Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear God...

Outfit for Jan 26, 2009

Lea Merino V Neck Cardigan in Navy, size XS
Lucinda Stadium Cloth Coat in Navy, size 4
Crystal Snowball Neckace
Enamel Dot Bangle
All of the above from J Crew
Straight Leg Trousers in Navy from the Gap
Sleeveless T-Neck Shell in Bright Berry from Zara
Shoes from Nine West
Pashmina Scarf and Coach Bag from Holt Renfrew

I know that we're not quite through Winter yet, but I have had enough of Winter and would like to get on with Spring now.

No, really! I've quite had it with Winter this year. You won't believe the number of times I've kicked myself for not getting Winter / Snow Tires this year. After having difficulty driving up the hill in West Vancouver to pick my daughter up from school one winter evening last year, (yes, last winter - like one whole year, yes, 12 months ago, last winter), I told my husband that I was DEFINITELY GETTING SNOW TIRES, and that NO ONE WAS GOING TO TALK ME OUT OF IT!

So, an entire year goes by and I decide that I really do not need snow tires. After all, is it really going to snow that much in Vancouver that I would need Snow Tires? Really?!

HECK YES! It's not going to just snow, it's going to crap snow all over and stick around forever! So, have I gotten my snow tires yet? Of course not, why the hell would I do something quite so sensible?! Really!

Why get snow tires when I can look good with 7, wait, now 8 Winter Coats? I guess if I get stuck in the snow, I could always look GREAT digging myself out of the snow in one of my amazing J Crew Winter Coats, right?

So, as our plane lands at the Vancouver International Airport, on our way back from our recent Mexican Riviera Cruise in Fog so thick I couldn't see the Tarmac until the plane's tires hit the ground with a bang, I tell my husband that I'm going to get snow tires just in case it snows again between now and the start of Spring. So between the 2 of us and a conversation lasting, oh, a minute long, I end up talking myself out of buying Snow Tires yet again.

How stooopid can I be, really? It's going to freaking snow again tomorrow. That's right. Tomorrow! Snow! 5-10 centimeters they say. The last time they said that, we got 30-40 centimeters and I had to take public transportation to work.

I've come to the conclusion that this is God's ever humourous way of telling me that I need to get my crap together and buy some snow tires. What do you think? He's probably thinking to himself, how many times to I have to make it snow to make her realize that she needs to buy some snow-tires. Reminds me of the story of the man on the roof in the flood.

So, God, I know you're listening, because you listen to me all the time. Can we just be done with Winter now? I've never in all my life seen this much snow in Vancouver ever! We still have snow left over from the first December snowfall and my back yard is looking like a ski-hill minus the Tow-Rope. So, if I go out and buy the snow-tires that you've been hinting I get, will you just make it Spring already? Puuleeeese?


Maggy said...

Can we ever see who your face? Im trying to imagine what you look like. Just curious :)

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Love the outfit! I still can't believe it's so cold AND snowing where you's going to be 80degrees here again today. I wore a tee and cropped chinos with sandals yesterday...can you believe it? I hope you stay warm!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Maggy, my face. Hmmmm... funny, I've been thinking about that one myself. I'm with you. I'm a face person as well. So, to answer your question, possibly.

FFM. Isn't it crazy? I wish I were there in Florida with you! 80 degrees! I'm no longer envious. I'm just downright jealous! I want to be in a tee, cropped chinos and sandals as well!