Thursday, October 16, 2008

Metallic Giraffe Day Coat

At $64.99 this coat was too good to pass up, particularly when the original price was $425! The interesting thing is, until the point this coat went on sale, I honestly hadn't even noticed it.
But like I said, at $64.99, this coat was a must have. Despite it's amazing price, I was somewhat concerned about how "metallic" this coat was going to look in real life. I was also worried that I was going to look somewhat "Reptilian" in it. But I'm glad to say that I quite like this coat and that I certainly don't look like a metallic Iguana.

Yes, it's a little more Metallic than I would normally wear but since I am planning to wear this primarily in the evening, this coat is going to be the perfect dressy topper. I have read that the sleeves on this coat runs on the shorter side but since I am only 5'4" tall, the sleeves are a perfect length on me. However, I could have sized down and easily worn the size 4 comfortably. I purchased this in a size 6 and while it fits, there's a little more room than what I would normally like in the waist and hip area. The coat has hidden on-seam pockets, Mandarine collar with snap closure and a tied ribbon at the neck. And while pictures show that this coat may be worn unbuttoned, it's really meant to be worn fully buttoned. In fact, it looks rather strange when worn unbuttoned with the tied ribbon hanging off on one side.
The coat is also beautifully lined, no different than J Crew's Fall and Winter coats. However, this coat is way too light to be worn in late Fall or in the middle of winter particularly if you're having to walk any distance. However, I would have no issues wearing this coat in Winter if I were merely going from Car to Restaurant / Theatre, etc, where walking in the cold is not required.

I intend on wearing the Metallic Giraffe Day Coat primarily with a black turtleneck, dressy Black Pants or with a Black Pencil Skirt and dressy Black Knee-Length Boots. This coat will, in essence, be the focus of my outfit and personally, I think it will be quite stunning.

I likely won't get as much use out of this Coat as I would my other J Crw Coats but it's an Evening piece for me and I'm thrilled to have gotten it as such an incredible price. I can't wait for the holiday season to get underway so that I can wear my coat.

Rating: 4 out of 5
Fit: Definitely size down if you want a slimmer fit in the torso.

Merino Rose Cardigan

My Merino Rose Cardigan arrived today and I love it!!!

I wasn't sure what the fit was going to be like, for on the model, the sweater looks on the small side. The sweater appears tight around her arms as well as through the bodice. I expressed my concern about its fit to the J Crew Customer Service Rep and she suggested that I size up. Since I still wasn't sure which size would best fit me, I ordered both the small as well as the medium. Well, I am glad I did but the medium was huge on me!

I normally wear a size 6 in fitted tops and a size 4 in classic fit blouses. I also normally wear a size Small in J Crew Sweaters. Unlike the picture on the J Crew website, this sweater fits true to size. The small was a perfect fit in the arms, torso and waist. The Medium was way too large all around.

I simply love the Plum. The color is so very pretty and the flowers on the shoulder add to the delicate look of the sweater. I am surprised that this sweater hasn't flown off the shelves! I can't wait to wear this sweater with my Fog colored Belle Skirt. I think the combination will be stunning!

Rating: 5 out of 5

Fit: Fits True To Size.

Quilted Tumbled-Leather Quincy Tote

I received my Quilted Tumbled-Leather Quincy Tote yesterday. I fell in-love with the Quincy Tote the first time I set eyes on it in the J Crew Catalog and vowed to buy it when it went on sale.

I ordered the Quincy Tote as soon as I saw it on the J Crew Sale page. From the pictures in the Catalog as well as on the website, I had expected the leather on the tote to be buttery soft. Surprisingly, the leather isn't very soft at all. The leather feels no different than any inexpensive leather bag. In fact, the leather is somewhat stiff because the handles make this squeeky noise when you move it. The noise is quite strange really. But I'm hoping that in time, the leather will soften and the noise will disappear.

Another thing, this bag does not come with "Feet". I realize that there was no mention of "feet" in the description, but seeing that it was a tote, I had expected the bag to come with feet so as to keep the leather on the bottom of the bag from getting dirty. I never place my bags on the floor anyway, but I will have to be extra careful even when placing the Quincy down on any surface since it's missing "feet".

The hardware closure is unusual and interesting however, trying to maneuver the clasp when in a hurry might be a bit tricky. I guess I could easily stick my hands down the top opening without having to undo the clasp.

I love the size of the bag. It's deep and wide and I can easily carry a lap-top or binder in the Quincy if need be. I also love the color. I purchased this in the Green colorway and it's stunning. Finally, I also love the quilting on the bag. It's reminiscent of a vintage Chanel. The bag is fully lined in cotton and comes with an interior patch pocket as well as a zippered pocket.

This is the second bag I've purchased from J Crew. And while it won't be my favorite bag, I know that I will use and enjoy it. I am glad that I didn't pay full-price for this bag. For what I paid, I'm very happy with the Quincy Tote and I know that I would get good use from the bag.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Fit: This is a large bag. It would certainly overwhelm a petite person. However, someone of my size or larger would be able to carry off this bag beautifully.

The Fabulous Andie Bag

My Andie Bag finally arrived. I was very excited when I first ordered it. But while waiting the 16 days for it arrive, I started doubting my purchase. What was I to do with a Red Bag? Do I really need another bag? What if I don't like it? What if it's too big, too red, too shiny, too... too... The self doubt was killing me. Then it arrived at my office. I opened the box and fell immediately IN-LOVE with the Andie Bag!

This bag is beautiful! As promised by the J Crew Customer Service Rep, the leather was very supple. From the picture, I had expected the bag to feel plastic-y but not at all. It was soft, rich and feels like butter. The Flame colorway too is absolutely stunning. I particularly love the drop on the handles. The drop is long enough that it allows me to carry this bag on my shoulder unlike my Burberry Super Nova Plaid Satchel I purchased recently where carrying the bag on the shoulder was close to impossible and extremely uncomfortable. I never thought I would ever say this, but I love the Andie more than my Burberry... and I lusted after my Burberry for over a year before buying it.

The Andie bag is also very roomy. Fully lined, it has interior and exterior pockets. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the exterior pockets (the ones with the 2 exterior tassels) are actually on both sides of the bag. I'm extremely particular when it comes to carrying bags for I only like the bag's front to be facing out. With both sides being the same, I don't have to worry about which side faces out anymore. I love that!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Fit: This is a large bag. While I am of average built, (I am 5'4" tall and weigh 125 lbs), I could see this bag overwhelming a petite person. But for someone of my size or larger, this bag is a perfect large size bag.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

J Crew Sherpa-Lined Goosedown Puffer Jacket

I received my J Crew Sherpa-Lined Goosedown Puffer Jacket in Ivory today and fell in love with it. Now, I should mention that I had ordered and received this jacket twice. The first time, I purchased it in the Honey Glaze, the second time in the Ivory. While I liked the concept of a yellow jacket, a puffer jacket in yellow was just a little too much for my 5'4" stature. And when my daughter commented that I looked like a Giant Sunflower, I knew that the coat had to go back. So, I ordered it in the Ivory and simply love it!

Firstly, I love the style of the jacket. Puffer jackets in general tend to add bulk and makes one look much larger than they really are. But the J Crew design allows you to draw the waist in with interior belts - thus giving me a shapelier silhouette. I also like the weight of the puffer. It's light yet warm. Now, I haven't had a chance to try it in minus 10 degrees weather just yet but wearing it around the house with a tee shirt on and feeling warm, I could just tell that it's going to be perfect for the winter. I own a couple of other puffer jackets and I love the fact that this jacket is lined with Sherpa. The Sherpa adds that extra layer of warmth which none of my other puffers offer. The Sherpa is also soooooo soft. However, it should be noted that the sleeves are not lined in Sherpa - but I don't think this really matters for it's my torso that normally gets cold anyway. There's rib trim on the inside of the sleeves to keep the cold out. I also like the fact that the back is longer than the front, thus giving me extra warmth when wearing a low-waisted pair of pants. The jacket comes with a detachable hood. I would only wear the hood if I were going to be standing outside for a particular long time or if it snowed. But generally, I'd likely wear it hoodless for I like the look of the jacket without the hood anyway. There are 2 slash pockets on the front that snap close.

I normally wear a size 6 blouse and a size Small sweater. However, I got this jacket in a size Medium instead. Judging oby the amount of room in the jacket, I could easily get into the small however, the size would limit me from layering. Hence, I went with the Medium and am very happy with the size.

I love this jacket because while it's a warm puffer, it does not make me look like a homeless person. There are many puffers that lend itself to that homeless look. This puffer is practical yet stylish. I would likely wear this puffer primarily with jeans for a casual look. However, I can see myself wearing this on bitterly cold days to the office - where the wind would cut through a regular wool dress coat. I believe that I can certainly get away with wearing this jacket with wool dress pants.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Fit: If you are wanting to layer up in the Winter, I would recommend that you size up.