Monday, January 26, 2009

Do I need a Lady Day Coat in Sea Salt?

Should I or should I not buy a Lady Day Coat in White?

I've been dying for a White coat for ages. I originally purchased a Wool-Cashmere Plaza Coat in White. The fit was awful. It made me look like a walking Marshmellow so back it went. Every since then, I've been wanting another White coat.

This decision should really be a simple one, don't you think?

Do I want a White Wool Coat? If the answer is Yes, well, buy it then. If the answer is No, then stop obsessing about it and move on. Simple, right? Wrong!

You see, I'm a bit of a Coat Freak. A Recent Coat Freak, I should add. I used to be one of those people who had 1 coat that I wore all Fall, Winter and Spring long, year after year. And after a couple of years of wearing the same coat, I would buy another coat to replace the first coat and wear the new coat in the Fall, Winter and Spring long, year after year - just like I did the first coat.

Then I discovered J Crew. Wow! It was like, I suddenly came to life!

I was like a little kid who had walked into the most amazing Candy Store in the world for the first time in their life! Where rows upon rows, shelf upon shelf of the most delicious mouth-watering candies laid before my eyes, tempting me with their fantastic colors and their delicious smells and all I could imagine was how their delicious flavours would fill my mouth. Yes, I am that kid. Only difference is, that candy store is J Crew.

J Crew opened a world of colors and new options to me.

What do you mean that Winter coats come in colors other than Black, Navy or Brown?

You mean that I can purchase different coats to match my different outfits as well as my different moods?

Really? Do people really wear different coats for different seasons? Spring Coats for Spring, Fall Coats for Fall and Thinsulate for Winter?

Imagine that??!!

Since having discovered J Crew, I have purchased 7 Coats. Yes, SEVEN! It may not appear much to someone who has had J Crew in their lives forever, but for someone like me, it's unimaginable! I used to own 1 Coat. That's it! ONE FREAKING COAT!!!

Today, I own the Gramercy Coat in 3 colors - Bright Flame, Alpine Green and Black. The Classic Peacoat in Dark Poppy. The Boucle Short Scarf Coat in Bright Fuschia. The Lucinda Stadium Cloth Coat in Navy and the Lille Heavy Wool Coat in Black. I also own the Puffer Jacket in Ivory (but that doesn't really count because it's a Puffer.)

Then the other day, when dressing for work, I wished that I owned a Chocolate Coat for I was wearing Chocolate that day. Note to self....I must look for a Chocolate Coat. Maybe next Fall.

So, what do you think? Do I need the Lady Day Coat in Sea Salt? I've been obsessing over it for sometime now. Like all of my obsessions, until I buy it, they never go away.

What should I do? Buy it or Shelf it?


starla729 said...

hey there! i stumbled across your blog from the JCA one... i like it! i must say i bought my first ivory coat this winter from JCrew (it's the peacoat) and love it. i was worried about the whole dirt factor, but it's really not that bad when you wear it on non snowy days (i'm in New England). so as the devil on your shoulder I say go for it... the lady day looks nice and classy. and you can rationalize owning multiple coats in canada! you definitely get the use out of them :)

Leslie said...

Absolutely!! Take the plunge...especially with this new promo code!!! I bought an ivory Shipley last week and I have an ivory Lucinda on the way, so I know what you mean about be addicted (I also have a navy Harriet and the black Lille). Everyone needs an ivory coat!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Starla729, I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. I used to talk to myself out loud. Now, I just talk to myself in my head as I write my blog. lol! Yes, like yourself, I'm concerned about the dirt factor. But my intent is to wear it on non-rainy, non-snowy days. In other words, I'm going to wear it on Sunny days only - which is about 1 day every month, here in Rainy, Snowy Vancouver. lol!

Leslie, my partner in crime! I wouldn't have expected any less than Go For It from you. Oh My Gosh, don't we just egg each other on! (It's all good, that is!) You purchased 2 Ivory Coats?! Good for you! I don't own any so I guess I ought to take the plunge, don't you think? You got the Lucinda in Ivory? I'm jealous!!! I LOVE the Lucinda. I got it in Navy and it's become my favorite coat. I wore it today to work. I love the look of it. Like a Car Coat but not really and it has LOTS of style to it. I want one in Ivory too!!!!! I'm green with envy. Can you see?

Thank you Starla729 and Leslie. Gotta go order my Lady Day in Sea-Salt now!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Good Morning! Did you get the coat? I know I'm chiming in on this a day late...but I think you should DEFINITELY get the coat! I have the Maggie in Ivory and L-O-V-E it!!! I have always wanted an Ivory coat (technically the Maggie is a *Jacket*, but I'm in Florida so it pretty much counts as a coat)and finally got one this year. The Ivory is timeless, so even if you can only wear it one or two times this year, you will have it for the beginning of next year! :)

dinagideon said...

I love my Shipley in white and I love (but not as much) my Marie in sea salt. I highly recommend the Shipley and the Marie (if you have hips, which I do, you have to unbutton the bottom button on the Marie).

I am with you on the coat thing. I love them and although I have less use for them than I do shorts and tanks (our summers are killers here in Northern VA, but our winters aren't too bad)...I will buy one a season (or more) from J. Crew.

My favorite so far? My Sybil in Burnished yellow from last winter.

So long and the Lady Day! It will make you feel so good! :) That is if your wallet can take it...

bug pin said...

7 coats? Doesn't sound like you NEED a new coat:)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

FFM, yes I ended up getting the coat. It was such a deal that I couldn't possibly say no to it!. With the current 30% discount, the coat ended up being $104 from the original $300+ price. I've been eyeing the Lady Day for 2 years now and I've always told myself that if the price was ridiculously good, I would buy it. I guess $104 was ridiculously good! lol

Thank you dinagideon! I agree, Ivory coats are simply stunning, aren't they? There's something to be said about the freshness of an Ivory color coat. I hope I'll enjoy mine as much as you are yours. :)

Bug_Pin: I agree. I certainly don't need another coat. Definitely not a NEED. But... definitely a Want though. Obsessive, me? Definitely. lol! But thanks for talking some sense into me. I won't be buying another coat for a LOOOOONG while!

Leslie said...

I'm sorry I'm such an enabler, but SO ARE YOU!!! You put those great polyvore and IRL pics on your blog and it makes me think I need things that I really don't. I would say that you and FFM are the little devils on each of my shoulders (there are no angels and that's why I keep buying! LOL). Anyway, I should clarify that I REALLY wanted the Lucinda in ivory and I stalked for weeks waiting to get it dirt cheap. Well, when you wait long enough, it sells out (or in JC speak, it just gets pulled from the website, only to be put back on at a later date!) So I order the next best thing...the Shipley in ivory (based on my other enabling friend, Slastena). I love it, but then lo and behold, up pops my beloved Lucinda in ivory. What's a JCA to do??? I order the second coat and will offer up whichever one I don't want on JCA's weekly exchange. The crazy stuff we husband would be shocked if he knew the half of it!!!

PBW said...

Glad you got the coat. As I read your post, I kept thinking - GET IT! GET IT!

Right now, I'm obsessing over whether I should get the classic peacoat in light pumpkin????

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

PBW, I'm sure you know this already, but I also own the Classic Peacoat in Dark Poppy. I love that coat. Perfect with Jeans. You see, prior to discovering J Crew, I basically owned 1 coat and wore it with everything - dresses, jeans, pants, everything. But as I became more conscious of what I was wearing, I realized that wearing a longer coat, ie. the Gramercy, for instance, which is more of a coat to wear with Dresses, just doesn't look as good as say something like a Peacoat or the Short Scarf Coat.

So, without egging you on, you might want to seriously consider getting it if you don't already own a shorter length coat.

Let me know what you decide. I'm curious! :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Leslie, I so agree. My husband would head for the hills if he only knew. Hey, if they both leave, can we move in together - preferably next to the JC warehouse? lol!