Friday, January 9, 2009

What happened to the time?????

As promised to Smarty, here's a picture of the Lea Merino Cardigan. I am 5 foot 3-1/2 inches tall. The Lea Merino Cardigan is my favorite Basic Cardigan. I love the fit and the color variety.

On the J Crew website, the cardigan looks to be on the short side. I guess it depends on if you have a long or regular torso. I believe that I have a regular torso; I'm short because I have short stumpy legs, not because I have a short torso. The Lea end slightly below my belly-button. I always wear it over a top with the top hanging outside my pants or my skirt. I normally wear a size Small sweater but had to size down to an XS in this sweater. I found that there was a little too much fabric in the torso in the size small. I particularly love the buttons and the rich colors. I have this sweater in 7 colors and I am seriously considering purchasing it in Melon to wear when the weather gets warmer.

Talking about warmer weather, I LEAVE FOR LA IN 10 HOURS!!!

2 days ago, I was sure that I was going to have time to do everything that needed to be done before we leave on our trip. I was certain of this yesterday and even this morning.

To ensure that I completed all my tasks, I drafted a schedule for today, listing all the things I needed to do plus the time I needed to do it ... you know, so that I didn't fall behind. Had today gone the way I had planned for it to go, it would have been like this:

8am Call Office, Do Laundry
9am Workout
10am Go to Walmart
11am Call Andrew and Irene (they're our best friends who are going on the trip with us), Lunch
12pm Pack
1pm Pack
2pm Pack

Well, by 9:30am, I had blown my entire schedule to hell! So by the time I got my act together and went to Walmart, it was already 11:30am and by the time I got home and called our friends, it was 1pm. Per my schedule, I was supposed to sit down and blog at 9pm and as you can tell from the time, it's way past 9pm and I still haven't completed everything I'm supposed to do.


Let's put it another way.... SCHEDULING SUCKS!

I should just give up completely on scheduling anything. I don't even know why I bother trying. Take yesterday for example. I was supposed to leave the house to drive to J Crew at 5am but didn't end up leaving until 6:30am. How does that happen? I don't know. It's like... I'm super busy doing stuff (and it's always stuff that's not at all related to what I'm supposed to be doing) and all of a sudden, it's like I'm late. I can't help that I'm easily distracted!!!

But I wasn't distracted at J Crew yesterday! I can focus when I choose to focus. Yes, I can! And I chose to focus when I was at J Crew. Going to a J Crew store is like going to the most amazing Museum in the world, where pieces of clothing, like art, capture my entire attention! Do you get that way when you go to J Crew? Maybe because I don't go often. So when I do go, it's an amazing experience because I get to see the things I've seen online, in person for the first time. It's no different then when I see a J Crew item that I own being worn by a character on TV - ie. Ugly Betty, Priviledged Life, etc. Do you know what I mean? It's an amazing experience.

Anyway, so I went to J Crew yesterday and returned a TON of stuff. I was feeling very badly over the situation but the J Crew Associate, Philip, who was helping me was an absolute sweetheart and told me not to fret about it. He made the return process a pleasant experience - which only made me want to buy more since he was soooo nice! All in all, I spent about 3 hours at J Crew yesterday.

So what did I buy? I didn't buy as much as I would have liked but I did SCORE SOME AMAZING DEALS!!!!


I had originally tried this coat on about 2 months back on my last visit to J Crew. I had tried on the 4 previously (not knowing that I should size down in it) and found the coat too loose. Although I had it belted, I didn't like the way all of the extra fabric bulged out on the back. After reading that I should have sized down, I tried it in the 2 and it was a perfect fit!

The coat ties up beautifully in the front without a lot of excess fabric in the back. There's also room in the chest as well as the shoulders to move around comfortably. The part of the coat that I like the most is the collar. I just love the way the collar frames my neck and my collar bone. Most coats button quite high and hide the bottom of the neck. This coat cuts quite low in the neckline and lengthens the neck. It's very attractive.

However, because of the neckline, this coat would not be very warm if worn without a scarf or a turtleneck for the cold wind would just blow down my neck. And while J Crew calls this a Heavy wool coat, I think that J Crew was actually referring to the weight of the coat and not how warm this coat would be. While the coat is heavy, I don't think that it would be warm enough in very cold, damp weather. I don't think this "car-length" coat would have kept me warm enough in the weather we recently experienced. But extreme weather is not what we normally get in Vancouver so I purchased it. It was $99 plus an additional 30% off.


Having purchased 3 coats this season alone, not including the Lille that I'd just purchased (in addition to the other 3 that I had purchased last Spring), you'd think that I need another coat like I need a hole in my head. But I just had to have the Lucinda Coat.

Have you seen it? Oh My Gosh! It's one STUNNING coat! It's not at all funky and bright - like the coats I've been purchasing lately. But it's a classic, timeless piece yet not at all boring. It makes a statement with the very interesting semi-stand-up Peter-Pan collar and over-sized buttons on a double-breasted front. While I wanted a Navy coat to wear with Navy pants, I had expected the Navy to be somewhat boring but I was soooo wrong! It's not at all boring. It's classic with a twist. In fact, I love this coat even more than I do the Lille. If someone had said that they were freezing my J Crew credit card and my bank account and that I could onlye buy ONE, JUST 1 one coat to last me 3 years (ie, out of all the coats I purchased this fall - Peacoat, Puffer, Boucle Tweed Short Scarf Coat and Plaza - which I returned), I would buy the Stadium-Cloth Lucinda Coat. Like I said, it's a timeless, classic piece with a lot of flare to it. Too bad this coat didn't come with Thermore or Thinsulate. Since the wool has a felted feel to it, I'm thinking that it's going to be warmer than the Lille. But it would have been so cool had it come with the warmer lining. Oh well!

It was $99 plus an additional 30% off.

BANGLE WITH CABOUCHON - Gold with Black, Gold with Orange

I was looking for a couple more inexpensive bangles, preferably with black or orange cabouchon on them and found these, which were just perfect. In all honesty, there's nothing truly special about these. They're gold bangles with colored stones that would spruce up an outfit. I never used to wear much accessories. I owned and wore a ton of accessories in the Eighties (yes, I am dating myself now!) and in the minimalist look of the Nineties, I got rid of all of my chunky jewelry to find that they've all made a come-back. And since I don't have any accessories from before, I'm starting to add some basic pieces to other more interesting pieces that I own from J Crew. The bracelets were $9.99 less 30% off. At that price, I had to get one in each color!

QUINN CAMI - Bright Fuschia, Size 4

I hadn't had an intentions of buying this top. I had seen it online several times. And while it's quite cute and pretty, I wasn't compelled to purchase it for $49.99. However, they were $19.99 less 30% off in the store. They had a bunch in the Melon colorway but only 1 in the Bright Fuschia. And while the Bright Fuschia was a little larger on me (the 2 would have been a better fit), at that price, I figured I could wear it under a cardigan or a suit jacket and it would look fine.

It's a very pretty top. The silk is very soft and very thin. I will have to be extremely careful with the fabric because it has a tendency to catch on everything including hang-nails. The Bright Fuschia is not as saturated as the Victoria Cami of the same name. The pink on the Quinn is about a shade lighter. I think this top would look great under the Boucle Astrid Jacket as well as the Merino Lea Cardigan.


I purchased 2 pairs of gloves. Both were very cute and very different from each other. The Cortina gloves are a wool and cashmere blend. They are very very soft and more casual looking. They'll keep my fingers warm on cold days!

The Quited Leather Gloves are so different from the Cortina. They are a supple kid leather with quilted detail on the top of the hand. I love the fit of these gloves. You see, I have very long fingers and have always had difficulty finding gloves that would fit. It's kinda like buying panty-hose that are too short, so then you put them on, the crotch stops just above your knees. That same uncomfortable feeling of short panty-hose, is the exact same feeling I get when I get gloves where the fingers aren't long enough. But these gloves were great. I love how they're fully lined and that there was some room in the fingers to accomodate my wedding and engagement rings. I have had gloves that were so tight in the fingers that it was extremely uncomfortable. But not these! These were great. And at $19.99 less 30% off, I knew that I had to have them!

So these were the items I purchased yesterday. I was soooo wanting to get the Silk Dupioni Skirt but they didn't have any in-stock. I've read from a couple of different blogs that if I were in a store and called into Customer Service via the Red Phone, I could actually get the store discount applied against my phone order. Since I wanted the skirts and since they weren't in stock at the store, I called in to place my order to only find out that J Crew doesn't do that anymore.

I was shocked!

According to the Store Manager, an email had been sent to the Associates explaining that Store Discounts cannot be applied to Online purchases. I found this most strange since I know that it's been done before. Unfortunately, they wouldn't extend the discount to me so I decided not to purchase the skirts in the meantime. I may buy them later but at this time, I've just decided against them. Have you heard of this new policy?

Sorry for the looooooog post. I'll be away until the 20th crusing the Mexican Riviera drinking Skinny Girls Margaritas. Have you heard of a Skinny Girls Margarita? I first heard it on "Real Housewives of New York". It's basically a regular Margarita but without the sugar syrup.


Here's what you'll need:

2 oz of clear Tequila (100% agave, Patron Silver)
A splash of fresh lime juice
A splash of Cointreau, Grand Marnier or Triple Sec
Combine all ingredients over a glass of ice
Garnish with a lime wedge and salt

Makes one serving

So Cheers everyone! Have a fabulous week in your fabulous clothes and accessories. I'll see you all in approximately a week's time! Let's hope that I get to the airport on schedule tomorrow.


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

YAY for all of your FABULOUS purchases!!! Have a fantastic time on your cruise! :)

One is Never Enough said...

Thanks for taking the time to post about your new finds. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip!

Leslie said...

Great post and thanks for all the pics!!! Have a wonderful time in sunny Mexico. Can't wait to see the pics from that adventure!!

Branden & Steph Marty said...

Thanks for the picture of the Lea and the fun post! Looks like you found some good deals at JC.

Have a great time on your cruise!


A Bigger Closet said...

It was fun to read about your shopping trip!

The Lea combination with the tank looks great on you. I ordered the black, desert brown and melon colors. It's nice to see the cardi IRL.

BTW, I'm in Vancouver near VGH. :)

Have a wonderful holiday!

BTW, I'm from Vancouver near VGH. :)

Slastena said...

That Lea cardigan with the rosette cami looks stunning on you- I absolutely adore that look!
Yey for Lille adn Lucinda, great coats! I have a question about Lucinda. So sz 4 fit you well? Did you try it in sz 2? I know you took Lille in the same sz I did , so I was wondering whether Lucinda was cut on a true side for a change.Thank you! Have a great vacation!

ashley said...

You sold me on the Lea Cardigan. In my shopping bag it goes. You look great in your first evening dress ensemble. Your vacation will be great! Have fun! Love your blog!