Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bouclé Tweed Short Scarf Coat

I was truly surprised to find that I really like the Bouclé Tweed Short Scarf Coat. That statement sounds really stupid, doesn't it? Why wouldn't I like it? I ordered it, didn't I?

You know what I mean.... You know, sometimes, you just have to buy something for the sake of being able to try it on. It's not like I can drive over to a J Crew store and try stuff on. The nearest J Crew store is over a 3 hour drive one way - it's not convenient, to say the least. Not only that, the J Crew store is located in a different country!

At this point, you're probably wondering, what the hell is wrong with the clothes in Canada? Why can't I shop here? You know why? It's because the clothes here are B O O O R I N G!!!!! Yes, the clothes in Canada are downright boring. If there are any Canadians reading this blog, I'm sorry, I don't mean to offend you. Let's just say that the clothes found here are just not to my taste.

That sounds so much better than BORING, doesn't it? So, whenever you see the word BORING, just substitute for the phrase "clothes found here are just not to her taste", and that way, I won't be offending you.

Going to a J Crew store requires a lot of planning on my part. Firstly, I have to make sure I have my passport. Can't go J Crew shopping without it, that's for sure. Then I have to make sure that my tire pressure's okay and that I have at least 3/4 tank of gas. And since it takes so freaking long to get there (in NON-RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC), yes, this is going to sound absolutely crazy, but I have to get up at 4am, in order to leave the house by 5am so that I may make my drive to the nearest J Crew Store. Did you know that I don't even get up at 4am on a regular work day???? Do you know what this means? It means that J Crew is more important than my job.

Oh My Gosh! Did I say that out loud?

For those who know me, J Crew is NOT more important than my job. I am just more passionate about J Crew than I am about my job. That sounds so much better, don't you think? But then again, some may think that I'm not passionate about my job. Oh... Whatever!

Did I tell you that the 3+ hour drive is pure driving time? It does not take into account the wait-time at the Border. For some reason, it doesn't matter what time I cross the border, there's always a ridiculous wait-time to cross. To prove how passionate I am about J Crew, I have waited up to 2 hours, yes 2 freaking hours, at the border alone. That one trip took me over 5 hours ONE WAY! Anyway, I digress.

Okay, what was the purpose of this post again?

Yes, the Bouclé Tweed Short Scarf Coat. I ordered this but I wasn't expecting to really, and I mean, REALLY, like it. I thought that it would be cute and if it fit, I may end up keeping it. And if you must know...there was another reason as well.

I can never resist a deal. Afterall, I did save $190 dollars by buying this coat. The coat was $350 and I only paid $160. That itself is reason alone to buy the coat.

But I hadn't expected to LOVE the coat and I do! It's a very pretty coat. The wool is not scratchy whatsoever. In fact, it's quite soft and plush. The fabric is exactly the same as the Boucle Astrid Flower Jacket. The coat is beautifully lined and has flap pockets in the front. The scarf is best worn thrown over each shoulder. I tried tying it in the front but it just doesn't look right ... particularly when the bulk of the tied-scarf is larger than my boobs. In short, I will be wearing the scarf thrown over each shoulder - just like its shown in the photo of me.

The one thing that I love most about this coat is the COLOR! The color is AMAZING! From that statement alone, you'd think that I don't own anything in the Bright Berry. I know that the Astrid Boucle Jacket is the same color but this coat here is a Coat and the other is a Jacket. There's a huge difference! And while there may be other jackets available in a similar color, I know that there won't be another COAT in the same color. This coat is very special and I LOVE it! Since the clothes available in Canada is BORING, this coat will certainly stand-out.

With respect to sizing, I stand corrected on my previous post on J Crew Aficionada. Having now had the opportunity to try on both the P6 and the P4, I can truly say that this coat fits TTS. While I can wear the P4, I've found that the P6 allows me to function daily in addition to looking great. The P4 just didn't give me enough room to be comfortable say... driving my car? And since getting to J Crew is very important, I decided to keep the P6 instead. So, yes, this coat fits TTS.
What do you think of the Bouclé Tweed Short Scarf Coat? Do you like it as much as I do?


Leslie said...

Darn it! You know I'm a sucker for the bright berry color! I've got this coat in my online cart, hoping that Monday or Tuesday morning, there will be an additional % off. Crossing my fingers! BTW...the coat looks great on you....enjoy it!!!

♥ Chloe said...

I love it! It looks great on you. I'm so bummed that it's now sold out in my size online. I checked out my store and they have a lot of their resort stuff in, and almost no winter stuff left. So see? Living within 15 minutes of a J. Crew isn't always what it's cracked up to be!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Love this coat on you! I am also in love with the Bright Berry and Bright Fuchsia colors, and now I'm in love with this coat, too! Why oh why can't it get cold enough in Florida for me to justify another coat purchase??? I'm putting it in my cart anyways...just for because. ;)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thank you Leslie! Thank you Chloe! Thank you FFM! for the compliment.

Leslie, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there will be an additional % off come Monday or Tuesday.

Chloe, I'm disappointed that it's sold out in your size. Did you try WWFIFY? Penny at the WWIFY desk is awesome. There are other people who work the desk as well but I love Penny best!!! Is Resort wear out already? Oh that just blows that there's no sale winter stuff left in your J Crew store. I hope there's still some winter stuff left at the Bellevue Store... because I'm planning to go sometime this week. Whooo Hooo!!!! If I see this coat in your size, I'll be sure to let you know. What size do you need?

FFM, isn't the Bright Berry and the Bright Fuschia awesome colors? Like yourself, I just LOVE them! While I would love living in warmer climes, I would really miss being able to wear coats. Yes, I'm with you. You do need cooler weather to wear coats. Darn! I forgot to say this in my post. This is NOT a winter coat. It's really more of a fall and early spring coat. I would freeze my behind off in this coat if I were to wear it right now. Noooooooo, this is certainly a lighter coat. Will that help you justify your purchase? lol! :)

Slastena said...

Looks amazing on you! It will be perfect for a cool Spring! I assume spring in Canada lasts longer then on East Coast, so you'll look fabulous throughout the entire season. Pefect purchase!

Mirna said...

So glad not to be the only one waiting for a % off to get this coat. I live in Los Angeles and we don't get the winters of a Chicago or NY but that hasn't stopped me before. :)

The coat looks great on you! :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Thanks Slastena and Mirna for your kind words. I really like this jacket. I just wish that it'd warm up a little so that I could wear it! I'm on the West Coast of Canada and it's normally very wet and rainy - except for this year. It's been absolutely snowy. Nonetheless, I ought to be able to wear this jacket right up to the end of April.

Slastena, have you worn yours yet? I thought you look great in it as well!

Mirna, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

bug pin said...

Trouble with this coat is the fact that due to the weight and fitted it is difficult to wear on dead cold winter (cannot layer much or lose the awesome fitted look) yet the scarf is a bit bulky or too much for a Spring day. Definitely a great jacket for Fall and warmer winter days--not much diff than Lucille boucle-enjoy it!

Slastena said...

I haven't worn mine yet. The weather is perfect for it now. So I should.:)
Again, it looks fabulous on you!:)