Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cause of Death: EMBARASSMENT

I am ABSOLUTELY GOING TO DIE FROM EMBARASSMENT. I know it! I will! My death certificate will read: Cause of Death: Embarassment. Crap! Why didn't someone just stop me when I was suffering from temporary brain-fuck??? What the hell was I thinking when I was shopping EVERYDAY online at J Crew in the 3 weeks leading up to Christmas?

I just spent the last hour getting my J Crew returns together for my international trip to a J Crew store tomorrow. Oh My Gosh! I am absolutely doing to die! I cannot believe the number of items I need to return.


I have 3 very large J Crew bags full of stuff to return. Have any of you returned that many items in one go?

Since my last trip to J Crew which happened to be Black Saturday, I have been on a buying binge. Yes, I am party to blame. But J Crew is to be blamed as well! If they didn't taunt me with all those awesome sales of 20% off, 30% off and Free Shipping to boot, I would not be in the predicament I am in right now! Since I have no will-power when it comes to Sales, I literally bought everything I wanted. EVERYTHING! NO HOLDS BARRED! Knowing that I was going to be going to J Crew sometime in January, I figured that I would return what I didn't fit, like or want. Problem is, I didn't realize that I had purchased THAT much, neither did I realize that I had to return THAT much either!

Let's take the Lea Merino Cardigan for example. I purchased 7 colors - Dark Peony, Bright Tangerine, Golden Avocado, Heather Grey, Black, Navy, and Bright Fuschia in both size S and XS. Since the XS fits best, all 7 of the Smalls are now going back. Well, now imagine those sweaters and multiply it by 10 since I bought multiples of numerous items, including tees, jackets, skirts, coats, pants, skirts, etc. I had J Crew boxes coming to my house daily!

I AM SUCH A FREAK! YES, I AM! It's one thing for me to know that I'm a freak. It's another thing for a JCA to KNOW that I'm a freak! But I guess that I'll just need to bite the bullet and do it.

So, if any of you are looking for items, sizes and colors that are no longer available online, you might want to check out the Bellevue, WA store tomorrow for I will be there to return 3 large bags full of stuff sometime in the morning.

Just in case you're wondering what I'm returning, here's a small sample:

Candy Tee, Bright Tulip, size S (kept the M)
Cashmere Bateau Sweater, Bright Palm, size S (need an XS but they're sold out)
Confetti Bateau Top, size 4 and 6 (hated both)
7 Lea Merino Cardigans, size S (keeping all 7 in the XS)
Plaza Coat in Camel, size 6 (hate the fit)
Boucle Tweed Short Scarf Coat, size 4P (keeping the 6P)
Velvet Ecole Jacket, Bright Rhubarb and Cobalt, in size P4, P6 (I really wanted to love these but they just look bad on, doesn't matter what size)
Melanie Button Cuff Cardigan, M in Fuschia and Dark Peony(I read to size up and the Medium looks too sloppy on me)

Anyway, there's lots more, but I can't remember what else I am returning since I've got them all packed up already.

On the flip side, I am hoping to buy more things at J Crew tomorrow. You'd think that I'd learn my lesson already.... but Nooooooo, there are still a couple of things that I want; The Silk Dupioni Skirt in Bright Fuschia, and Champagne, The Stadium-Cloth Lucinda Coat in Navy, the Candy Tee in Blade, and the Dream Tie-Neck Cardigan in Spearmint are just a few things that I want and will be on the hunt for.

Anyway, have an awesome Thursday everyone. I won't be home until late but I will be sure to post my findings on Friday.


Branden & Steph Marty said...

LOL!!! You are me yesterday! I received an obscene number of packages right before Christmas and then promptly went on vacation. So, yesterday I packed up a HUGE box and two large JC bags of returns. I was at the counter for over 30 minutes (since every online return must be done separately). SOOOO embarassing! Thankfully, the stores are much quieter now, so there was no one in line behind me :)

Quick question on the looks very short online, is it? It doesn't look short on you, but how tall are you? TIA!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Branden & Steph Marty: The Lea Cardigan is my new all-time Favorite Basic Cardigan. Hence I purchased it in 7 colors. It's definitely not long but not cropped per se. I had it on today and it comes to approx. my belly-button. I normally wear a top under that I let hang out and the cardigan over that. By wearing this way, I'm in essence creating an illusion of a waist. I'm off to bed (to get ready for my loooong drive tomorrow) but I'll post a picture of my outfit that I wore today, tomorrow.

A Bigger Closet said...

Hello fellow Canuck. I feel SO much better after reading your post. I thought mine was the only address the UPS driver visited far too often with J. Crew deliveries in this town. :)

Good luck with the returns tomorrow. Had I known about your small Lea Merino cardigans, I would have taken a few off your hand to lighten the bags. I'm waiting for 2 or 3 to arrive next week. I also hear you about placing too many orders before Christmas (even after) in my case. I swore today would be the last day I'll let them 'taunt' me...that was after I placed yet another order!

Branden & Steph Marty said...

Thanks, crew_girl! I look forward to the photos. How tall are you?

Have a safe and successful trip to JC tomorrow!


Leslie said... are too funny! This was me before Christmas. I ordered a ton and had UPS at my house every day. It got to the point, where I had to intercede him in the driveway and then run and hide the package in my son's closet so my husband wouldn't think I completely lost it!!! It was bad enough that he started checking the front door every afternoon and he NEVER does that. Ah, well, what's a JCA to do???

Have fun at the store. Let us know what goodies you find!

One is Never Enough said...

Don't be embarassed -- you don't have a local store! I am the queen of buying multiples, so I understand. Think of all the stuff you DID keep.

The UPS man comes to my house at least every other day. I haven't figured out how to hide the empty boxes that are piling up in the garage. My husband thinks I am seriously ill, but who can resist some of these great deals?

This morning I bought the Jamie bag in grey. What a great deal compared to the original price! And it was the color I've been wanting. Of course I find something almost every day. :)

Slastena said...

I chuckled as I read through- love your sense of humor- too funny!
I hope you find your coveted items. Don't feel embrassed, J Crew is known for inconcistencies in sizing- they are the ones to blame!:)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Marty, sorry I had missed answering your question. I'm 5 feet 3 and 1/2 inches. Can't forget that 1/2 inch! lol!

A Bigger Closet, where abouts are you located? It's nice to see that there are other Canadians who love J Crew as much as I do!

Leslie, OMG! I do exactly what you do as well. You should have seen this one evening a couple of months back. I had promised my husband that would not buy anymore, knowing that I had a bunch of items still to come. Well, I rushed home only to find 5 boxes sitting on my door step. Knowing that my husband was minutes behind me, I ran around like some MAD woman, stashing boxes behind doors, under the bed, in closets, everywhere! We had dinner, then my husband and daughter went off to soccer practice and I spent an hour and a half trying on stuff. It was so nerve-wrecking!

One is Never Enough: Phew! I feel much better knowing that I'm not the only one who buys multiples! lol!

Slastena: J Crew is quite inconsistent in their sizing aren't they?! I can wear anywhere between a size 2 and a 6. Very strange! I didn't find everything I was looking for but did manage to pick up a few things - I'll be posting my finds in a post shortly.