Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My J Crew Outfit Today - Seeing Red with Alice & Andie

I woke up this morning to yet another fridgidly cold day. It was -8 degrees when I left the house this morning. This extremely cold weather is so unusual for Vancouver and we're really just not that prepared to handle it. So I spent another morning looking for something warm yet professional looking to wear.

I purchased my Merino Alice Sweater earlier this year. I just love this sweater. It's a heavy 6-gauge knit with 3/4 length sleeves, 4 large plastic buttons down the front with a swingy torso. I've worn this one other time. The last time was in the early part of the fall and I paired it with the Florentine-Print Quinn Cami. (It was the only time I've ever worn the Cami - as it's just huge on me - so if anyone is interested in purchasing it off me, please contact me). To keep even warmer, I decided to wear my black Perfect Fit V-Neck long sleeve tee, set off with a triple strand baroque pearl necklace and my double crystal enamel bangle purchased from J Crew. I wear this bangle a lot and I really like the fact that it goes with just about anything. It was also such a steal for $13! A sterling silvery gray pair of wide leg pants plus black ankle boot and my J Crew Andie Bag completes this outfit. I am carrying my Andie Bag in Flame for the first time. I had written a review about the Andie in an earlier post. I love everything about this bag! I love the size, the color, the texture, the number of compartments it has plus how different it looks from all other Red bags. I'm just thrilled with it. Can you tell? lol!

So, what was the weather like where you are and what did you wear today?


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Fabulous look! I LOVE the Andie Bag, and wish I could have gotten one, too! It is really early on Wednesday, but to answer your question...yesterday I actually wore J.Crew Lightweight Bermuda shorts and 2 J.Crew Favorite Tanks which I layered. Needless to say, the weather was close to 80 degrees, and we spent the day at home catching up on laundry. ;) I really wish it would cool down again...I LOVE to layer and wear jackets, but sometimes it's just too uncomfortable to do it here.

Btw...I am keeping the size 2 Berry-Trim Astrid. I think the 4 just looks too big on me, even though the shoulders and upper arms are a bit more comfortable than the 2. :)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

I'm so envious that it's 80 degrees in Florida. I wish that it were that warm here as well. Where abouts in Florida are you? Do you ever get snow?

I love the Andie Bag. I didn't get as good a deal oin it as I would have liked but I was lusting after this bag for ages. It was further marked-down after I purchased it. I wish I had waited but I may not have gotten one so in a way, I'm glad to have purchased it.

You're right to have kept the size 2. The jacket doesn't look right if it's too big. I had originally purchased it in the 6 and it was huge and looked all wrong. I understand. :)

I heard from one of my staff that they had spied the Berry Astrid on one of the hosts on either Entertainment Tonight or a similar show 2 nights ago. She told me that she turned to her husband and told her that I had the same jacket in 2 colors. Too funny! If her husband were anything like me, he'd just roll his eyes! lol

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

I think I'm going to wear the Berry-Trim Astrid tonight...my in-laws are having a Christmas party, so it seems like the perfect occasion. I might dress it down with my Dark Slate Candy Tee and denim since it's pretty warm here right now. I'll have to decide later on today, but will let you know for sure. :)