortunately, I'm right there with ya with the "shopping ban" thing. It's a battle of my willpower, and man it's hard. I also like the thrill of shopping, which is why I started the ban- I have a lot of great stuff (and it sounds like you do too!) and sometimes I feel like I just don't appreciate it enough!

It's hard, though. Shopping had become a hobby. Now I just sit and stare at online sales and whimper, the arrow on my screen wiggling precariously over the "ADD TO SHOPPING CART" button, daring myself not to click it. Argh!

busymomw2 said...

Congulations on your weight loss.I lost 20 lbs last year and basically spent a fortune at the tailors getting all of my summer skirts taken in. Its alot cheaper to have them taken in then to buy new. Every time a season changes I go through my clothes to see what I have. I get rid of some things I don't wear but the things I keep I will only buy a few new things to go with the old. Its hard not to spend alot but I have to control myself the way the economy is. I also do alot of outlet shopping. You cannot believe the deals you can get on clothing. I find alot of last year styles marked down considerably. Their crewcuts has great prices on clothing. You just have to watch the quality.

AppGal said...

I am jealous that you can sew...that is one skill I was never taught and one that I could really utilize. A dying skill, to say the least! I, too, have lost weight somewhat recently, and I think my shopping habits have doubled with it! When you are more confident in your body and can wear smaller, cuter clothing, it's hard not to feed the fire, don't you agree? :) Good luck on your contract!

The Marty Party said...

Hi there! Great post. I really need to start shopping my closet this season, as I know I have too many unworn treasures buried in there.

Sorry this is late, but here are some pics of how I store my necklaces. I just got this rack and it is working really well for me. I had them all on one of those necklace bars, but it was a pain to get to the ones in the middle. Now they are all easily accessible. I still need ideas for my earrings, though.


Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thank you Chloe! Yes, isn't it sooooo hard not shopping despite the fact that we have so much in our closets already? We need to stay strong, sista!

Busymomw2, Thank you! Losing weight is great but it's also very expensive, isn't it? Congratulations on your weight loss as well! Good for you! I too try to get rid of things I can't wear or don't wear. The scary thing is, I actually have stuff that I can't wear anymore and they still have the tags on them! Isn't that crazy?

AppGal, congratulations on your weight loss! I agree, when you're more confident, you want to get clothes that show off your new body. And yes, it feeds the fire! :)

Smarty, I love how you store your jewelry! What an ingenous idea! Know what I like about it? It's an effective yet inexpensive way to store necklaces. Perfect for the new me - a Recessionista!


I particularly love the rack. Where did you buy that from? I would imagine that I could get that easily from a hardware store, right? If you find an idea for earrings, please share it!!! Again, what an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing it!

The Marty Party said...

Crew Girl, so glad you like it! I have tried so many things and *finally* this is working. I'm trying to recall where I got it...I think Target. It was in the home organization section and I think it's actually made for men's ties. I believe it was only about $10.

I'll report back when I figure out earrings. My sis and I have been brainstorming today, so hopefully I'll have something set up soon! Hubby's away, so I have the weekend to make a mess...I mean, organize! :)