Wednesday, October 1, 2008

J Crew Sherpa-Lined Goosedown Puffer Jacket

I received my J Crew Sherpa-Lined Goosedown Puffer Jacket in Ivory today and fell in love with it. Now, I should mention that I had ordered and received this jacket twice. The first time, I purchased it in the Honey Glaze, the second time in the Ivory. While I liked the concept of a yellow jacket, a puffer jacket in yellow was just a little too much for my 5'4" stature. And when my daughter commented that I looked like a Giant Sunflower, I knew that the coat had to go back. So, I ordered it in the Ivory and simply love it!

Firstly, I love the style of the jacket. Puffer jackets in general tend to add bulk and makes one look much larger than they really are. But the J Crew design allows you to draw the waist in with interior belts - thus giving me a shapelier silhouette. I also like the weight of the puffer. It's light yet warm. Now, I haven't had a chance to try it in minus 10 degrees weather just yet but wearing it around the house with a tee shirt on and feeling warm, I could just tell that it's going to be perfect for the winter. I own a couple of other puffer jackets and I love the fact that this jacket is lined with Sherpa. The Sherpa adds that extra layer of warmth which none of my other puffers offer. The Sherpa is also soooooo soft. However, it should be noted that the sleeves are not lined in Sherpa - but I don't think this really matters for it's my torso that normally gets cold anyway. There's rib trim on the inside of the sleeves to keep the cold out. I also like the fact that the back is longer than the front, thus giving me extra warmth when wearing a low-waisted pair of pants. The jacket comes with a detachable hood. I would only wear the hood if I were going to be standing outside for a particular long time or if it snowed. But generally, I'd likely wear it hoodless for I like the look of the jacket without the hood anyway. There are 2 slash pockets on the front that snap close.

I normally wear a size 6 blouse and a size Small sweater. However, I got this jacket in a size Medium instead. Judging oby the amount of room in the jacket, I could easily get into the small however, the size would limit me from layering. Hence, I went with the Medium and am very happy with the size.

I love this jacket because while it's a warm puffer, it does not make me look like a homeless person. There are many puffers that lend itself to that homeless look. This puffer is practical yet stylish. I would likely wear this puffer primarily with jeans for a casual look. However, I can see myself wearing this on bitterly cold days to the office - where the wind would cut through a regular wool dress coat. I believe that I can certainly get away with wearing this jacket with wool dress pants.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Fit: If you are wanting to layer up in the Winter, I would recommend that you size up.


Drewablank said...

Hi! I was looking for a review on the J.Crew puffer jacket when I chanced upon your blog. Great review!

This is going to be my first puffer jacket and 'don't want wanna go wrong. I'm afraid I'm going to buy this just because it's J.Crew ('am obssessed, I must say!). But given your wonderful review, I think I might just give in! Thank you!

laura said...

These tend to be slightly shorter than most wool jacket and end around the waist or hips. A quilted coat will usually cost less than a good quality wool jacket but can still be found with stylish prints. Again a lot of quilted girls coats come with hoods, both detachable and fixed, so are great in this respect as well.

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dubaiexperies said...

I were going to be standing outside for a particular long time or if it snowed. But generally, I'd likely wear it hoodless for I like the look of the jacket without the hood anyway.
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