Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today's Outfit - Warm and Cozy Cashmere Femme Sweater

I love my J Crew Cashmere Femme Sweater - particularly on cold mornings like today. The Cashmere is so very soft to the touch and the color is simply stunning (Heather Plum is the name - for those interested). I was originally concerned about the color - for fear that it would scream Fall 2008, but IRL, this sweater is a classic and the color is very pretty yet unusual. The Femme sweater fits TTS. I purchased a size small (I measure approx 34" in the chest). It fits nicely in the chest area yet has with a little room to spare. It flares slightly under the bust which allows me to pig-out (if I choose to do so. lol) So, on days like today - where it's cold and I've got a hankering for comfort food, I am able to wear a cami under my sweater for extra warmth and load up on stew. To accessorize my outfit, I have on the Acorn Necklace (which by the way I absolutely love) and the Double Crystal Bangle and the Crystal Dot Enamel Bangle.


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

LOVE the color of the sweater! Cute outfit, too! I'm curious about the size of the Acorn it really large IRL? I have recently started to purchase some J.Crew jewelry pieces, and have been surprised at how much larger they are IRL than on the website. I wish they would list the measurements along with the descriptions. :)

Btw...glad to see you posting again! :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...


Thank you! I love the color of the sweater as well. It's not as plum as my Berry Astrid. It's much softer and very pretty.

As for the Acorn Necklace, I LOVE this piece. Side note: I don't own a whole lot of accessories but the ones I own have come from J Crew and in all honesty, the J Crew accessories that I own are of a much better quality compared to others. But back to the necklace. It's not large at all. I recently purchased the Paisley Beaded Necklace and found that just overpowering so I ended up returning it. But the Acorn is the perfect size. It's certainly a statement piece but it's not really large. The acorns are about the size of an unshelled peanut. The links are approx. 7/8th of an inch long each. The necklace falls between my chest and my waist. Everytime I wear it, I get complimented on it. I highly recommend this necklace. My only regret is not getting the matching bracelet. I am kicking myself for it!