Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quilted Tumbled-Leather Quincy Tote

I received my Quilted Tumbled-Leather Quincy Tote yesterday. I fell in-love with the Quincy Tote the first time I set eyes on it in the J Crew Catalog and vowed to buy it when it went on sale.

I ordered the Quincy Tote as soon as I saw it on the J Crew Sale page. From the pictures in the Catalog as well as on the website, I had expected the leather on the tote to be buttery soft. Surprisingly, the leather isn't very soft at all. The leather feels no different than any inexpensive leather bag. In fact, the leather is somewhat stiff because the handles make this squeeky noise when you move it. The noise is quite strange really. But I'm hoping that in time, the leather will soften and the noise will disappear.

Another thing, this bag does not come with "Feet". I realize that there was no mention of "feet" in the description, but seeing that it was a tote, I had expected the bag to come with feet so as to keep the leather on the bottom of the bag from getting dirty. I never place my bags on the floor anyway, but I will have to be extra careful even when placing the Quincy down on any surface since it's missing "feet".

The hardware closure is unusual and interesting however, trying to maneuver the clasp when in a hurry might be a bit tricky. I guess I could easily stick my hands down the top opening without having to undo the clasp.

I love the size of the bag. It's deep and wide and I can easily carry a lap-top or binder in the Quincy if need be. I also love the color. I purchased this in the Green colorway and it's stunning. Finally, I also love the quilting on the bag. It's reminiscent of a vintage Chanel. The bag is fully lined in cotton and comes with an interior patch pocket as well as a zippered pocket.

This is the second bag I've purchased from J Crew. And while it won't be my favorite bag, I know that I will use and enjoy it. I am glad that I didn't pay full-price for this bag. For what I paid, I'm very happy with the Quincy Tote and I know that I would get good use from the bag.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Fit: This is a large bag. It would certainly overwhelm a petite person. However, someone of my size or larger would be able to carry off this bag beautifully.

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