Friday, December 19, 2008

My J Crew Induced Stupor

I absolutely LOVE my husband. I am sure that there are many out there, unfortunately, I have never met a man (with the exception of my husband) who would put up with my obsessive-compulsive personality let alone want to be married to me. Yes, I am insanely obsessive and compulsive.

Like tonight, a huge J Crew box sat in the middle of our living room when I walked in the door this evening. I clasp my hands in glee and in the girliest of voices exclaimed, "Yay, my J Crew box is here!" My husband, who has told me numerous times that I must control my spending habits, looks at me, rolls his eyes and says, "Put what you want aside and I'll wrap it up for you for Christmas". So, off I went, carrying this huge box into the bedroom to try everything on. I really ought to have waited to try anything on because it was already 7:30pm and I hadn't even given dinner a thought. Why eat when you can have J Crew, right? Anyway, as I am almost done trying on my cache of stuff (and a whole 30 minutes later)- a puffer jacket, a Velvet Ecole, a Herringbone Ecole, a Candy Tee, a Peacoat with Themore, a Merino Lea Cardigan, and a Merino Trois-Rosettte Tank, he walks in and calmly says, can you please order dinner, I'm picking up the house (we're entertaining tomorrow evening). Isn't my Husband amazing? So we had pizza for dinner.

Anyway, I'm keeping the following items: Peacoat with Thermore, Candy Tee, Herringbone Ecole Jacket and the Puffer Jacket. I took some pictures to share with you.

Peacoat with Thermore.
Size Small Regular. Dark Poppy. I love this coat. Crazy as it sounds, with the exception of a couple of Puffer Jackets, I really don't have a somewhat dressy short coat. And I'm thrilled to have gotten this one. I love the rich dark Red shade. The sleeves are a tad long on me. I'm only 5'3-1/2" (can't forget that 1/2 inch!) It fits nicely. I could have gone down to an XS in the torso but the XS is way too small in the shoulders and the neck. While it's not roomy per se, I have enough room to wear a chunky sweater underneath should I decide to buy a chunky sweater one day. A few days ago, I ordered the Petite Small. I don't know if that will fit me better. I will report back on that. Either way, the Peacoat will be a keeper.

Candy Tee
Size Medium. Champagne. I already own this one in the Bright Tulip. I wish I had purchased the Light Blade but I wasn't thinking clearly nor ahead for that matter. I love both these tees. The Champagne will go with tons more but the Bright Tulip is a much prettier color. But doesn't the Champagne go so very nicely with my new Ecole Herringbone Jacket?

Herringbone Ecole Jacket
Size 4. Bright Rhubarb. I really like this jacket when I first eyed it in the Fall Catalog but after reading that almost everyone who tried this jacket on experienced this strange bagginess in the chest area, I decided against purchasing it. But then, when it got marked down to some insane price - I got it for $48.99, I had to have it - complete with Strange Chest Bagginess and all. As you can see from the pictures, there is nothing weird going-on in my chest area. Maybe it's my strange bust but from what I can see, I think it looks great! I fell in love with the jacket the moment I put it on and knew that it was a keeper. It is beautifully tailored and the fact that it is close-fitting in the waist, I have an instantly svelt body. I'll take that for $48.99. Thank you!

Puffer Jacket
Okay, I'm extremly embarassed about having to admit this. As I've mentioned, I have an obsessive-compulsive personality. I'm more obsessive than I am compulsive, really! That said, I will spend hours and days and months on end obsessing about something that no one else would give 2 hoots abouts. Since my J Crew Puffer Review of approx. 6 weeks back, I've been obsessing if I should have gotten the Small or the Medium. As you know, I purchased the Medium previously. And although it's been deathly cold, I haven't gotten around to wearing my Medium Puffer for fear that I may want to return it for a Small. Can you say INSANE??? Anway, I finally talked myself into buying a Small for comparison and now having tried both on, I'm even more confused! I don't know which one to keep. The Medium is certainly roomier but the Small is much cuter on. I should explain that THIS puffer is not going to be my "stand in the freezing rain on a Saturday afternoon watching my daughter play soccer" puffer. I already have an Eddie Bauer Puffer for that one. This is my "I'm going to look cute yet casual going to an NHL Hockey Game" Puffer. Crazy isn't it? Anyway, I need to make a decision soon,... very, very soon, because my husband announced this eveing that the 3 of us are going to be in CTV's suite at the Hockey Game on Monday night. Since it's too freaking cold to wear, say my awesome Berry Astrid Jacket as outerwear, I will have to wear a puffer and I had better decide if it'll be the Small or the Medium. I will report back on that.

This is just sooooooo WRONG!!!

Still not any better!

As for the things I'm returning, the Merino Trois-Rosette Tank just didn't do it for me. Personally, I don't think it looks that hot on. I would never wear it alone and would always pair it with either a jacket or a cardigan. The wool is very thin and you can kinda see the tops of my pants under the sweater. Not a good look! I also don't think that Putty is my color. It makes me look pasty, don't you think? In the second picture, I have it paired with the Tartine Sweater in Heather Mushroom; and it still doesn't look any better. So, it's going back.

Finally, the Velvet Ecole Jacket; I purchased this in a size 6P - thinking that it's going to fit like a 4. Well, it fits like a 4 but midget length. The hook and eye closure was waaaay too high so much so that it made me look like a dwarf. I don't do Dwarf well at all. So, I called J Crew and exchanged it for a Regular 4. I will post pictures of it when I receive it. I purchased it in the Cobalt. It is a beautiful, rich shade of blue. Just stunning.

I hadn't received a J Crew package in about 10 days and was going through major withdrawl. I couldn't wait for my J Crew order to arrive. Now that it has and I'm on a high, (and I have several more scheduled to arrive in the next 10 days or so), I feel like I've had a fix and that I can function normally until my next hit.


FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Oh YAY for the pictures!!! You look great! I love the Ecole on you, too! I almost purchased the Cobalt a few months ago, but decided to wait for sale, and now it's not available in my size...bummer! I wish I had gotten the other Licorice tee you have on in your would look really great with my Kelly Jacket in Bright Flame. Only problem is that I didn't want to pay $25 for it since my Candy tee in Light Blade already has a HOLE in it...UNBELIEVABLE!!! I'll wait for another decent promotion and go for it. :)

My pillow ring came last night and it is a big disappointment...reminds me of the rings in the bowls at Forever 21, and for $40 I want something substantial...not plasticy. Needless to say, it's going back!

The Puffer sounds really cute for the Hockey Game! I would go with the smaller fit and cuter look, especially if you already have one MEANT for cold weather. Sometimes you have to choose Fashion over Function in order to remain Fabulous! ;)

So last night we went to a Christmas Party at my in-laws and I wore my Bright Fuchsia Victoria Cami under my Charcoal Berry-Trim Astrid, J.Crew Dark Denim Trouser Jeans, Crystal Snowball Necklace, Crystal Flower Earrings, Gold Metallic Belt, and Gray Steve Madden boots. Oh yeh, I carried my new Sonia Clutch. I LOVE the Victoria Cami under the Berry is just SO ruffly, feminine, and fabulous! :)

Shasta said...

You do look devastatingly beautiful in your pics! I am also addicted to the Crew and my Darling also encourages me to control myself, but he also buys me everything I want! He.. he.. I agree about the tank, but love the poppy coat!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

FFM, you're too kind. I don't really enjoy taking pictures. I'm my own worst critic.

The Cobalt is a really pretty color. It reminds me of the Riviera Blue in the Bella Jacket from last year.

How did you get a hole in your Candy Tee? Where is it located? I've only worn mine once and haven't had a chance to wash it yet. I've heard that the Tissue fabric are notorious for having holes in them. Can you not return it? Obviously it's a manufacturer's defect.

I'm sorry to hear about your pillow ring. It looks so pretty in the picture. I certainly hadn't expected it to look like something from Forever 21!!!

I'm going to take your recommendation and keep the Small as opposed to the Medium. The Medium is certainly much roomier but not in a good way. Yes, I agree Fashion over Function is required to remain FABULOUS! :)

Your outfit that you wore to your in-laws sounds fabulous! I would never have though to put the Victoria Cami with the Berry. How Clever!!! I also really like the accessories that you wore with your outfit. Very pretty. Did you double wrap the Crystal Snowball Necklace? I have that one too and I'd love to get some ideas as to how to wear it. I wish I had gotten the Charcoal Berry Astrid now :( I have the Bright Blue and the Plum. What color Victoria Cami would you recommend under each of those if I were to wear Jeans or say Dark Dress pants with them? I'd love to hear your fabulous ideas for a casual and dressy look. You're sooooo good at that!

Crew_Girl_In_Canada said...

Shasta, you're so sweet! Your husband certainly sounds like mine. He frequently tells me to curb my spending but then will ignore my parcels when they arrive. I'm chalking that up to sheer frustration! lol! But in all seriousness, I really don't think it bothers him that much. I work afterall.

The Dark Poppy Peacoat is stunning. I love the color. I'm now on the hunt for more of that color. It's my very first Dark Poppy piece.

FabulousFloridaMommy said...

Hey Crew Girl! Well, the hole in the tee is on the right side, midway weird. I almost took it back, but had so many other returns already that I chickened out...I may try to stitch it with needle and thread...I'll let you know. :)

As for a Victoria Cami with the Plum Astrid...I think the Olive and Ivory would be beautiful! The Ivory and Plum could be worn with Dark Gray Dress Pants for work.:) As for the Blue...I think Navy, Ivory, or Fuchsia. I would wear Navy dress pants if wearing the Ivory, and jeans for the others. :)