Friday, January 30, 2009


was $75.00, sale $49.99 item 11151

We love the playfulness of this bracelet—with just a hint of sparkling blooms. Hand-casted enamel-painted flowers sparkle with hand-placed rhinestones on a 14K shiny gold-plated brass rectangular chain-link band with dangling acrylic beads. Brass snap-and-box closure. Width: 3/4". Import. Length: 7 3/4".

So my Skinny Crystal Garden Bracelet arrived today. I had purchased it over 2 weeks ago when I was still a Spendanista. If you only knew the real reason why I purchased it, you would surely think that I was crazy.

Insane as it may sound, the reason I purchased this bracelet was so that I could qualify for Free Shipping. Now, that's crazy isn't it? I mean, most normal people would purchase an additional item for say, $15 or $20 so that they could qualify for Free Shipping. Most would not spend an additional $49.99 just to get Free Shipping.

Yes, I was completely INSANE to have done that. But you know what? I'm glad I did it because....


I honestly didn't think that I would like it as much as I do. I had expected to like it, (and that's why I purchased it) but I certainly had not expected to be "over the top in-love" with it but I am!

This bracelet is stunning! Despite looking extremely delicate, it does have some weight to it. It is not as heavy as most J Crew Bracelets despite the fact that the width is comparable to most J Crew bracelets.

It has a "slide-in and click close" closure. The bracelet is done in 2 rows of Daisy Flowers. The petals themselves are enamel-painted. The center of each Daisy is a clear Rhinestone Crystal approximately the size of a half carat diamond each. Between the columns of Daisies are clear Rhinestones measuring the same size as those in the center of the flowers. And between the Daisy and Rhinestone Crystal Columns are rows of 3 dangling baubles.

From my description, the bracelet sounds extremely busy and gaudy but surprisingly, the design works and it makes for an amazing looking bracelet.

I purchased it in the Citron shade to wear it specifically with the Silk Dupioni Skirt in Golden Cypress. I had expected that the little baubles on the bracelet would be a perfect match to the Golden Cypress. Unfortunately, the color of the baubles and the skirt do not match. But, the little daisy flowers on the bracelet coordinate beautifully with the Golden Cypress. And as such, I will be wearing it with the Silk Dupioni skirt that I had also ordered to match specifically with the bracelet.

I was originally somewhat apprehensive about purchasing this bracelet. I had read on a different blog that it was poorly manufactured and that when it had arrived for the other buyer, pieces of the bracelet had broken off and sat in the bottom of the box. I'm very pleased to report that my bracelet is perfect! There are no broken or missing pieces or stones. This bracelet truly couldn't be any more beautiful!

The website and catalog pictures do not reflect the true beauty of this bracelet. And while I may have purchased it originally in order to save on the Shipping, I can say that I am very glad to have done what I did. It's one of those pieces that I will be able to wear all year round, let alone, for many years to come since it is very unusual yet would be considered a classic piece!

Unfortunately, the Skinny Crystal Garden Bracelet is currently sold out online. However, should you be intersted in purchasing one, I wouldn't hesitate contacting the WWFIFY desk and have them assist you in locating this beautiful piece!

What do you think of this bracelet? Do you own it? Would you be compelled to purchase it?


ashley said...

Hello! I have the bracelet too! It's loose on my wrist but i guess thats the style. The picture on the site is waaaaay different than IRL. I too love the bracelet and the deal was too good to pass up. I hope mine doesn't fall apart so I'll have to be very careful with it. Don't you think the crystals are a bit too shiny? Well, that was my take on it. I didn't even know that it had little flowers on it until it finally arrived. The online pic hardly shows it.

Congrats on you're purchase and its better to have used this to qualify for free shipping than gotten some ordinary measly shirt. People are now going crazy to find this bracelet, I think i saw someone on ebay bidding well over 70 bucks for it. So lucky us for jumping on it!

PS: love your blog. you have a really fun writing tone. very humorous!

Jordan said...

Love the bracelet!!

Regarding "CRAZY": Not at all, I do that all the time for the free shipping! In fact, if you want to look at it this way, you would have spent probably 18.95 on shipping so you actually only spent thirty dollars on the bracelet because you would have to have spent the other 20 bucks either way! LOL...enjoy it.

I also loved your post about storing the jewelry..I just did an inventory today...I store mine in clear drawered containers from home know the kind your husband has in the garage for his nuts, bolts, nails, etc??? They are cheap and work when hidden in a closet on a shelf who cares how they look...nothing gets tangled b/c it has his own drawer and I can always "see" everything! just a thought....

Anonymous said...

i have this bracelet too (although in the wide, deep green version) and think it's lovely. totally not crazy to get it "for" free shipping ;) i am glad it finally arrived and you get to play with it :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Hi Ashley, I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. Isn't the bracelet beautiful? I agree, it's so very different IRL as opposed to the pictures online or in the catalog. I'm so gladly that I purchased it! I'm kinda kicking myself for not getting the thicker one as well! URGH! With respect to being shiny, well, I like shiny things so no, the shiny crystals don't bother me. I intend to wear this more during the day as opposed to the evening. I think it'll look lovely!

Jordan, I'm glad you don't think I'm crazy! I agree, better to buy something you LOVE and spend more than something that's "Meh". I love your idea about storing your jewelry in those nuts and bolt containers. How ingenious! I now just have to find the time to go and look for what I need. I've gotten some amazing ideas from everyone! Thank you for sharing yours!

Goldenmeans, I've wondered what the Green Wide version looks like. I was tempted to get the Metallic Graphite in the wide but told myself that I really didn't need another bracelet that looked similar. Now I wish that I got it! What do you wear yours with?

Maciolek Family said...

Ladies, enjoy your bracelets! I am so sad that I didn't buy it. I keep checking the JC website:)

Love the blog!