Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Outfit for Dec. 31, 2008

Candy Tee in Champagne - Sz Small
Herringbone Ecole Jacket in Bright Rhubarb - Size 4
Pinecone, Squirel Bracelet (Extremely Heavy but Cute)
All of the above are by J Crew.
Black Ankle Boots - Nine West
SuperNova Check Satchel - Burberry

When did New Year's Eve become "just another evening" for me?

I remember when New Year's Eve was the event of the year. My girlfriends and I would start looking for the perfect New Year's Eve Bash in November and shortly after that, I'd start planning my New Year's Eve outfit. It was THE event of the entire year. We're talking Limos, Champagne, a room at the 5-star Sutton Place Hotel downtown, dinner at a fancy restaurant - normally Cin Cin's and afterwards, dancing at a club in town, , ... I'm talking, the Works!

The last big New Year's bash that my Husband and I attended was at the Westin Bayshore in 1998. Yes, a whole 10 years ago! And what an ordeal that was! You see, that year, my Husband and I celebrated Christmas with his family in St. Catharine's, Ontario. And while we were away, Vancouver was hit by the biggest snowstorm of the century (the one this year didn't break the previous record). So, on December 26, while at the Toronto Airport to await our plane for our return to Vancouver, we found out that the storm was so large that they shut the entire city down. And since the airport was closed, we couldn't leave Toronto. We ended up staying in Toronto for another 5 days (that was the earliest flight we could get to come home). Our return flight was scheduled for December 31 - New Year's Eve. But since our Bash wasn't until 6pm, we figured that we would make it home with several hours to spare. Well, were we ever wrong!!!

The morning of our departure, a snowstorm hit Toronto. We boarded our flight but proceeded to sit on the Tarmac for another 6 hours. Needless to say, we arrived in Vancouver at 4pm. By the time we picked up our luggage and got home, we barely had enough time to change and go to our New Year's Eve party. Had the tickets not cost us $200 a piece, we would have blown the entire party off but at that price, come hell or high-water, we were going. It was a wonderful party with a fabulous 5 course dinner (including sorbets in between the salad and the main course) and dancing after. But as soon as the band completed the count down and we had our first New Year's dance, we left. By midnight, we had already been up for over 24 hours.

That was our LAST New Year's Eve party. We hadn't been another since. I mean, a real party, that is, not some get together with friends. We've had a number of get-together with our best friends since our last New Year's Bash, but each and every time we've gotten together for New Year's Eve, both Irene and I have fallen asleep on the sofa by 10pm and our husbands have literally rung in the New Year by themselves. Sad, isn't it?

So, I don't expect this evening to be any different. What are my plans, well, I'm looking forward to a nice Italian meal made by my Husband (no, he's not Italian - even though it may appear to be Italian since that's all we ever eat -be it, at home or out at a restaurant - but that's a different story), and if I'm still standing (since I do intend on having a a cocktail or two before dinner and wine with dinner), I'm going to take the tree down and put away my Christmas decorations. Oops! I forgot - I do intend on working out before dinner as well.

So, that's my plans for New Year's eve. Lame but that's what I'll enjoy doing. Long were the days when I got all decked out to ring in the New Year. While I miss those days, I love what I've got planned for the evening.

What are your plans for New Year's eve? Will you be attending a fabulous New Year's Eve Bash, spending the evening with close friends or staying home with family? I'd love to hear what you've got planned or what you did (depending on when you would have read this blog).

Wishing you and yours a safe and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Strange yet Wonderful Christmas

Outfit for December 30, 2008

Ruffled Henley in Bright Blue - Small (J Crew)
Cashmere Sequin Cardigan in Black - Small (J Crew)
Flared Cuffed Trousers in Charcoal - Size 5 (Reitman's)
Crystal Bracelet, Necklace and Earrings - Holt Renfrew
Pumps - Nine West
Shoulder Bag - Coach

I'm glad to be home FINALLY!

We lost power on Christmas Eve and after 6 hours without heat, we packed up and moved to my parents. The original plan was to stay until the heat came back but we ended up staying 5 days! Our power was back on Dec 26 but then, we got snowed in! Do you know how hard it is to pack not only your clothes, but presents and turkey and trimmings without light???? Furthermore, do you know how hard it is to wear the same old clothes day in and day out??? ARGH!!! It was insane!

But I had a wonderful Christmas with my family nonetheless. And just in case you were wondering, Yes, I got EVERYTHING I wanted. How? It's because I purchased everything I wanted from J Crew, gave it to my husband and had him wrap it all up for me so that he could give it to me on Christmas Day. What a brilliant idea, don't you think?

I'm such a difficult person to shop for. I really am! My husband's said those words exactly himself. It's not that I'm picky, it's just that I like things "just so". And while surprises are nice, I would rather have things that I want versus things that I don't want or like. I like to think that I'm not difficult, just specific, that's all.

Anyway, back to my Christmas Presents, everything I wanted from J Crew, I got, which was great! So, you're likely dying to find out what I got. Well, I got 6 Lea Merino Cardigans, the Candy Tee in Champagne, the Herringbone Ecole (I took pictures of both of these when I tried them on and then gave them to my husband for wrapping), a pair of Guess High-Heel Flared Jeans (that look absoluately HOT on), a stunning black Silk Sleeveless Blouse from Club Monaco, and a clutch bag and couple of jewelry pieces from BR. I know I had a couple more things from J Crew but that's all I can remember for now. Anyway, all of these were packed into a large box and wrapped up. My husband and I tried containing our laughter when my mom exclaimed that he's such a great shopper and that he knows my taste perfectly. YES, HE DOES MOM! HE'S JUST AWESOME!!!

Although I loved all of my J Crew purchases, the thing that I received, that I loved the most, was my Purse Sitter. Yes, it's a purse hook. No, I'm not a freak! Yes, it's cheap! And yes, I really love it. You see, I've got this thing about putting my purses on the floor. I NEVER EVER put my purses on the floor - doesn't matter where we are, whether it's at home or at a restaurant or worse, a restroom, I NEVER put my purse on the floor. It never once occurred to me that my husband would ever notice this pet-peeve of mine. I guess he did. He bought me a Purse-Sitter. So instead of hanging my purse off my chair or leaving it on a seat of its' own or hanging it off my knee, I can now hang it off the table via a purse hook. Isn't that cool? That's my favorite Christmas present this year. I love it because it tells me that my husband actually listens to what I say. Thank you Honey!

I hope I hadn't worried anyone with my absence. I apologize for being a few days late but I would love to hear what you got for Christmas and what was your favorite present. Please share! :)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Go Canucks!

I'm off to the Canucks game tonight. Yay, Go Canucks Go! It's my daughter's first game of the season which is quite surprising since she tends to go to way more games that I do. The reason being, we don't have to pay for a baby-sitter for me.

I used to go to a lot of games. And I mean a lot! My husband likes to think that he's a "big wig" in the Media industry and gets lots of Comps to concerts, plays, restaurants, sporting events, etc. I play along so that I can partake in his freebies. But I digress. Anyway, when we started dating - oh, about 13 years ago, he would take me to approximately 20 Hockey games a year plus another 2 dozen Basketball games (that was when Vancouver had its' own Basketball Team) in addition to a number of other events, ie concerts, plays, ballet, etc. This continued while we were engaged and then married. WELL, this all changed after Caitlin was born. All of a sudden, I wasn't going to the games anymore. HIS BUDDIES WERE GOING INSTEAD! What's up with that???? I married my husband because he said those 3 magic words, yes, FREE HOCKEY TICKETS! What did you think he'd said???? And then after a couple years of marriage, I don't go anymore??? Well, that didn't sit well with me, let me tell you!!!

Anyway, I'm starting to go to the Canucks (that's our Hockey Team) games again. Can you tell that I'm a huge Hockey fan? If you must know, I love the game because I LOVE watching the fights. I love watching grown men fight and punching the crap out of each other!

Tonight, we get to go as a family. It doesn't happen very often but tonight's one of those nights. For the game, I've got on the Coppelle Paisley Byzantine Cardigan (yes, I know that the Polyvore shows the San Telmo in the Coppelle Paisley Byzantine print - but I couldn't find a picture in the cardigan so I had to use the jacket). Under the sweater is a v-neck long sleeve Perfect Tee in Bright Flame - perfect match for the cardigan and J Crew Bootcut Jeans in a dark wash. For accessories, I've got on a Bauble necklace from BR plus a black and gold enamel bangle also from BR. Black Ankle boots complete the look. I haven't been in Jeans all day - since I've been at work. I had on Black Wide-Leg Trousers earlier but had changed them to my Jeans moments ago. I've got to wrap this up because I have to meet my husband and daughter in minutes. Anyway...

The look is hips yet comfortable. Perfect for cheering on my boys!

What are you doing tonight?

Sunday, December 21, 2008




I told myself that I wasn't going to dwell on the weather anymore. Afterall, it's the first day of Winter and the weather is supposed to be cold, right? I'm sooooo past the cold, really but the SNOW????!!!! $#%@! I hate the snow in the city. Hate it, hate it, hate it! Just in case you had any doubt about my feelings about the snow, let me leiterate, I hate the snow. Well, okay, if you must know, if I don't have to go anywhere, the snow's fine. It's so pretty, falling ever so softly onto the ground, providing a wonderful silence in the air. I would lie on the sofa by the fireplace, drinking a delicious mug of Macaroon (see recipie below) and reading a "chick" novel. What a wonderful way to spend one's day, right?

Er, WRONG!!!! I had plans today! Yes I did! Before Church, I had planned on going Grocery shopping and after Church, I had planned to drive out to my friends - Scott and Kathy Power's place in Langly to say good-bye to them. You see, they're moving to Toronto and today was to be their Farewell party. Did I do any of that? Er, NO!!!!

We had a wonderful dinner party last night at our place. We served a delicious Italian meal, with an 8-selection Antipasta starter, a deliciously light salad with Goat-Cheese, Pomegranate Seeds and Pine Nuts, the yummiest Garlic-Cheese bread (my husband's speciality), a Rigatoni Salcicia with Chorizo and Italian Sausage and finally, a Yule Log. Needless to say, there was a lot of Red Wine to wash all the food down.

So this morning, my husband woke up to a pounding headache. Hmmmmmm.... Can you say Hang-Over? I wonder if it could possibly be the entire bottle of wine that he polished off last night? Er, DEFINITELY!!!

I got out of bed and was outside to shoevel the snow at 7:30am. I don't normally shovel snow. That's my husband's "thing". But I thought that I'd be a good wife by helping him out and he could sleep-off his hangover off. I shovelled from 7:30 to 9:30. Our driveway was perfectly clear when it started to snow again. DRATS!!!!! AFTER ALL MY HARDWORK TOO!!!! $#%@!!!!!!! Before it got real bad, I thought, I had better get my grocery shopping out of the way. So I got in my car, drove out of our Cul-de-Sac onto the main road. The road looked decent. The Snow Plow must have just come by and I was right behind the Salt-Truck. Pretty good, right? Er, WRONG!!! As soon as I got the first light, the Salt-Truck turned off and what laid in front of me was an UNPLOWED road. I cringed, knowing that my poor All-Season Radials might not be able to make it. The snow was deep and had been travelled on by numerous SUVs with Snow Tires and here I was in my cute little Honda Civic with All-Season Radials. I knew that it was going to be a trecherous drive. Now, I live on the side of a hill and where I had to go was all the way downhill. I knew that going down wouldn't be a problem but getting home would likely be a nightmare. So I put my little car in 2nd gear and drove over the super slippery snow towards the Grocery Store. Although the stretch of road I was on was relatively flat, my poor little car started sliding sideways. I knew that I just wasn't going to be able to get to the store today so I turned around to come home. Because there was a little incline going home,my car refused to do what I wanted it to do. I was barely going 5 mph at this time and my car was literally doing the "cha-cha" on the road - swinging it's back-end from side to side. I knew then that I wasn't going to be able to make it to church let alone the hour long drive out to the Powers for their Farewell party.

I had planned to wear my new Guess Jeans, Perfect Fit Flower Tank, and my Merino Melanie Sweater to the party. Instead, I spent the entire day in my Sweats. How attractive is that???!!!! Despite the fact that I was disappointed that I didn't get to do anything I needed and wanted to do today, I did get a lot accomplished. I am done wrapping and labeling all of my Christmas gifts. I cleaned up the house (since our cleaning ladies weren't able to make it up the hill to clean today) and I got to take a nap. That was the best part of my day. My nap!

Anyway, it's now slightly after 8pm and it's still snowing. CAN YOU FREAKING BELIEVE IT???? IT'S STILL SNOWING!!!!! It hasn't stopped since it started at 9:30 am this morning. We've been out to shovel the snow about 5 times already - remember, once by me and 4 other times by my husband who's finally recovered from his hangover. I heard on the news that the snow is supposed to stop sometime in the night and that the roads should be fine for rush-hour tomorrow morning. I honestly hope it stops because yet again, I have great plans for tomorrow!!!


2 cups milk
1/3 cup good quality milk chocolate, grated
2 oz original flavor Malibu Rum
whipping cream
chocolate shavings

Put milk into a microwave-safe container and cook on High in microwave for 2 minutes. Mix in chocolate, stir until smooth.

Pour into 2 mugs. Pour 1 oz Malibu Rum (original coconut flavor) into each mug. Stir. Garnish with whipping cream and chocolate shavings if desired.

Friday, December 19, 2008

My J Crew Induced Stupor

I absolutely LOVE my husband. I am sure that there are many out there, unfortunately, I have never met a man (with the exception of my husband) who would put up with my obsessive-compulsive personality let alone want to be married to me. Yes, I am insanely obsessive and compulsive.

Like tonight, a huge J Crew box sat in the middle of our living room when I walked in the door this evening. I clasp my hands in glee and in the girliest of voices exclaimed, "Yay, my J Crew box is here!" My husband, who has told me numerous times that I must control my spending habits, looks at me, rolls his eyes and says, "Put what you want aside and I'll wrap it up for you for Christmas". So, off I went, carrying this huge box into the bedroom to try everything on. I really ought to have waited to try anything on because it was already 7:30pm and I hadn't even given dinner a thought. Why eat when you can have J Crew, right? Anyway, as I am almost done trying on my cache of stuff (and a whole 30 minutes later)- a puffer jacket, a Velvet Ecole, a Herringbone Ecole, a Candy Tee, a Peacoat with Themore, a Merino Lea Cardigan, and a Merino Trois-Rosettte Tank, he walks in and calmly says, can you please order dinner, I'm picking up the house (we're entertaining tomorrow evening). Isn't my Husband amazing? So we had pizza for dinner.

Anyway, I'm keeping the following items: Peacoat with Thermore, Candy Tee, Herringbone Ecole Jacket and the Puffer Jacket. I took some pictures to share with you.

Peacoat with Thermore.
Size Small Regular. Dark Poppy. I love this coat. Crazy as it sounds, with the exception of a couple of Puffer Jackets, I really don't have a somewhat dressy short coat. And I'm thrilled to have gotten this one. I love the rich dark Red shade. The sleeves are a tad long on me. I'm only 5'3-1/2" (can't forget that 1/2 inch!) It fits nicely. I could have gone down to an XS in the torso but the XS is way too small in the shoulders and the neck. While it's not roomy per se, I have enough room to wear a chunky sweater underneath should I decide to buy a chunky sweater one day. A few days ago, I ordered the Petite Small. I don't know if that will fit me better. I will report back on that. Either way, the Peacoat will be a keeper.

Candy Tee
Size Medium. Champagne. I already own this one in the Bright Tulip. I wish I had purchased the Light Blade but I wasn't thinking clearly nor ahead for that matter. I love both these tees. The Champagne will go with tons more but the Bright Tulip is a much prettier color. But doesn't the Champagne go so very nicely with my new Ecole Herringbone Jacket?

Herringbone Ecole Jacket
Size 4. Bright Rhubarb. I really like this jacket when I first eyed it in the Fall Catalog but after reading that almost everyone who tried this jacket on experienced this strange bagginess in the chest area, I decided against purchasing it. But then, when it got marked down to some insane price - I got it for $48.99, I had to have it - complete with Strange Chest Bagginess and all. As you can see from the pictures, there is nothing weird going-on in my chest area. Maybe it's my strange bust but from what I can see, I think it looks great! I fell in love with the jacket the moment I put it on and knew that it was a keeper. It is beautifully tailored and the fact that it is close-fitting in the waist, I have an instantly svelt body. I'll take that for $48.99. Thank you!

Puffer Jacket
Okay, I'm extremly embarassed about having to admit this. As I've mentioned, I have an obsessive-compulsive personality. I'm more obsessive than I am compulsive, really! That said, I will spend hours and days and months on end obsessing about something that no one else would give 2 hoots abouts. Since my J Crew Puffer Review of approx. 6 weeks back, I've been obsessing if I should have gotten the Small or the Medium. As you know, I purchased the Medium previously. And although it's been deathly cold, I haven't gotten around to wearing my Medium Puffer for fear that I may want to return it for a Small. Can you say INSANE??? Anway, I finally talked myself into buying a Small for comparison and now having tried both on, I'm even more confused! I don't know which one to keep. The Medium is certainly roomier but the Small is much cuter on. I should explain that THIS puffer is not going to be my "stand in the freezing rain on a Saturday afternoon watching my daughter play soccer" puffer. I already have an Eddie Bauer Puffer for that one. This is my "I'm going to look cute yet casual going to an NHL Hockey Game" Puffer. Crazy isn't it? Anyway, I need to make a decision soon,... very, very soon, because my husband announced this eveing that the 3 of us are going to be in CTV's suite at the Hockey Game on Monday night. Since it's too freaking cold to wear, say my awesome Berry Astrid Jacket as outerwear, I will have to wear a puffer and I had better decide if it'll be the Small or the Medium. I will report back on that.

This is just sooooooo WRONG!!!

Still not any better!

As for the things I'm returning, the Merino Trois-Rosette Tank just didn't do it for me. Personally, I don't think it looks that hot on. I would never wear it alone and would always pair it with either a jacket or a cardigan. The wool is very thin and you can kinda see the tops of my pants under the sweater. Not a good look! I also don't think that Putty is my color. It makes me look pasty, don't you think? In the second picture, I have it paired with the Tartine Sweater in Heather Mushroom; and it still doesn't look any better. So, it's going back.

Finally, the Velvet Ecole Jacket; I purchased this in a size 6P - thinking that it's going to fit like a 4. Well, it fits like a 4 but midget length. The hook and eye closure was waaaay too high so much so that it made me look like a dwarf. I don't do Dwarf well at all. So, I called J Crew and exchanged it for a Regular 4. I will post pictures of it when I receive it. I purchased it in the Cobalt. It is a beautiful, rich shade of blue. Just stunning.

I hadn't received a J Crew package in about 10 days and was going through major withdrawl. I couldn't wait for my J Crew order to arrive. Now that it has and I'm on a high, (and I have several more scheduled to arrive in the next 10 days or so), I feel like I've had a fix and that I can function normally until my next hit.

Enoufgh Already!

Enough is enough already! Really! I don't know how much longer I can stand living in an upright Freezer. Come on! I am sick and tired of this horribly cold weather as I am sure you are tired of me complaining about how cold it is. I will certainly try to keep my complaining about the weather to a low roar, okay?

But really, I can so understand why people who live in Antartica, the Artic or Nunavat for that matter, (I love saying that word. Nunavat - it's pronounced like none of it - but all together, so that it sounds like none0fit) don't dress to impress. What is there to impress when it's freaking cold everywhere? What I hate more than the cold is having to recycle my wardrobe so quickly. As you may remember, I've been complaining that I am running out of warm clothing to wear. And it's true. It was barely a week ago that I wore my Cashmere Femme sweater and here I am once again, wearing my Cashmere Femme Sweater. URGH!

Don't get me wrong. I love my Cashmere Femme Sweater. I just don't need it to become a Friday staple, kwim? I much prefer to wear something, say once every 2 -3 weeks at most. I hate it when my outfits become predictable.

Yes, I used to be predictable. When I was much heavier, like 50 lbs heavier, I had a 5 day a week wardrobe. Mondays - Black, Tuesdays - Navy, Wednesday - Black (yes again, but hey, I didn't wear it on Tuesday), Thursday - Brown and Friday - Black (yes, once again but I broke up the monotony by wearing Brown on Thursday, remember?). Occasionally, I would forget that I was supposed to wear Black on Mondays and ended up wearing a different color (ie Brown or Navy) which really screwed me up for the week. So, yes, I used to be completely predictable and totally boring... until I found J Crew, that is.

No, I'm not kidding. J Crew introduced me into the world of color. In the past, adding color to my wardrobe was to add Navy, Browns and if I were super adverturous, I would add Beige. Imagine that! Beige. Not Bisque or Champagne. Beige. Sad really. But I digress.

Anyway, back to what I'm wearing today. It was Minus 13 when I left the house this morning. It was so cold that I didn't even have to scrap my car windows... there's no dew in this weather so there was no chance for dew to form and turn to ice on my windshield. So to keep warm outside as well as in the office, I threw on a Perfect Fit Long Sleeve Crewneck Tee plus lined wool black dress pants from Tristan America. Then the Cashmere Femme Sweater in Heather Plum and over that, a biker-style zippered fitted vest. My jewlery consists of a triple strand gold and pearl necklace plus my ever trusty Double Crystal Enamel Bangle from J Crew. And over all of these, I wore a Black Puffer Jacket. Having had 4 layers on, I was nice and toasty warm everywhere north of my hip and south of my chin. But everything outside my torso was freaking cold. Why does my outfit today look so much like what I wore yesterday? URGH!

My husband loves this weather. He says, "What's not to like, it's dry and sunny outside". Yes, but it's also so cold that if I licked a flag pole, I would risk the chance of getting stuck to it. Not that I would lick a flag pole but you know what I mean, right?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Would have been Pretty in Plum but.....

When is this horrible cold weather going to stop? If I wanted to live in Antartica, I would have moved there a long time ago. I hate the cold. I don't mean to sound like a party pooper, but I don't like snow. I love the look of snow in the mountains but I don't want it on my lawn, my drive way or on the streets. Well, okay, maybe just on Christmas Day but not any other time. I can't take this cold any longer. Furthermore, I'm running out of warm (read Very Warm) clothes to wear. All of the 14-gauge Merino Wool sweaters from J Crew just aren't warm enough!!!

So oddly enough, I'm wearing a 14-gauge Merino Wool sweater today. But for extra warmth, I brought along my Penny Boucle Jacket, just in case... and Thank God I did because it's been freezing all day and I've worn it over my sweater.

Under my sweater is a Perfect Fit Tank in Dark Fog but do you think anyone can see that? Of course not, because I've had my darn sweater buttoned up completely today because it's soooo cold! But I love the look and color of my Merino Flower Cardigan. A few people commented on the lovely Plum color but unfortunately, I had to cover the sweater up with my Penny Boucle Jacket. But for those interested, I have the Merino Flower Cardigan in the Small. I had originally purchased it in the Medium and found it to be too big. The small is the perfect size. The wool is thin and it's most suitable for Fall or Spring weather, not weather in the North Pole. There are 2 flowers - both plum but one's darker than the other. I tend to wear this sweater with Greys because the buttons are a dark grey and the grey just sets off the color of the sweater perfectly - hence, the dark grey dress pants on today. For accessories, I am wearing a cheap silver chain necklace from Le Chateau. It cost me $2 but it's very cute with 1 inch round disco style balls and clear crystal balls on the necklace (sorry the picture isn't the necklace I'm wearing). And on my feet are black ankle boots.

So, had it been warmer, I would have been so pretty in plum but because it was so darn cold, I had to wear my black penny jacket all day so after the first half hour in the office, no one could see that I had on a pretty plum sweater. All in all, I ended up looking Drab in Black and Grey.

At least I found out how warm the Penny Boucle Jacket is. This jacket runs on the large side. I have it in the size 4 (purchased it without first trying it on - when it was on Final Sale. Note to self, don't do that again!) But I could really have gone into a 2 or even a 0. Oh well. So, I wear the Penny mostly as Outerwear which is just fine for Vancouver. But on a day like today when it was Minus 11 with the Windchill, it was perfect for in the office.

Do you like the cold or are you a warm weather person like I am? What would you wear to keep yourself warm yet fashionable? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My J Crew Outfit Today - Seeing Red with Alice & Andie

I woke up this morning to yet another fridgidly cold day. It was -8 degrees when I left the house this morning. This extremely cold weather is so unusual for Vancouver and we're really just not that prepared to handle it. So I spent another morning looking for something warm yet professional looking to wear.

I purchased my Merino Alice Sweater earlier this year. I just love this sweater. It's a heavy 6-gauge knit with 3/4 length sleeves, 4 large plastic buttons down the front with a swingy torso. I've worn this one other time. The last time was in the early part of the fall and I paired it with the Florentine-Print Quinn Cami. (It was the only time I've ever worn the Cami - as it's just huge on me - so if anyone is interested in purchasing it off me, please contact me). To keep even warmer, I decided to wear my black Perfect Fit V-Neck long sleeve tee, set off with a triple strand baroque pearl necklace and my double crystal enamel bangle purchased from J Crew. I wear this bangle a lot and I really like the fact that it goes with just about anything. It was also such a steal for $13! A sterling silvery gray pair of wide leg pants plus black ankle boot and my J Crew Andie Bag completes this outfit. I am carrying my Andie Bag in Flame for the first time. I had written a review about the Andie in an earlier post. I love everything about this bag! I love the size, the color, the texture, the number of compartments it has plus how different it looks from all other Red bags. I'm just thrilled with it. Can you tell? lol!

So, what was the weather like where you are and what did you wear today?

Monday, December 15, 2008

My J Crew Outfit Today - Cozy Candy Licorice Tee

I'm so thrilled to have purchased this Candy Tee from J Crew since it's completely sold out now. I had originally purchased it in a Small but while it fit, I didn't like that "fitted" feeling on me so I sized up and got the Medium. I normally like my Tees fitted through my abs - since I work so hard to have firm abs. The small was perfect in the abs but was pulling in the chest. The Medium is loose in the abs but perfect in the chest. Not quite what I'd like in the abs but I'm happy with it regardless. I love the color the Candy Tee. The Bright Tulip is not as pink as it shows in the catalog and online. The Bright Tulip is more of a Wild Salmon Color (kind of an orangy, reddy, pinky shade - very similar to the insides of a pink grapefruit only more saturated in color) but every pretty nonetheless.

I've been wanting to wear this tee but could not figure out what to wear with it. Finally, I decided to order the Merino Lea Cardigan in Bright Tangerine to go with it but it still hadn't arrived. I then asked FFM to help me put something together for the Candy Tee (she's so awesome in putting outfits together) but it was sooooo cold this morning (-7 degrees) that I needed a tee under a sweater so after some rummaging around in my closet, I found my Cashmere Martine Cardigan to pair with my Candy Tee.

While I love the color and feel of my Cashmere Martine Cardigan, I'm just not crazy about the fit. It was one of the first J Crew pieces I had purchased, and I purchased this cardigan too large. I have it in a Medium which gives it a really boxy look. I should have purchased either a small or even an extra small so that it would look more fitted. Anyway, the color is perfect with my Candy Tee. I have it unbuttoned so that the Licorice silk-screen is visible.

I have on a pair of high-waisted black wide-leg trousers, black ankle-boots and matching chunky gold linked bracelet and necklace. And to keep warm, I have on my Gramercy Coat in Bright Flame in a size 6. I don't know if any of you own the Gramercy, but I love this coat and own it in 3 different colors - Alpine Green, Black and the Bright Flame. Anyway, I like what I'm wearing together (though I think that my sweater could be smaller) but on the whole, the entire look is professional yet fun. And I've gotten several compliments on the Candy Tee already. :)

And when I was working on my Polyvore outfit, I started thinking about how I would wear my Licorice Tee in the Spring when the weather warmed up. So, here's my Spring Candy Tee outfit. I think the Tee would look perfect with my Pink and Salmon shade Rugby Skirt from J Crew as well as the Merino Lea Cardigan in Bright Tangerine. Beige Heels and my Burberry handbag plus today's chunky linked Bracelet and Necklace would tie my Spring outfit together.

Do you own a Candy Tee? If yes, what color do you have it in and what do you intend on wearing with it? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today's Outfit - Casual Cashmere Evening Out with Friends

So we're heading out with our friends to night for dinner. There's this wonderful little restaurant called Carmelo's in West Vancouver that my husband and I love going to. It's a small intimate restaurant that serves the yummiest Italian dishes. The first time we went to Carmelo's was on my birthday. The food is great and the prices are even better. Crazy as it sounds, my favorite item in the restaurant is the spread that is served with their bread. It's free but I LOVE it! I'm going to find out exactly what it is tonight when I'm there.

Anyway, we're going to be having dinner with the Sinclairs; our daughters go to school together. We've talked about getting together for dinner for about 2 years (crazy, huh?) and it's finally happening! Anyway, after dinner, we're going to go take the girls to Dundarave to see the Christmas Trees. Apparently there's over a hundred decorated trees. That ought to be fun!

Since it's freezing outside - tonight the temperature should be hovering around zero degrees, I've decided that I really need to bundle up. So, I'm going to be wearing my cozy, yet festive black Cashmere Sequin Cardigan. Under that, I'm going to wear the Perfect Fit Flower Tee in Camel, Jeans and a pair of chunky-heel brown boots. To accessorize, I'll be wearing my Crystal Dot Enamel Bracelet, a pony hair belt in a Leopard Print and carry my new Serengeti Clutch purse. And to keep me warm as we walk outside tonight, I'll be wearing my newest coat purchase - the Plaza Cashmere coat with Thinsulate plus a black wool scarf, of course.

I've only worn the Cashmere Sequin Cardigan one other time. It is a size Small and it fits perfectly. (I wear a size 4 top). It hasn't pilled much as others had noted. It is warm and I love the feel of the cashmere. I also like how the sequin adds a bit of flash without looking like I'm some Cabaret act.

I love the Camel color of the Perfect Fit Flower Tee but the placement of the flower is in a really wrong place! Has anyone else noticed that? Before I got out tonight, I'm going to cut and resew the flowers and place them in a better spot. Otherwise, what's the point of having the flowers, right? I wear a size Small in the Perfect Fit Flower Tee.

Cashmere Plaza Coat - I love this coat as well. It is a size 4 and it's a perfect fit. I had originally purchased it in a size 6 and it was way too big on me. It looked like I was playing dress up in my mom's stuff! Since I'm only 5'4" tall, it stops just above my knee. It's very cozy and warm and is the perfect topper for very cold weather.

Serengeti Clutch - I have a love-hate relationship with this clutch bag. I love the print and the patent leather. It's the perfect size and the strap is ideal. My only complaint is that the zipper hangs out. Isn't that crazy? A long zipper runs horizontally across the bag when you lift the flap. However, the zipper doesn't end at the edge of the bag but continues for about an inch and hangs outside the bag. I just don't get it. But it's an unusual piece and I would be hard press to find something else like it so I've decided to keep it. I'm going to find a way to fix that zipper though.

So, what are your plans for this evening? And, what will you be wearing? Whatever you have planned, I hope you'll have a wonderful evening!

Friday, December 12, 2008

My outfit today - Berry Astrid Professional and Festive

Today's our annual Christmas Luncheon in the office and to celebrate the season, I have on the Berry Astrid Jacket in the Plum, Charcoal Flared Pants, the Perfect Fit Flower Tank in Dark Fog, Black Heels and Crystal Bangles for that added panache. It was snowing when I left the house this morning, so I've got on my Black Gramercy Coat (sorry, I couldn't find a black Gramercy coat in Polyvore - so I've used the Lady Day instead) and topped off my coat with a Lavender Pashmina scarf. The look is professional yet festive.

I love the Berry Astrid. I own it in a size 6P. I had originally purchased it in the Regular 6 but it was just huge and boxy on me. I also didn't like where the sleeves sat on my arms. They stopped right at my wrist which made it look like either I had a really bad tailor who shortened it too short or that I bought an ill fitting jacket. The Petite was a much better fit. The sleeves stop just above my watch, the body is more fitted (yet I had enough room to move comfortably in) and because it fit me better in the waist, it didn't look as boxy. I also ordered it in the 4P and while it still fit in the body, it was somewhat uncomfortable in the sleeves - particularly where my elbow bends. The 6P was the perfect size for me.

I've got the Perfect Fit Flower Tank under my Berry Astrid Jacket. It is a size small. I love the color for it sets off the Plum colorway perfectly. However, I'm not crazy about where the flower placement is.

To set off the Charcoal pants and Dark Fog Flower Tank, I've got on my J Crew Metallic Bow Belt. I absolutely LOVE this belt and everytime I wear it, I get complimented on it. It's very metallic but not overpowering, if you know what I mean. However, I do have 1 complaint about this belt. Actually, it's about all belts that buckle up anywhere other than the front. Because this belt buttons up in the back or on the side (which i normally do), I have to take the entire belt off and hang it up when I have to go to the washroom. It's a real drag. But that's my only complaint. Other than that, I love this belt.

How do you wear your Berry Astrid Jacket?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today's Outfit - Warm and Cozy Cashmere Femme Sweater

I love my J Crew Cashmere Femme Sweater - particularly on cold mornings like today. The Cashmere is so very soft to the touch and the color is simply stunning (Heather Plum is the name - for those interested). I was originally concerned about the color - for fear that it would scream Fall 2008, but IRL, this sweater is a classic and the color is very pretty yet unusual. The Femme sweater fits TTS. I purchased a size small (I measure approx 34" in the chest). It fits nicely in the chest area yet has with a little room to spare. It flares slightly under the bust which allows me to pig-out (if I choose to do so. lol) So, on days like today - where it's cold and I've got a hankering for comfort food, I am able to wear a cami under my sweater for extra warmth and load up on stew. To accessorize my outfit, I have on the Acorn Necklace (which by the way I absolutely love) and the Double Crystal Bangle and the Crystal Dot Enamel Bangle.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My J Crew Outfit Today - Victoria Cami Festive Professional

I needed to find the perfect outfit to get me from Professional work setting to my daughter's school Christmas Play after work. Since I work in the Media Industry, my office dress tends to be Business Casual - hence, a suit is not required. That said, I still wanted to look presentable just in case I had an impromptu meeting of any kind.

Originally, I had planned to wear the Merino Tres Rosette Sweater Tank with my Cashmere Sequin V-Neck Cardigan (I'll post a review shortly for both pieces). But when I put it on this morning for the first time (no, I hadn't bothered to try it on when it first arrived - big mistake!) I found out that I needed to size down. I had purchased the size S and it was too big on me. The neck was cut so low that the tops of my bra could be seen. So I scrapped that outfit and went with the Victoria Cami in Bright Fuschia instead.

I love this Cami. It's fun yet elegant. I love how the ruffles frame the face and I particularly love the color. However, I don't think that this cami looks particularly good with a suit jacket - hence I threw on the Merino Tartine Chiffon Ruffle Cardigan for a more polished look. (Moreover, it's cold in the office!) I feel that my outfit today is appropriate for the office, yet comfortable enough for my daughter's school play - since I need to run around and help her get dressed, etc for the play.

This Cami fits TTS. Since I'm only 5'3-1/2" tall, I purchased it in the 6P. There's enough room to move freely without excess fabric.

The Merino Tartine Chiffon Cardigan also fits TTS. I have it in the Small and it can be worn buttoned up or opened. I've got it unbuttoned with the exception of 2 buttons at the waist that I have buttoned up to give me a shapelier silhouette.