Monday, December 15, 2008

My J Crew Outfit Today - Cozy Candy Licorice Tee

I'm so thrilled to have purchased this Candy Tee from J Crew since it's completely sold out now. I had originally purchased it in a Small but while it fit, I didn't like that "fitted" feeling on me so I sized up and got the Medium. I normally like my Tees fitted through my abs - since I work so hard to have firm abs. The small was perfect in the abs but was pulling in the chest. The Medium is loose in the abs but perfect in the chest. Not quite what I'd like in the abs but I'm happy with it regardless. I love the color the Candy Tee. The Bright Tulip is not as pink as it shows in the catalog and online. The Bright Tulip is more of a Wild Salmon Color (kind of an orangy, reddy, pinky shade - very similar to the insides of a pink grapefruit only more saturated in color) but every pretty nonetheless.

I've been wanting to wear this tee but could not figure out what to wear with it. Finally, I decided to order the Merino Lea Cardigan in Bright Tangerine to go with it but it still hadn't arrived. I then asked FFM to help me put something together for the Candy Tee (she's so awesome in putting outfits together) but it was sooooo cold this morning (-7 degrees) that I needed a tee under a sweater so after some rummaging around in my closet, I found my Cashmere Martine Cardigan to pair with my Candy Tee.

While I love the color and feel of my Cashmere Martine Cardigan, I'm just not crazy about the fit. It was one of the first J Crew pieces I had purchased, and I purchased this cardigan too large. I have it in a Medium which gives it a really boxy look. I should have purchased either a small or even an extra small so that it would look more fitted. Anyway, the color is perfect with my Candy Tee. I have it unbuttoned so that the Licorice silk-screen is visible.

I have on a pair of high-waisted black wide-leg trousers, black ankle-boots and matching chunky gold linked bracelet and necklace. And to keep warm, I have on my Gramercy Coat in Bright Flame in a size 6. I don't know if any of you own the Gramercy, but I love this coat and own it in 3 different colors - Alpine Green, Black and the Bright Flame. Anyway, I like what I'm wearing together (though I think that my sweater could be smaller) but on the whole, the entire look is professional yet fun. And I've gotten several compliments on the Candy Tee already. :)

And when I was working on my Polyvore outfit, I started thinking about how I would wear my Licorice Tee in the Spring when the weather warmed up. So, here's my Spring Candy Tee outfit. I think the Tee would look perfect with my Pink and Salmon shade Rugby Skirt from J Crew as well as the Merino Lea Cardigan in Bright Tangerine. Beige Heels and my Burberry handbag plus today's chunky linked Bracelet and Necklace would tie my Spring outfit together.

Do you own a Candy Tee? If yes, what color do you have it in and what do you intend on wearing with it? I'd love to hear your ideas!


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

You're never going to believe this...I wore my Licorice tee today, too!!! How funny is that? It was in the upper 70's today, so I didn't layer anything under it, but I did wear my Chino Cooper Jacket over it for a little while. I wore the tee tucked into my J.Crew Trouser Jeans, with my metallic gold belt, a pair of gold sandals, and my J.Crew crystal snowball necklace, which I wrapped twice around my neck, instead of it hanging long. I took the boys with me to the mall, as I had to take a large amount of returns back to J.Crew, and bought 2 more Candy tees, each for $16...YAY!!! I purchased the Dark Slate, and the Cream one with the green and blue on it (don't know what it's called). I'm going to wear the Dark Slate with my Berry Astrid in Charcoal...very pretty. :)

I LOVE your outfit today, and I absolutely ADORE your Polyvore with the tee for Spring! Do you have the Rugby Skirt? It is TDF!!!

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Forgot to subscribe...oops! ;)

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Too funny! I can't believe we both wore the same Tee. Great minds think alike! I really like how you put your outfit together. The jeans and gold sandals plus your Chino Cooper Jacket sounds wonderful! I'm so boring when it comes to dressing for the office. I'm always stuck wearing dark dress trousers. BORING! I honestly wish I could wear jeans to work - even dress jeans would be great! But I never know if I'm going to be yanked into a meeting with my VP or if I have to meet clients, etc so I'm always dressing on the safe side. I would wear a skirt but it's so darn cold and I feel warmer in pants.

I'm soooo envious that you were able to buy the other 2 Candy Tees. I would LOVE to get the Slate to wear with my Berry Astrid as well. But I am thrilled for you though. :)

I have the Rugby Skirt. I ended up buying it in August of last year. I have the size 8 - I normally wear a 4 but with it sitting at my waist, the length just wasn't where I needed it to be so I went up 2 sizes. It sits right on my hip but that's okay, I'll be able to leave the Candy tee out and it'll just look like I have the skirt sitting higher since it's concealed. LOL!

BTW, I have the Crystal Snowball necklace too! I haven't worn it. I've recently purchased way too many things so I have it to my DH to have him wrap it for me for Christmas.

I think I have to stop shopping for a bit. I got my J Crew invoice today. I spent over $2K but I have about $800 in returns that haven't yet been applied. Nonetheless, I went a little nuts so I'm going to lay off until after the holidays. Sigh!